While different cleaning schedules work for different people, my personal preference is to do a daily “speed cleaning” session. I probably spend, on average, about 45 minutes to an hour each morning making my house sparkle. This means I spend about 5-7 hours a week cleaning. That is still a significant amount of time!

However, to me it is well worth spending 5-7 hours a week cleaning in order to have a house that is pretty darn neat & tidy most of the time. The trick is staying on top of it.

Keep your home neat and tidy. Use this LWSL Speed Cleaning Checklist to help you stay on top of it!

I don’t use a wide variety of cleaning supplies, and I’m not that picky about brands. I used to use a lot of commercial products, including the disposable wipes, but I have slowly transitioned to using mainly these homemade green & thrifty cleaning products. They are cheaper, they smell better, and require me to keep far fewer bottles of stuff lying around!