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Thrifty Thursday {Week 50}

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Thrifty Thursday Square

Welcome to Week 50 of the Thrifty Thursday link party here at Living Well Spending Less! I have SO enjoyed getting to “know” so many of you and your blogs over the past year and I always look forward to seeing what you have to share. I thought to celebrate a whole year of link-ups it would be fun to host a super awesome giveaway just for YOU, the bloggers who make it happen!

Here is what I am giving away:

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 3.55.51 PM

Grand Prize:  A Nikon D3100 DSLR Camera ($429 value) + a Pinterest Consulting Session ($385 value)

Great pictures are key to a great blog! This Nikon D3100 camera is the very same one I have used for the past 3 years and is an awesome starter DSLR. The winner of this grand prize will also receive a Pinterest Consulting Session with me, which includes a customized comprehensive Pinterest marketing plan for your site, as well as a 30 minute phone session to discuss your plan, along with a 15 minute follow up. {Total prize value: $814}

Second Prize:  One-on-One Blog Consulting Session ($195 value)

One-on-one Blog Consulting  includes a 30 minute initial session, as well as a 15 minute follow-up, to discuss your choice of topics. You choose 1-3 topics ahead of time, ranging from content to blog layout to social media (and everything in between). I will spend time looking over your blog before our session, and give you a personalized strategy to fit the needs and goals of your blog. {Total prize value: $195}

Third Prize:  SnapShop iPhone Photography Course ($50 value) + 20 Minute Q&A Session ($65 value)

There is no better way to improve your everyday iPhone photography than through Ashley Ann Campbell’s SnapShop course! She will share her expert tips for composition, lighting, storytelling, and more. The winner of this prize will also receive a 20 minute Q&A consulting session, where you may pick my brain and ask any blogging related questions you’ve been wondering about. {Total prize value: $115}

Here is how to enter:

1. Link up your blog post or posts to this week’s linky.

2. Leave ONE comment in the main WordPress comment section below answering the following question:

What is your biggest blogging challenge?

3. Please also indicate in the same comment which post you added to the link party  Even if you link up multiple posts, please only leave one comment.

The contest closes Saturday, March 8th at midnight. This giveaway is open to bloggers only, and you MUST link up a blog post AND leave a comment to be entered.  Winners will be chosen at random from the comment section and announced on Sunday, March 9th in the weekly Weekend Wandering post.

Here are the most clicked links from last week:

PicMonkey Collage

1. Creative Home Keeper {Dressing for the (Everyday) Ordinary Days}
2. Cha Ching on a Shoestring {My 20 Minute Couponing Systems That Saves Me Thousands}
3. Kansas City Mamas {16 Ways to Declutter Your House in 5 Minutes or Less }
4. Involving Home {Our Journey to Financial Independence }
5. Carmel Moments {Everything I did Wrong in Our Marriage}
6. Making Time for Mommy {8 Ways My Family is Saving Money This Month}
7. An Inviting Home {How We Paid Cash to Remodel Our Bathroom and Go on a Dream Vacation!}
8. Simple Wives {Organizing Solutions for the Budget Savvy}
9. Of the Hearth {How to Afford Healthy Eating}
10. Mission to Save {Toilet Paper Stock Up Standard}

Never linked up to a party before? Here’s how:

  1. Scroll down, find the little blue “Add your Link” Button and click on that.
  2. Follow the instructions on the next page – add a great image of your project and an interesting title. Make sure you link to the direct page of your budget friendly post – not the main page of your blog!
  3. Try to visit at least a few other blogs at the party. Be sure to leave a comment to let them know you stopped by!
  4. Please link back to this post somehow. There are badges available here; a simple text link is just fine too.

How to Blog for Profit (Without Selling Your Soul) If you have ever thought about blogging, you MUST read this book! Everything you need to know about creating awesome content and images, growing traffic, and monetizing your blog.Feel free to tweet about Thrifty Thursday so others can join the fun, and don’t forget to check back here Sunday morning to see which posts have been featured this week!

Finally, if this is your first time here I also invite you to check out my eBook, How to Blog for Profit (Without Selling Your Soul). It has more than 100 five-star reviews on Amazon, and it is a fantastic resource if you are interested in building your blog, getting more traffic, or learning how to monetize.


  1. March 6 at 09:04AM

    Wow, WHAT a giveaway!

    My biggest blogging challenge is time management. At any given moment, there are a million things I COULD be doing: it can be a little overwhelming, and tough to narrow it down to what I SHOULD be doing.

  2. March 6 at 09:05AM

    My biggest blogging challenge is pictures and getting great images that take off on Pinterest. Though I try to stage and use a good camera, I have poor lighting and am looking for ways to improve my lighting. I liked up Easy Menu Planning at #9. Could use a new camera!

  3. March 6 at 09:07AM

    Ruth- I have sooo enjoyed being a part of TT each week. (I actually stalk the page at 9 am each Thurs!)
    I think the biggest challenge for me is just getting the word out there about my site. There are so many wonderful blogs out there, and it can be hard to get your voice heard. But link ups like yours have really helped provide an outlet or this challenge. Thanks for hosting the link up each week and for the generous giveaway.

    This week I am linking up a post about 3 of my fave money saving/making grocery apps (as well as printable coupon tips). And thanks for featuring my TP Stockup Standard post from last week!

