Trying to build up a stockpile while still getting items that you need while still saving as much money as possible can sometimes be a challenge. One of my friends emailed me this weekend wondering how I save on fresh produce items when it seems like the majority of the “good deals” are on processed or pre-packaged foods. It was a good question, and one that reminded me that my girls were desperately in need of some fruit to snack on this week. My solution at Winn-Dixie was to take advantage of their Kellogg’s “Buy 10 get $10” promotion (combined with some BOGO deals on fruit snacks and cereal), and then use the resulting $10 off coupon to purchase some (on sale) produce and other needed staples. I had to do 2 transactions, but I ended up spending a total of $17.08 for $51.09 worth of groceries, a savings of 66%. I also really needed dog food and baby wipes this week, which I was able to tie into some fantastic promotions at Walgreens, where I spent $17.67 on $108.00 worth of stuff, a whopping savings of 84%. Between the two stores, I spent $34.75 on $159.09 worth of groceries, an overall average savings of 78%.

Here is what I ended up with: