Happy New Year! I am so ready to get  back to a regular schedule! Today was my first Sunday drugstore shopping trip in over a month. I only managed to make it to Walgreens, but it was nice to see Maggie, one of my very favorite Walgreens cashiers, once again!

My trip was actually a bit of a fiasco, but it all turned out okay in the end. I had worked out my scenarios earlier this morning, but the first transaction was dependent on Sinex being included in the Vicks Register Rewards deal. When I got there and discovered it wasn’t included, I had to re-figure all my transactions. Normally I probably would have just left, since I am prone to getting flustered, making mistakes and spending too much OOP when I try to figure things out on the fly. However, since Husband was home with the kids, I was able to take my time (a novel concept!) and make it work out another way.

Here is what I got:

I spent $3.08 for $118.59 worth of groceries & drugstore merchandise, a savings of 97%.

I should note that I had some trouble with the Oscillo coupons. The printable manufacturer’s coupon said “product not purchased,” even though the picture on the coupon was the exact product I was purchasing. My cashier pushed it through, but some Walgreens might not. The Oscillo store coupon in the January coupon booklet (found at the front of the store) is for the regular Oscillo, not the Children’s. The manager was very nice and told the cashier to honor it for the first transaction (even though he didn’t have to and I didn’t even ask him to.)  I didn’t attempt to use the store coupon again for the third transaction. However, even though the Oscillo was a bit of a pain, in both transactions where I purchased it, the Catalina machine printed out a coupon for a FREE package of Breathe Right Strips (up to $7.99 value) in addition to the RR.

Transaction #1:


Children’s Oscillo, Finish DW Detergent, Snickers bar

Coupons Used:

(1) $2.25 off Finish DW Detergent (Smart Source 1/2)

(1) $2 off Children’s Oscillococcinum (printable here)

(1) $4 Register Reward (leftover from 2 weeks ago)

Total OOP: $0.46

Got Back: $9, $1.50 RRs, coupon for FREE Breathe Right strips

Transaction 2:


Omega Factor 3, 2 Giant Pixie Stix (Christmas clearance)

Coupons Used:

$10.50 RRs (from Transaction 1)

Total OOP: $0.04

Got Back: $10 RRs

Transaction 3:


Dole Peaches (on clearance), Children’s Oscillo, Breathe Right Strips, Planter’s Almonds

Coupons Used:

(1) $2 off Children’s Oscillococcinum (printable here)

(1) FREE Breathe Right Strips (from Transaction #1)

$10 RRs (from Transaction #2)

Total OOP: $0.62

Got Back: $9 RRs, Coupon for FREE Breathe Right Strips

Transaction #4:


Omega Factor 3, Breathe Right Strips

Coupons Used:

(1) FREE Breathe Right Strips (from Transaction #3)

$9 RRs

Total OOP: $1.45

Got Back: $10 RRs

Transaction #5


Salonpas Pain Relief Patches, Farina, Ramen Noodles, 2 Pencils

Coupons Used:

$10 RRs from Transaction 4

Total OOP: $0.51

Got back: $6 RRs

Since I only went to Walgreens, my average savings for the day, week, and year so far is 97%.

Let’s hope that is a sign of good things to come this year.

Happy 2011!