    Blessings to All!

  4. March 6 at 09:07AM

    I think the biggest blogging challenge for me is finding time to blog without sacrificing too much time with my family. I stay at home with my two children under 5 so finding ways to get it all done is quite the challenge.
    The second biggest challenge is narrowing down which social media is worth my time. There are so many outlets and being active on more than one becomes overwhelming!
    What a great giveaway! Thanks for giving us the chance to win!

  5. March 6 at 09:07AM

    My biggest blogging challenge I would say right now it is deciding what to work on improving next. There are so many ways to improve a blog and thus improve your traffic, but with only so much time I really want to focus on what would give me the most impact.

  6. March 6 at 09:08AM

    Oh! I am so excited about the giveaway. It looks awesome! My biggest blog challenge would be finding the time to do everything I want to do on my blog. My ideas are so much bigger than my time. I have the white chocolate pretzels linked up. Thanks so much for everything you do.

  7. March 6 at 09:09AM

    Wow!!! What an incredible giveaway. My (point and shoot) camera is on its last legs and I’m working increasing Pinterest so you have a perfect grand prize. The other two would be so helpful as well. Thanks for your generosity.
    The posts I linked up are: Garlic Breadsticks, 5 Minute Pick-Up, and Budgeting Your Way to an Enjoyable Vacation

    • March 6 at 09:11AM

      Oh, and my biggest blogging challenge would be finding time and knowing exactly what to put my time toward and knowing what to spend money.

  8. March 6 at 09:11AM

    Great giveaway Ruth. My biggest challenge- growth. Maintaining surges in traffic & keeping the numbers going in the right direction & pushing past stagnant numbers. (my link #34)

  9. March 6 at 09:11AM

    Oh my gosh what a great giveaway! The camera is great but I’m hoping for the Blog Consult! My biggest blog challenge (although I have many) is that I dislike all social media except Pinterest. So how do you promote your blog if you don’t have the time and/or desire to engage in all the other social media options. I have your book and have used your pinterest tips.
    I linked up my 20 Brilliant Ways to Use Leftover Bread and my Yellow Spring Decor posts.

  10. March 6 at 09:11AM

    Just one challenge – I have a lot! One that I’ve been thinking about is photography – I’d like to take some photography classes and improve my sad picture taking skills.

    I linked up A Daily Blogging Checklist.

  11. March 6 at 09:12AM

    My biggest blogging challenge by far is time. I never seem to have enough time to do all I want to do with my blog without sacrificing what I need to do in another area of life. This week I have linked up 37 Great Jobs for Sports Fans. Thanks so much.

  12. March 6 at 09:14AM

    Thanks for the party Ruth! I linked up The Easy Guide to Carpet Cleaning. My biggest blogging challenge is using social media effectively. I do get a bunch of traffic from social media in spurts but I don’t know how to keep it coming in constantly.
    Thanks so much for hosting Thrifty Thursday and for the giveaway!!

  13. March 6 at 09:15AM

    Posts #41 & 42…Thank you for hosting this and for featuring me several times this year. Each time I’m featured it like winning the blog stats lotto (your readers really visit!!)! Additionally, your spending freeze REALLY helped my family get back on track and too accurately reelvauate and to move forward! Blessings, Kyle

  14. Thanks for hosting this linky and this awesome giveaway!

    My biggest challenge is time management and consistency. I juggle my job and my family and blogging needs to fit in around those things. Lately it has taken a back seat, but I have tons of ideas that I need to convert into content.

  15. March 6 at 09:17AM

    What a great giveaway! For me, it’s time. I have so many great ideas and having the dedicated time to put them into practice. But unfortunately, you can’t add hours in the day…you can only manage them better.

  16. March 6 at 09:18AM

    My biggest challenge…Networking, time commitment for Social Media, and understanding and utilizing Google Analytics. Okay…that was actually three. 😉

    I linked up: &

    Oh. My. Goodness! Ruth…this is an amazing giveaway! Wow!!!!! My fingers are crossed.
    Thank you!!

  17. March 6 at 09:18AM

    This is awesome!! 🙂 My greatest challenge is photos. I always think the photos look great until I get them up on my site, and then not so good. Thanks for hosting each week and thanks for this giveaway opportunity. I linked up Chalkboard Door Detail, Kitchen Beadboard Back Splash, and Keeping Up With Our Family Schedule.
    Thanks again!!

  18. Thanks so much for the party Ruth! What a great giveaway! I added Spinach & Ricotta Tortellini Chicken Soup to the party and my biggest blog challenge is scheduling. When my posts are completed well in advance and scheduled, I feel more organized and can really focus on other aspects of my blog and my life and family outside of my blog. Sometimes, I get away from doing that though and that can become a little stressful.

  19. March 6 at 09:20AM

    My biggest challenge pinterest: too much time spent there, would like more followers, would like more traffic, just not using pinterest to its fullest potential.

    I linked up the Chocolate Cashew Bars recipe.

  20. March 6 at 09:21AM

    My biggest blogging challenge is often finding self confidence in the appearance of my blog, pictures and formatting. I constantly feel the need to create a better website or improve the visual appearance of my site. I want to learn so much about coding and photography but feel I’m limited on time and resources for those kinds of goals as a stay at home mom. Thanks for the opportunity to link up again and for running the contest!
    My Link Up Post- Living on a Freezer, a Pantry & a Prayer.

