The flu struck our house with a vengeance this week, and let me tell you, it has been rough.

The girls both started feeling sick last Thursday, just as I was getting ready to head out of town to go to the BEECH Retreat. My dad and stepmom had flown down from Seattle for a visit, and after spending a few days with all of us, they had been planning to take the girls to the beach in Sarasota for a few special days while I was gone. They don’t visit very often, so this was a Very Big Deal, and we had all been looking forward to it. When I woke up that morning to two feverish girls  making loud croupy coughing noises, my heart absolutely sank. There is probably no good time to get sick, but did it have to be this weekend?

 I called my stepmom who kindly insisted that they still wanted to take the girls even if they were sick, and that it didn’t really matter that they were sick since my dad was sick too. Have I mentioned that she is a saint? Because she is. She took my 2 sick kids and my sick dad and spent 3 miserable days caring for them in a too-small hotel room, all while sending me sweet text messages that said the girls are fine and  everyone’s doing great and we’re having so much fun.

So, reluctantly, off I went to Captiva Island, feeling guilty at leaving my 2 sick kids, but excited to get away nonetheless. The first two days were great, especially the late night laugh-fests with my soul-sisters Rachel and Crystal and Ashley. I also got to meet the amazing Claire, who has read LWSL practically forever and who is now taking the blog world by storm, as well as sweet Victoria, who was absolutely charming.

And then on Saturday morning it hit me. Like a freight train. My throat hurt, my head hurt, my whole body ached, and I was chilled to the bone. I was S.I.C.K. Sick! I spent the rest of the day in my hotel room, in bed, pretty much just wanting to die. I thought about driving home but even the thought was too exhausting. So I just slept instead. I did manage to drag myself up in time to hear Michael Hyatt’s closing keynote speech that evening, but other than that the day was a total loss. And I was too sick to care.

On Sunday I rallied long enough to get up, get packed, and drive home, thanks mostly to the $13 bottle of DayQuil (yikes!) I picked up at the hotel gift shop. When I finally made it, my poor girls were too sick to even ask if I had brought them anything and my poor Husband was too sick to even get up. Instead we all just went to bed and stayed there.

It is now Thursday again, a whole week since this plague first descended on us. My normally sparkling clean house is currently a cesspool of unwashed dishes, discarded tissues, dirty laundry, and unpacked suitcases. There are books and clothes and shoes strewn everywhere, as dog hair and dustballs grow exponentially in the corners. Even more shockingly, I haven’t drank a single cup of coffee since last Friday.

But I know that I must be feeling better because a.) I am finally able to write a coherent sentence b.) the thought of dealing with the disaster that my house has become is no longer completely overwhelming. I am ready to get out of bed.

I wish I could tell you I handled all this sickness graciously, that I tried to stay positive and kept a stiff upper lip, that I  simply hugged my children a little tighter and tried not to think about how miserable I felt. I also wish that I could tell you despite feeling completely miserable I was at least able to get some work done. But none of that is true. I whined. I complained. I felt sorry for myself. I got very crabby. I neglected emails and deadlines and assignments. I honestly had no energy to do anything except lie in bed hoping to feel better soon.

And I can’t tell you how much it bothered me that I wasn’t able to rise above my circumstances. Even as I lay there feeling so incredibly sick and miserable, I felt guilty that I wasn’t doing more, that I couldn’t manage to get just a few things done. You see, I tend to believe that most of what we do in life is mind over matter; if I can just be a little more disciplined, a little more determined, I can accomplish everything I set out to do, I can overcome whatever obstacles stand in my way. I am not one to give in to a little virus.

But sometimes the flu is just the flu.

Here’s to getting well!

*   *   *

Have you battled the flu recently?  Did it wipe you out too? Got any tips for feeling better faster?