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This is the twelfth day of my 31 Days of Living Well & Spending Zero challenge. To read all the posts in order, start with Day One or visit the Overview Page.

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We’ve only got 2 days left of cleaning projects and then we are going to move on to the FUN stuff, I promise! I so appreciate you all hanging in there with me and tackling these organizing projects this week. Hopefully by this point your homes–and your psyche–are starting to feel more orderly.

Don’t forget to keep things neat and tidy by taking a few minutes each day to pick up clutter & wipe down surfaces. (I usually will set the timer each morning and spend about 30-45 minutes Speed Cleaning–it makes such a big difference!)  The last thing you want to do is undo all the progress you’ve made this week!

Today our assignment is to tackle our bedroom closets & organize that unruly pile of clothing, shoes, & accessories haunting us from behind closed doors. I don’t know about you, but buying new clothes–and shoes!–is probably my biggest spending temptation. I will often convince myself that I have nothing to wear, when in fact I have a LOT to wear, I just can’t find it.

How to organize your closet for free: before and after photos.

I promise that organizing your closet is one of those things that always seems much worse than it really is, and if you follow today’s checklist you will be done in no time, with a beautiful, sparkling, perfectly organized closet smiling at you all weekend long. You’ll probably just want to stare at it for a while, it will make you so happy. Or maybe that’s just me.

UPDATE:  Since writing this post last year I have since taken my closet organization one step further. I got rid of about 90 percent of the stuff you see here and pared it all down to a 40 Hanger Closet. If you are truly struggling with keeping your closet organized, I highly recommend it!

31 Days: Bedroom Closet Organization Checklist

{Get your Bedroom Closet Organization Checklist here}

A lot of times we convince ourselves that since we can’t afford some fancy custom closet organizer, there is no point in trying to get our closets in order. Thus, I thought I would gather a few FREE closet storage & organizing ideas in case you run into trouble. Check out these awesome solutions:

10 free ways to organize your closet and love your wardrobe!

Okay, that’s all for today! 🙂

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How often do you organize your bedroom closet? Do you ever spend too much money on clothing because you feel like you have “nothing” to wear?

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