  21. March 6 at 09:21AM

    Home Improvement: Yucky Exterior Lights. The greatest challenge I have as a blogger is finding space in the schedule to do projects and then blog. Between work, kids, husband and a side business life is busy!

  22. My biggest blogging challenge is balancing a full time job, being a mom and wife, and finding time to invest in making my blog the best it can be. Thanks for the giveaway!

  23. March 6 at 09:21AM

    Thank you for hosting! What a great giveaway! My biggest blogging challenge is finding out how to grow my blog and connect with readers through social media. My link is #82 – My top 10 uses for vinegar. Have a great weekend!

  24. March 6 at 09:22AM

    What a fun giveaway, Ruth!
    I would say my biggest blogging challenge is getting people to interact on social media and directly on my blog (in the comments).
    I linked up with a yummy granola recipe for banana & peanut butter granola (I like to call it “Elvis Granola” :))

  25. Anonymous
    March 6 at 09:22AM

    Thank you Ruth! I’ve enjoyed getting to know you as well! Thanks for hosting this weekly linkup. Awesome giveaway!
    My biggest challenge is balancing blogging, both the social and writing aspect along with my taking care of my family.
    I linked up ‘What is My Purpose.’

  26. March 6 at 09:23AM

    This is a great giveaway. I am looking into purchasing a new camera, so winning this would be a huge blessing.
    I added the post Making Homemade Yogurt/Seven Springs Homestead to the party.
    I would have to say my biggest blogging challenge is currently learning Word Press with all its plugins and widgets. 🙂 My blog is new, and although I am not completely computer illiterate, I have entered a whole new world.

  27. March 6 at 09:24AM

    My biggest challenge is balancing the time I want to spend on blogging and the time I love with my family. Thanks for all you do Ruth!

  28. March 6 at 09:25AM

    Thank you for such a thoughtful giveaway. My biggest blogging challenge is time. I have so many ideas but every day there are things that claw at my time. I probably only present 10% of my ideas because of never having enough time. I’ve put up two links: Sewing and Craft Studio and Easy Sewing Room Clean Up.

  29. Anonymous
    March 6 at 09:25AM

    Thanks for hosting! Our biggest challenge is organization, one can always be more organized, right?

  30. March 6 at 09:25AM

    What a great giveaway! My biggest blogging challenge is finding balance – with posts, promotion, networking… and with life.

    I linked up this post:

  31. Anonymous
    March 6 at 09:27AM

    Hello. Thank you for hosting this link party. My biggest challenge with blogging is finding more followers. I try and post many different posts; however, not getting the adequate traffic.
    I linked up Planner Organization, Magazine Organization & DIY Lunchables.
    Happy Thursday 🙂

  32. March 6 at 09:27AM

    Happy One Year-aversary! And what a fabulous giveaway – thank you!
    My biggest challenge right now is that elusive “balance”. I feel like I’m finally in a pretty good place with my blog, but we are also homeschooling right now, so I’m constantly being pulled in different directions.
    I linked up to my post “5 Ways Losing Weight Is Like Getting Out of Debt” (there are actually so many similarities, it’s eery!).

  33. March 6 at 09:29AM

    Hello. Thank you for hosting this link party.
    My biggest challenge as a blogger is finding more followers. I write several posts;however, am not getting the adequate amount of traffic.
    I linked up Planner Organization, Magazine Organization & DIY Lunchables.
    Thank you & Happy Thursday!

  34. My biggest challenge is finding the time to do all I want to do on my blog. I have so many ideas for improvement and posts to write, but it’s hard to fit it all in as a stay-at-home mom.

    I linked up Homemade Fruit Leather from Applesauce and Debt Tracking Tools.

    As always, thanks for a wonderful link party Ruth!!

  35. March 6 at 09:30AM

    My biggest challenge is finding enough hours in the day to get everything done!

    • March 6 at 09:30AM

      And I forgot to say I added my Andes Mint Cupcake Recipe!

  36. March 6 at 09:31AM

    My biggest blogging challenge is growing my readership! I would love help on marketing and networking so that I can grow my little blog :).

  37. March 6 at 09:32AM

    My biggest blogging challenge is trying to do it all – doing projects, editing pictures, writing posts, hosting and participating in link parties, responding to comments, posting on social media, and the list goes on! Blogging can really take over your life if you let it!

  38. March 6 at 09:34AM

    Thanks for the linky and the giveaway! I shared my Vegetable Noodle Soup recipe this week. Biggest blogging challenge? Finding time to juggle everything: social media, finding deals, writing great content, on and on. Time management isn’t exactly my forte. 😉

  39. My biggest blogging challenge is managing my time. I do some VA work for bloggers and I also blog myself. Sometimes I’m very busy and other times I have time to focus on creating great content for my own blog, but each day is completely different. I’m trying to find a better balance between my work and personal life. Thanks for the running the giveaway and link up!

    My link is 7 Tips For Living On One Income.

