Remember this?

It is the armoire I planned to organize as one of my monthly goals, way back in September.

And then again in October. And November. And December. Until finally  in January I just stopped making monthly goals.

It used to be our “home office” and it looked like this inside:

Then we started our remodeling project and moved our home office into our bedroom. This left us an empty armoire. At first we thought we’d sell it, but that made us sad because we both really liked it. We then decided it would be way cooler if we could install a beverage refrigerator and convert it into a wet bar. We loved the idea of being able to only open it up for parties or when we needed to use it. Great idea, right? We thought so too.

The sad reality of remodeling is that everything takes longer and costs more than you want it to.

The snowball effect.

We started to get burned out on our gigantic list of projects and last May, after 5 months of living in chaos, we finally just decided to stop where we were at, done or not, and take a break from remodeling. Our wet bar, at this point just an empty cabinet now screwed to the wall with some roughed-in plumbing and electricity, would just have to wait.

So there it sat.

But it didn’t stay empty for long. You see, an empty cabinet with doors that close to hide its’ contents is a very easy to stash things that don’t otherwise have a home. Anytime I needed to quickly put something away, any time I couldn’t decide where to put something, anytime I wanted to hide something from the kids, anytime I didn’t have room for something in its proper spot, it went in the armoire.

It began to fill up.

The snowball effect.

Until it looked like this. (And believe me, this is VERY embarrassing)

For some unknown reason (probably fever-induced delirium), this weekend I decided I would finally get around to clearing out this junk collector that has become the bane of my existence for the better part of the last year. A sane person would’ve just said, “I’m sick, I need to rest.” But no, not me. I took on the one project that I’ve been avoiding for at least six months.

Trouble “helped.”

Everything came out and went on either the counter or in the trash, until once again, the armoire was clean.

But that was just the beginning.

Because all that stuff had to go somewhere, and there was no place for it to go.

I don’t have a large house. It is plenty comfortable, and the rooms are a nice size, but it is only a three bedroom with no basement and very little storage.

So in order to find a home for a few things, I ended up organizing almost every other storage cabinet and closest in the house.

The snowball effect.

By the end of the weekend, I was so exhausted I could barely move.

But I was also very happy.

My stockpile is now completely reorganized and my armoire is still clean. It is so satisfying.

Sometimes getting the snowball rolling is the hardest step.

Maybe I should get delirious more often.