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There Are Two Types of People —Which One Are You?

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There are two types of people in this world - those who set goals and those who let them pass by.

I’ve heard it said that there are two types of people in the world—those who set goals and go after them, and those who just sit at home and let life pass them by.

And while there might be something to that, I don’t think it is quite that simple—especially for women!

Because the reality is that given all those tasks we have to do just to stay afloat—things like take care of our families and our homes, get dinner on the table, keep our finances in check, keep up at work, manage multiple schedules, stay on top of pick-ups and drop-offs and all those things we’ve committed to—finding the time to “go after it” can feel like a pipe dream.

In fact, so many women that I talk to, on a daily and weekly basis, feel like they are drowning, just barely keeping their heads above water. They say things like, “I’d love to do XYZ, but I just can’t. It’s impossible.”

But what if it wasn’t impossible?

What if there was a way to truly “go after it,” and still keep track of all those other things that had to be done too, to set and accomplish BIG goals without losing sight of the little things?

Are you ready to set goals and achieve them? The Living Well Planner is your best tool

That’s exactly what the Living Well Planner® was designed to do.

You see, as a mom AND a small business owner, a person who cares about taking care of things at home AND about going after those big dreams, I couldn’t find a planner that would help me do both. When I really started looking, I realized that there were work planners and blog planners and goal planners, as well as home planners and budget planners and mom planners, but no WHOLE LIFE planners.

And I refused to accept the idea that caring about your home life AND achieving big goals and dreams are mutually exclusive.

Why can’t we, as women, do both?

And so, since I couldn’t find the planner that let me do both, I decided to create it instead! A planner that would help me organize my time, manage my finances, plan my meals, keep track of projects, and help me CRUSH my goals, all in one place.

Since 2015, it has done that for me, and thousands of other women too.


Nichole Hall - Trusts the Living Well Planner to keep her goals on track

The Living Well Planner® provided me with the opportunity to actually make and keep my goals, for the first time EVER! With 4 kids, hubs, and a dog, life is crazy, but my planner is my little sanity-check each day. –Nichole Hall


Darlene Mast followed the Crushing It mentality and is now opening her own bakery


I have wanted a bakery since I was 16 when I worked in one. I am 48 and by the end of 2018 I will have one! Do it Scared®! And the Crush It formula have given me enough courage to do it. I wouldn’t have made this decision without the Crushing It™ plan giving me courage to do so. –Darlene Mast


Angie Doster wasn't going to let her perfectionist nature stop her from diving in head first into her Living Well PlannerAs a perfectionist, my biggest challenge tends to be allowing myself to make the planner messy. I’ve switched to the Living Well Planner®, and it REALLY helped me to hear Ruth in a video say: it’s supposed to be used and messy and dog-eared. Somehow, that made me feel free to make mistakes and give myself grace. 🙂 –Angie Doster

And it can definitely do the same for you.


the Weekly Wizard™ and the Daily Do-It™ sticker sets are the ultimate duo to accompany the Living Well Planner

It IS possible to crush your goals and create a life you love, even in the midst of a never-ending stream of responsibilities.

Order the Living Well Planner® today

Still not sure if the Living Well Planner® is right for you? Check out this 3D flip book and learn more about how our planner can help you organize YOUR life!

P.S. If you didn’t get a chance to catch my free Masterclass last week, “Reclaim Your Sanity This School Year: 7 Simple Strategies for Making This Your Best Season Yet,” be sure to catch the replay! I shared some super practical tips for things you can do right now to feel more organized and on top of it this year, even as the busy tornado of life swirls around you. You can catch the replay HERE.

Two types of people: goal settings and goal missers. Which one are you? Don't let your goals go unmet!


  1. August 3 at 11:27PM

    Can’t wait to get mine! I’ve been told I’m a planner snob but I disagree, I just haven’t found the right one yet. Here’s to hoping this is my last planner tryout!

  2. jenny
    October 31 at 02:53AM

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  3. Tren
    November 27 at 06:55PM

    I agree. As a mom, squeezing time in for myself is always a challenge. Mainly Bc we’re military and my twins are active (but different sports). I’ve axyually started planning three weeks ago, on scheduling “me time.”

  4. June 24 at 03:19PM

    So true. Planners can make life so much easier to keep up on. I used to use a monthly calendar, but these planners are fantastic.

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