  40. Heather
    March 6 at 09:37AM

    haPpY, HaPpY ONE year Thrifty Thursday Anniversary! So, so many many challenges, but the one I fight with the most is being able to get ahead of the game! It seems I am always getting my post done just a day in advance. I’d love to be able to be a few weeks ahead, so as not to have that panicky feeling of “my post is not done!”
    I linked up “Chalkboard Computer Desktop Wallpaper Organizer” (number 4).

  41. March 6 at 09:37AM

    I linked up #109! Love Thrifty Thursday! 🙂 My biggest blog challenge is deciding how much time to spend on it when I don’t make much income yet. Balancing feeling the NEED to spend every moment working on things and social media, etc, but also homeschooling my children. Just knowing that the Lord has called me to this…does the world really need another blog!?! 🙂 Yes, I’ve read your book and it is FABULOUS and I’ve highly recommended it to many… but I still struggle with the doubts…

  42. March 6 at 09:37AM

    Hi Ruth,

    Thanks so much for hosting and that is an amazing giveaway. My biggest blogging challenge is trying to get more visitors to my website. I struggle with that every day!

    The post that I left today is for my Best Easy Paella.

    Thanks again for hosting and have a great day! 🙂

    Sandi @ A New York Foodie

  43. Congrats on the year of link ups! My biggest challenge is consistent growth with my views. This might stem from my time management and not promoting at the right times, I’m not sure! I linked up my Leprechaun Chow along with some others! Congrats again and fingers crossed!

  44. March 6 at 09:39AM

    My biggest challenge is time and trying to not loose focus of my family while blogging. I shared Coconut Oil vS Antibiotic Diaper Rash – Our ten 10 test

  45. March 6 at 09:43AM

    My biggest challenge is time management and consistency with posting. What an awesome giveaway, thanks for the opportunity!

    The post I shared

  46. March 6 at 09:46AM

    Thank you for this! My biggest blogging challenge with my blog is figuring out some of the social media sites like google +, what the next steps are in my blogging journey and where I can improve my blog for better traffic. I am I guess a lifestyle blogger, I blog about family, marriage, thrifting, painting and DIY, home stuff. I linked up my chalkboard tile back splash, as I love a good thrifty solution to making my home beautiful! I love inspiring people, through our struggles and also our home.

  47. March 6 at 09:47AM

    Great giveaway! I have lots of challenges- LOL! Probably for now, my biggest challenge is getting loyal followers. It will take time 🙂 I linked up my Healthy Living Kitchen Arsenal, which has both low and high budget options for tools needed in a healthy kitchen. ALSO a great heads up on a deal this week!

  48. March 6 at 09:48AM

    I linked up #156 (free printables for 2 week jump start).
    My biggest challenge with blogging is sitting down and writing content. I have a lot of ideas about content to write, but my perfectionism seems to get in the way and I just don’t do it.

    Thanks for a chance to win.

  49. March 6 at 09:48AM

    I am a new blogger, my biggest challenge has been managing the time I spend blogging/creating/taking pics.
    Love your blog 🙂

  50. March 6 at 09:53AM

    Biggest blogging challenge: Knowing which topic to focus my blog on.
    Link added: 172 – best homemade tortillas.
    Thanks for the great link-up!

    • March 30 at 03:45PM

      I love love love the pink camo baby blankets! I ralley love baby blankets because they are always so cute, but this one is extra special cute! It would be awesome if you held a giveaway for it!

  51. March 6 at 09:53AM

    Ruth- You are so nice to giveaway these awesome prizes to bloggers :)! I posted: 5 steps to stop the bullying in its tracks, Burlap Easter Bunny Banner, and How to Break through the smog of Daily Routines and Drink in Life’s Beauty.

    My biggest challenge as a blogger is finding time to do it all. I’d love to know what jobs you hired out and why. I’m afraid to give my marketing over to someone else. I’m not sure what to hire out to who and how much to pay them.

    My second biggest challenge is working with sponsors and knowing how much to charge. I’d love a schedule that outlines: Based on this many page views and unique visitors and X amount of social media followers you could get away charging ____ amount per sponsored post.

    I really enjoyed the consultation I had with you… everything you told me was extremely helpful and ACCURATE! I look forward to our next.

    If any other bloggers read this and are wondering if a consultation with Ruth is worth it, I would totally recommend it!


  52. March 6 at 09:53AM

    Thanks for hosting! My biggest blogging challenge has been balancing my writing time with my family time. I finally started setting a schedule for myself last week in addition to using a timer. Now I feel like I hit all the bases by the end of the day.

    Post #170

  53. March 6 at 09:54AM

    Thanks for the chance to win one of the awesome prizes Ruth! My biggest blogging challenge besides the obvious time issue with three kids, is getting more visitors to my blog. I linked up DIY Wedding Favors…I personalized Melt & Pour soaps(recipe included) and crocheted rocks all for a vintage garden themed wedding this spring!
    Over The Apple Tree

  54. March 6 at 09:54AM

    Ruth! Thank you so much for this awesome link up and awesome giveaway opportunity! You are such an inspiration to so many of us! Today I am linking up my old post “10 Things to Consider when buying a bunk bed.” My biggest blogging challenge is both my lack of graphic design skills/know-how, as well as feeling discouraged when I write a great post and it seems to fall on deaf ears!!

