Kids Birthday Party Ideas | Princess Tea PartyPrincess party costumes in pink, purple and yellow with lots of sparkles and frills. Princess tea party with muffins, cakes and tea sandwiches--a perfect girl's birthday party. Enjoying swimming at the princess pool party.

 Despite my initial reluctance, Maggie’s birthday tea party was actually a lot of fun to put together. And while it looked very luxe, the final cost came in well under $100 for everything, thanks to clearance deals, an abundant stockpile, & creative use of Groupons!

The highlights:

  • The cupcakes, from So Sweet Cupcake Bakery, were a lucky last-minute Groupon find. Because I had a little Groupon credit to burn, they ended up costing nothing out of pocket. Even so, I was feeling a little guilty about not baking them myself. That is, until I walked into the gorgeous little shop and saw the cupcakes! The flavors choices were to-die for and the cupcakes were a massive hit!
  • Most of the goody bag items–notecards, crayons, pencils, etc.–were clearance items I had picked up throughout the year for 75-90%off. (Often in the dollar section at Target–I always check to see if they’ve marked stuff down!)   I used candy leftover from Trouble’s Sweet Soda Shop Party a few months ago. The big “splurge” was the $2.00 tiaras which are pretty much a Princess party must! I actually found some cute ones on Amazon for only $0.99 each, but then completely forgot to order them and had to run to Target at the last minute. Even with the Tiaras, the total cost for the goodie bags was only about $3.75 each.
  • The paper buntings, tiara craft, treat holders, & cupcake picks (and invitations) were all part of the Princess Party Kits I found on closeout months ago at Stampin’ Up. (They have some fantastic clearance deals!)  I think they were around $2 per pack. The kits are no longer available, but for slightly more effort you could easily make your own from scrapbook paper and an Exacto knife (or a Silhouette Cutting Tool, if you’re really lucky!)
  • I purposely didn’t plan a lot of activities besides just simple paper tiara craft. Honestly the girls were perfectly content to play Barbies and hair salon, and then to swim after lunch. This was our first girl-only party and–no offense to boys–it was so calm!
  • Lunch was also very simple–tea sandwiches, grapes, & muffins served alongside a pitcher of sweet tea. The tea, despite being the most important element of a tea party, was decidedly NOT a hit. All but one of the girls immediately asked for water instead. Sigh. With the exception of the grapes, which I bought especially for the party, all of the food was made from the items I had on hand.
  • The silk flowers were found on clearance at Target (about $20 for all), and the vases were a quick & easy DiY project. The chair covers & table runner were also DiY projects. (I will post the chair cover instructions soon!)   I found the fabric at Walmart for $2 a yard, and spent about $20 total.
  • The way overpriced ($4!) Ariel candle was a bit of an impulse buy. Princess saw it at Publix a few weeks ago and begged to have it for her party. At least it looked cute on the cupcakes!