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Today and tomorrow I am speaking with my dear friend Edie at the Becoming Conference on the topic of hospitality and party planning (on a budget.)  Ironically, my family and I just spent the last week experiencing Edie’s amazing southern hospitality at her beautiful home in Bean Station, Tennessee.

This shrimp boil was to die for! So yummy!

People, the girl can cook like nobody’s business. Shrimp boil? To die for! The Perfect Homemade Honey-Garlic Pizza? Yes please! And the made-from-scratch waffles with homemade jam and heavy cream…..Oh. My. Heaven on a plate, I tell you.

So other than gaining at least ten pounds over the last five days, we have had such a wonderful time preparing for this talk. Even without the food, Edie is a gift to be around, and this is definitely a topic that is near and dear to both of our hearts! We wish you ALL could be here with us in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina to join us, but since that is just not possible we thought instead we would make a (completely dorky) little video for you to enjoy at home.

We also wanted to share this FREE party planning worksheet, as well as provide a few helpful party planning links for both you at home and the people attending our workshop. Because, well, that’s just how we roll. 🙂

Party planning worksheet

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What does hospitality mean to you?