  55. March 6 at 09:54AM

    Thanks for such a great giveaway!! My biggest challenge is time management and building traffic.
    I posted Homemade Saurerkraut.

  56. March 6 at 09:58AM

    Happy Anniversary! My biggest challenge is time! Time to write post, time to work on social media, time to visit other blogs….yup time is the problem. Thanks for the chance to win. Thanks for hosting.

  57. March 6 at 09:59AM

    Biggest Blogging Challenge —————->>>> TIME!
    The time it takes to write a post is only half the battle. Taking photos, editing, cropping, resizing, renaming … all of that!! OMG the time kills me! I have such good intentions of posting more frequently, but I can’t seem to make it happen.

  58. Wow! What a fantastic giveaway, Ruth! Thanks for hosting this great party for the last year as well as the great giveaway today.
    I feel like my biggest blogging obstacle is managing all that needs to get done and the time in which I have to get it done. I find it hard to get what must get done completed and then find time to take care of the things I need to to take my blog to the next level.
    I linked up #178, 179 and 180. How to make Crisp Crust Pizza, and AG Spa wrap and Girl Scout Ceremony Ideas.
    Thanks again,

  59. March 6 at 10:03AM

    My biggest challenge is in converting page views to subscriptions. I linked up #183 – 5 Great Uses for a Cheap Shower Curtain Liner

  60. March 6 at 10:04AM

    My biggest challenge is time. If feels like the to-do list only grows.

  61. March 6 at 10:05AM

    Happy One-Year of Thrifty Thursdays! My biggest blogging challenge is finding enough time to complete all of the tasks I have set for each day. I linked in #181 (Save Money on Fresh Produce). Thanks!

  62. March 6 at 10:07AM

    Ruth, thanks for hosting, and congrats on your one year anniversary! I’ve found the advice I got from my blog consult has made a huge difference, hoping I can win another!

  63. March 6 at 10:09AM

    Thank you very much for giving us an opportunity to win some truly awesome prizes. I’ve never seen another contest like it!

    I linked up “Your Budget Guilt,- GET OVER IT”. #146.

    My biggest blogging challenge is having patience to rebuild my blog and its readers. I took a break from blogging and my old community was gone when I came back. I’m having to really dig in and work on finding my niche again.

  64. March 6 at 10:10AM

    Thanks so much for an awesome giveaway and link up party! My link is #200, Wall Decor Ideas {for free}. The area I struggle with the most is working with brands. Inspired by your book, I made the switch from blogger to self hosted WP for easier navigation and ad placement. I have been focusing on Pinterest for two months and my followers went from 40 to over 400. Now I am focusing on a media kit and working with brands.

  65. Thanks for the link and for Thrifty Thursday, Ruth. It’s been a fun opportunity to see what all is going on in thrifty world!

    My biggest challenge? I think I struggle with feeling like there is some secret formula to blogging successfully that somehow I am missing. I know it’s not true, but I often feel like I’m working harder rather than smarter…and I’d like to change that. 🙂

    I linked up the ALDI post:

  66. March 6 at 10:12AM

    My biggest challenge is getting traffic! I get surges now and then when I link up somewhere, but nothing consistent. I’ve struggled with posting regularly and finding my niche. I don’t use Pinterest much although I know I should I just don’t know how. I’m not on Twitter and while I am on Facebook, the only people who follow me there are family.

    • March 6 at 10:16AM

      Forgot to say I’m #202 “Extending Kids Clothing Life”

  67. March 6 at 10:21AM

    My biggest challenge is keeping up with my workload when I’m sick or the kids are sick. We have several chronic illnesses among us that flare up at different times of year. On the up side, blogging has been a great job for me to work because of the flexible schedule.

  68. March 6 at 10:29AM

    My biggest blogging challenge is writing up something to go along with my recipes. Not quite sure if that makes sense… I love to create new yummy treats and dishes, but I’m really bad at “being personable” on my blog. :p This week I’m linking up my Coconut & Avocado Grasshopper bars. Thanks for hosting and for the great giveaway! 🙂

  69. March 6 at 10:31AM

    Great giveaway, and happy anniversary Thrifty Thursday! 🙂 My biggest blogging challenge is having enough time to build it so that it makes enough money for me to be able to devote more time to it! It’s a vicious cycle 🙂 I linked up with my Cheddar Cracker Chicken freezer recipe!

  70. March 6 at 10:38AM

    Happy one year! I’m new to your linking party, but it’s pretty fun. Thank you for offering it and for the contest. I’m link #214 – 6 Things I Gave Up to Be a Stay-at-Home-Mom. My biggest blogging challenge to date is a lack of comments on my blog. I’m a highly sociable person, so I love it when people respond, good or bad. 🙂

  71. Hi, Ruth! What an amazing contest! I linked up “How I Conquered My Email.” I’d say my biggest blogging challenge is consistency. I have a hard time sometimes motivating myself to write a post on a consistent basis.

  72. March 6 at 10:44AM

    My biggest struggle is managing social media!!
    Thanks for the amazing giveaway!!

  73. My biggest blogging challenge is TIME!! Which equates to having a hard time putting good quality posts together, for me. I wish I could write more of the posts that don’t have some sort of “project” attached to them.

    I linked up..

