Spend a lot of money on wrapping paper? Here are a few creative ways to save money on wrapping paper so you don’t break your budget!

I love picking out and purchasing Christmas gifts for all my friends and family, but hands down, the wrapping of said gifts is my favorite part. In fact, I practically begged my grandparents to let me wrap gifts for all my cousins, aunts, and uncles. What can I say…..I simply swoon over pretty paper, ribbons and bows, and gorgeous gift tags!

But I do have to catch myself, lest I spend way too much on all the wrappings. Keeping it simple can look quite classy and sophisticated, and is a great reminder not to go overboard during the after-Christmas sales…..Ahem.

How to Save Money on Wrapping Paper (6 Genius Tips!)

While there are tons of frugal ways to save on all sorts of gifting accessories, today, I just want to focus on gift wrap. Here’s how to make each roll last as long as possible, while still scoring all sorts of great deals when you do need to buy completely new!

1. Buy Quality Gift Wrap

While this might sound counter-intuitive, I truly believe saving money on gift wrap starts with a quality product.

I’ve spent more money, time, and frustration fighting with wrapping paper that crinkles, rips, tears, and looks absolutely horrible by the time I’m finished with it. Some of them are quite see-through too, which means you have to wrap the gift in tissue paper first, thus using up even more supplies.

My hands-down favorite place to buy quality gift wrap is CurrentCatalog.com. Their paper is so luxuriously thick and easy to work with, that I have vowed never to buy anywhere else. The prices are pretty decent too, and if you stock up after Christmas, you can score jumbo rolls for up to 75% off!

2. Reduce Paper Waste

It’s so easy to cut gift wrap pieces much larger than intended, {or sometimes too small!} but even if you do measure correctly, you’re often left with scraps that eventually end up in the trash.

Save pieces that are big enough to wrap other gifts, and when you’ve finished up your wrapping session, layer them on top of one another and roll together to stow away for next year. I actually used to fold my gift wrap pieces, but then they had such ugly creases the next time I needed to wrap gifts. Needles to say, I roll them now!

For scraps that are not large enough to wrap another gift, turn them into bows. Here is a really cute tutorial!

Use plain brown bags to wrap gifts. Add color with ribbons and bows.

3. Use What You Have….Creatively

If you run out of gift wrap before you’re finished wrapping gifts, don’t make an extra trip to the store. Instead, look around your house for some out-of-the-box but cute ideas!

Here are some of my favorites:

  • 12×12 scrapbook paper
  • Old maps
  • Tissue paper {you may have to double or triple wrap}
  • Newspaper {try the comic section!}
  • Brown paper grocery bags
  • Old sheet music
  • Fabric

You don’t have to limit yourself to traditional gift wrap. In fact, you might enjoy finding creative ways to not use it!

4. Make Wrapping Part of the Gift

Instead of trying to wrap an awkwardly shaped gift, let the packaging take center stage.

For example, if you are gifting a gourmet coffee bag and a mug, slip the bag into the mug and just add a bow. If you are gifting a fuzzy new throw in addition to a few other items, place the items in the center of the throw, gather the excess around the items and tie with a ribbon at the top so it’s a makeshift bag.

You can do the same things with laundry baskets, totes, purses, and photo storage boxes too. It’s like two gifts in one!

Make your own fabric gift bag from The Frugal Girl Blog.

From The Frugal Girl

5. Make Your Own Reusable Gift Bags

Ever since I saw this homemade gift bag tutorial on The Frugal Girl, I’ve been wanting to make a few of my own. They are so adorable and super thrifty!

You can sew them using fabric from your own stash, or cut apart old clothes that you or your kids aren’t wearing anymore. Thick velvet Christmas dresses, fuzzy fleece pajama pants, and chunky sweaters make really cute bags, and stretch the mileage of a previous decade’s fashion statement.

I especially like these for those awkward shaped gifts too, because you don’t have to go searching for the right size box, or fight with wrapping paper that no matter how hard you try to make it look nice. Just place your gift inside the bag and tie with a pretty ribbon. Best of all, you can reuse them year after year!

6. Shop the After-Christmas Sales

I love after-Christmas sales, but like I mentioned before, I do have a tendency to go a little overboard. I probably don’t need to buy wrapping paper for the next 5 years!

But truly, if you are running low on supplies, particularly wrapping paper, keep a notepad handy to write down what you need for the following year. Then head out after Christmas to scout some great Christmas deals.

Target usually has the best selection of items, but they only start their clearance at 30%. Although a lot will be picked through by the time it’s marked down to 70%, I would wait to see what you can find at that price, and then go back again when items are 90% off. Sometimes you can find better quality gift wrap there.

Even though we want our packages to look pretty and professional, you don’t need to sacrifice your budget for extravagant gift wrap. There are a ton of creative ways adorn your gifts without spending a dime, and that will leave room for the more important things — spending time with family and friends, and celebrating the true Reason for the season! You can download the Free Frugal Gift Guide HERE.

To recap, here are ways on How to Save Money on Wrapping Paper (6 Genius Tips!)

1. Buy Quality Gift Wrap
2. Reduce Paper Waste
3. Use What You Have….Creatively
4. Make Wrapping Part of the Gift
5. Make Your Own Reusable Gift Bags
6. Shop the After-Christmas Sales

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While we often set a budget for the gifts that we buy, we don't always consider the cost of the wrapping! Even so, a beautifully wrapped gift is more fun to give....and receive. Don't miss these 6 smart and creative ways to save on gift wrapping this year! #savemoney #moneysavingtips #holiday #holidaybudget #holidaytips #frugal #frugalholidays


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