  74. March 6 at 10:51AM

    My biggest blog challenge is time. My main focus is on my children during the day, so I only blog while they nap {and sometimes those can be inconsistent} or when they are asleep at night. Since I am still a small blog, I know there is more I could or should be doing to grow it, but it ‘s hard to find the time to do much else than just writing posts! I’m #232 and #243 on the linkup! This giveaway is fantastic!! Thanks so much! 🙂

  75. March 6 at 10:53AM

    Congratulations on your one year link up anniversary. I linked up #189, Teriyaki Meatballs. My biggest blogging problem right now is focus. What to focus on, there are so many things I could work on but knowing which ones I should focus on first is my challenge. I have a big goal but finding the path to reach it is a struggle for me.

    Thanks for hosting the link up each week. I always find something to inspire me.

  76. March 6 at 10:56AM

    My biggest blogging challenge is building up my community. My community is mighty, but I’d love to have more readers.

  77. March 6 at 11:02AM

    My biggest blogging challenge is finding the time to write. With three kids, a job, and a very full life it can be hard. That said, I also really struggle with knowing how to promote my blog. I feel like I’m starting to understand Pinterest better, though I know my strategies need to be refined. I have absolutely no idea about Twitter, and FB is starting to take off, but it’s slow going and I feel like I’m fighting an uphill battle with all of the algorithm changes all the time. And I don’t know what else I should be doing to really gain readers. I’m doing okay with daily visitors, but I don’t know if I’m converting them into daily readers yet.

  78. March 6 at 11:15AM

    Hope you are having a great week Ruth! Thanks for the party!

  79. March 6 at 11:16AM

    Awesome giveaway! I think my biggest challenge is taking nice photos. Right now, I’m also struggling with figuring out how to best utilize social media and growing my readership.

  80. March 6 at 11:17AM

    Congratulations on your 1 year of Linkys and thank you!! My biggest challenge is finding enough time in the day to get all my work done. My linky this week is How to Save on Gas!

  81. March 6 at 11:30AM

    My biggest blogging challenge is daylight! After working long days I’m always limited with daylight for taking photos. I try to do as much as I can on weekends but doesn’t always work out that way. I’ve gotten creative and started bringing smaller projects to my office to photograph!

  82. March 6 at 11:30AM

    Thanks for hosting Ruth and congrats on one year! What an amazing giveaway! My biggest blogging challenge has got to be time. I get really overwhelmed by all of the social media stuff, when I would rather focus on projects and posts. Thanks for the chance and have a great day! (Link #258)

  83. March 6 at 11:37AM

    I’m sharing the beginning of our debt free journey! Operation Bring Zeb Home! My biggest hang up with blogging has been finding a balance of how much to share! So lately I’ve just been sharing it all. I enjoy writing more when I keep it real! So I’m airing out our dirty finances this month because I know being real is what will get us out of debt.

  84. March 6 at 11:49AM

    For me my biggest struggle is social media and organization! I’m always forgetting what has been pinned…where… and on social media is interaction. I feel like I talk to myself! :/
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  85. March 6 at 11:52AM

    Oh boy… What challenges DON’T I have?? Haha. Here are a few: taking good quality photos (I just have my iPhone), and deciding priorities. I feel like there are a million things to do for the blog and can never figure out what’s the most important. I’ve been blogging for over a year but don’t have anywhere near the Pinterest followers as a lot of other people that have been going for 3 months. Don’t even get me started on Twitter, I barely know what it is 🙂 I LOVE blogging though! We are so lucky to live in a day that we can get paid doing something so FUN! I was drawn to your blog because I have a goal to use my blog to get my family out of debt this year (car, student loans, and now credit card since the birth of our last child + unexpected medical bills). I know the giveaway is for blog advice, but I would LOVE 10 of those minutes to pick your brain about what you are so good at: thrifty living!!! Here is my link:

  86. March 6 at 11:55AM

    My biggest blogging challenge would be time management. Trying to juggle so many social media channels without getting sucked into any of them. Staying consistent is also an issue for me.

    I linked up my Chocolate Chia Seed tea cookies.

  87. March 6 at 12:00PM

    My biggest blogging challenge is time management. I need to be more organized and efficient so I can use my limited time extremely well. I also need to start waking up really early, before my toddler is up, and that is a big challenge for me!
    I linked up:

  88. March 6 at 12:00PM

    My biggest blogging challenge is time management. I need to be more organized and efficient so I can use my limited time extremely well. I also need to start waking up really early, before my toddler is up, and that is a big challenge for me!
    I linked up:

  89. What a kind and generous offer for us bloggers! Thank you, Ruth, for all your encouragement and support.
    This week i have posts #168-170, including my latest look at the inner workings of my budget in Financial Forensics.

    My biggest challenge is patience! I am a new blogger and want to be at the point where I have a regular following and see the kind of stats others have. I love numbers, so I spend a lot of (way, way too much) time analyzing my stats and wanting to be about 2 years into this. And yes, I read your awesome and very helpful book and know this all takes time. I will try to sit on my hands and stop hitting refresh to see the page views after I post. 🙂

  90. March 6 at 12:23PM

    Hi Ruth! My biggest blogging challenge is growing readership and social media numbers. I know part of the answer is time and content, but I’m always still looking for ways to bring more “contant” and “loyal” readers to my site.
    I added my posts about our ‘Disney Frozen Family Dinner Night’ and my ‘Week 25 Nut Free Kids School Lunches’.
    Thank you for hosting & for the giveaway!

  91. March 6 at 12:24PM

    My biggest blogging challenge is staying focused on the task at hand. Working from home is not as easy as one would think! My link-up (#280 – wow!) is a post on an easy way to slice & core a pineapple! The tool I recommend does an amazing job and it is super cheap.

  92. March 6 at 12:44PM

    Thank you for the link party Ruth ! My biggest challenge blog is taking a good picture.

  93. March 6 at 01:03PM

    My biggest challenge is keeping up with the technical aspects of blogging – for example, it took us a couple of weeks to figure out what a “button” is and how to use it-so when we didn’t link back the first couple of weeks, it was because we didn’t know how to do it, although we tried. 🙂 Thankfully, my daughter has a mind that understands computer things better than I do and she has been a huge help – ironically I have used a computer much longer than she has! I also struggle w/ time as I have so many things on my plate. Thank you for the link up…………I posted “Window Whimsy” today.
    Gentle Joy

  94. March 6 at 01:04PM

    This is my first link party! My biggest challenge as a new blogger is finding time. Between between being a mom of three boys , crafting and thifting the day is mostly over! Please checkout my favorite project, Shedding the Shed.

  95. March 6 at 01:04PM

    What an awesome Giveaway! I am linking DIY: Kitchen Appliance Makeover at #291

    My biggest blogging challenge is making sure I have enough to write about, but this is a new blog that I feel I have plenty of blog ideas…. I seem to run into this problem the most with the photography blog ( when I do not have new sessions to post.

  96. March 6 at 01:15PM

    Scheduling my time with my day

  97. My biggest challenge is finding the balance between home life/homeschooling and blogging. Also, finding the time to do everything!

    (My linked-up post is 12 Natural Remedies for Cold and Flu.)

  98. March 6 at 01:19PM

    I shared 3 posts: oven-dried strawberries, homemade tortilla chips and frugal things I did last month.

    My biggest blogging challenge is being consistent with social media. I stay on schedule with Pinterest but Twitter and Facebook always seem to slip by my to-do list!

    Congrats on celebrating one year and thank you for such an awesome giveaway!

  99. March 6 at 01:37PM

    Ruth, We just got back from a vacation and I was just stopping by to say congrats on ONE year of Thrifty Thursdays! This is one of my favorite places to be and I absolutely love your blog! I wasn’t going to link up this week but now that I see a blogging consultation is up for grabs… 😉 My biggest blogging challenge is not being able to reply to readers comments directly because of using Blogger. I love the ease of Blogger but know that the popular blogger choice is WordPress and I’m not sure if switching makes sense. I linked up “What Does Hospitality Mean To You?” Thanks! ~Sarah

  100. March 6 at 01:43PM

    Wow! This is an awesome giveaway! Thank you for letting all of us come together every week and link up our great money saving ideas. My biggest blogging challenge would have to be finding the time to write! It always seems like there’s something or someone that needs attention when I finally think I have some free time. Such is life 😉
    I linked up my post on How to Keep Cilantro Fresh in the Fridge
    Thanks again! –Amanda

  101. March 6 at 01:48PM

    Hi! I’m a blogging newbie so I have many challenges. I’m currently just focused on my followers. How to gain them and keep them. I’m obsessed with GA and that doesn’t help much. So I’m trying to not pay attention to the numbers and just keep on keeping on! Thanks!

    Post: Surviving Colic!

  102. March 6 at 01:48PM

    My biggest blogging challenge is time management with a 3 year old and 8 month old at home. Thank you so much for this giveaway and blog link up! I linked up sugar free dark chocolate peanut clusters and low carb cheese stuffed muffins

  103. March 6 at 01:54PM

    Thank you for the link up!

    I would say my biggest challenge with blogging is just finding my niche. I know what I want to say,but it’s all about finding that unique way to say it and make myself stand out. Basically, putting my personality and skills to digital paper without it looking like a jumbled mess!

    I linked up: 3 Ways to Manage Your Monthly Expenses| Free Monthly Bill Tracker Printable Included

  104. I would LOVE some help from you with my photography. It is my biggest challenge so far on this new adventure I am taking. Thanks for assisting us all with your wonderful links. I have shared a Ham and Lentil Stew today.

  105. March 6 at 02:10PM

    The biggest blogging challenge for me is getting several views. I want to aim for at least 100 views a day to start with but it is difficult getting there. I share on Instagram, Facebook, my own personal Facebook and Pinterest and I still struggle. Exposure is what I need!

    I linked up the post on a No Sew Celtic Knot Headband Tutorial. Great baby gifts or making them for yourself! 🙂

  106. Wow! What an amazing give away, you are so generous with sharing your resources and knowledge. Also thanks for featuring my Dressing for the {Everyday} Ordinary post above. The funny thing was is that it wasn’t even a post I had on my editorial calendar but something I felt stirring on my heart. I’m always amazed at how God uses those types of posts to reach others. I linked my Baby’s First Days Keepsake box up, it’s number 306.

    I think my biggest blogging challenging is learning how to balance my time blogging with my responsibilities to my family. It’s easy to set office hours but to actually stick to them… that is a whole different story. I love writing and blogging and I definitely believe God can use my little corner of the internet for His glory, but I don’t want to forget my first priorities are to my family.

  107. March 6 at 02:21PM

    Time! It’s hard to find time to write posts and keep up with the blog related social media.
    This week I shared my post “Keeping Warm” about how we are working toward a better and less expensive system for heating our new house.

  108. March 6 at 02:43PM

    Oh, that is too easy to answer – not enough time! Aside from working on the projects, I love to show them off. Unfortunately, both take precious time.

  109. March 6 at 02:50PM

    My biggest blogging challenge is producing quality content – I want to inspire those who happen to come across my blog with projects they can tackle at their own homes. I linked up “Building for Barbie on a Budget”.

  110. March 6 at 02:57PM

    My biggest struggle is finding time to write and post! Working full time and having two kids really makes “me time” secondary! I did link up a fun one though, Homemade Greek Yogurt:

  111. March 6 at 03:12PM

    My biggest blogging challenge is time management – I have a hard time getting everything done. Thanks for the giveaway and linky party. I linked up my How to turn an Envelope into a bag post. Thanks!

  112. Excited about the giveaway! My biggest challenge? Time management and getting everything done – get so distracted going from one thing to another and so many things I want to learn and do.

    I linked up a Thrift store Chevron bench makeover. 🙂

  113. March 6 at 03:35PM

    Thanks so much for the fun giveaway. My biggest challenge is definitely time management and planning posts. I have gotten better this year with my calendar but still find it hard to balance sometimes.

    • Anonymous
      March 6 at 03:37PM

      Oops…I linked up DIY Natural Cleaners. 🙂

  114. What an awesome giveaway! My biggest challenge with blogging right now is time management. There is so much to do – plan posts, edit photos, social media, etc., and I just have a hard time juggling everything.
    I linked up m recipe for Whole Grain Crackers (like wheat thins).

  115. March 6 at 04:10PM

    I would say that the biggest struggle I have with blogging is growing my followers. It seems to have slowed down since I first started my blog. I linked up a post about making a Greeting Card Organizer.

  116. March 6 at 04:35PM

    My biggest blogging challenge is coming up with unique things to write about. I’m a stay at home mom so you’d think that there’d be plenty but sometimes it feels like I have nothing unique to contribute. When I do find something, I can write and write about it. But I’ve had a hard time straying away from product reviews and creating other unique content that will bring readers back wanting more.

    • March 6 at 04:36PM

      oh! And I linked up two word related printables for kids – a Spring Word Scramble and an Easter Word Activity.

  117. Anonymous
    March 6 at 04:43PM

    What a fantastic giveaway! I think my biggest blogging challenge is managing my time. I feel like I’m always playing catch up and am never really on top of things. I frequently have to remind myself to step away and take a break because the list of to dos never really ends. Now it’s going to be even harder to get things done because I’m going to have to type with my fingers crossed until the winner of this giveaway is announced. (My photography could desperately use some tlc… aka a new camera.) I linked up #283 How to Declutter your life in 40 Days.

  118. March 6 at 04:49PM

    Thanks for the opportunity!

    My link up was “15 Books Hard Not to Love.” I love reading and baking and doing projects affordable. I think my biggest challenge with my blog is my camera and my photography skills. I only have my iPhone 4 to take pics and I don’t have any editing software. What you see is what you get. I try going the route that I don’t sugar coat things, but really pictures do make a difference.

  119. March 6 at 04:53PM

    I just wanted to thank you for an amazing blog! I also wanted to thank you for your e-book. It has helped me immensely.
    My biggest blogging challenge is setting a specific schedule and keeping up with all the ideas I have. I would love to win the one on one session with you. Thank you so much for doing the linky parties as well! This is my first one!

    • March 7 at 09:14AM

      Oops, I forgot to add which ones are mine. I linked up Using Our Tax Refunds Wisely, and How Nanny 911 Helped Us Become Better Parents!

  120. March 6 at 05:30PM

    My biggest blogging challenge, so far (I”ve only been at it for a few months now) is taking decent picutres!!!!! I sooooo need agood camera, but it doesn’t look like I’ll be getting one any time soon. I do my best to edit the point and shoot pictures I take and every now and then I get a really good one, but it would be amazing to win a good camera in a giveaway like this one! I liked up: “$4 dollar DIY rustic crates” , “Painted doors”, and “Bird’s Nest Baby Shower” Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway! xoxo

  121. March 6 at 05:43PM

    Hey Ruth, this is the BEST prize ever! Seriously what a gift!! I posted the corned beef and vegetables (with others). If I were so very lucky to win, my wish/dream/prize would be for YOU to look at my site and give me ideas. I’ve been up about9 months or so now, and I know there is so much I need to fix or do better. I appreciate your experience and skill, so I would want to use the valuable time for your suggestions and ideas. THANK YOU for always a wonderful party and for your thoughtfulness of us bloggers trying to do our best. Carrie, A Mother’s Shadow

  122. March 6 at 05:52PM

    My biggest blogging challenge is finding the time to do all of the things I know I want to do – especially breaking out of the posting cycle to actually find time to think of new, exciting ideas.

    I shared link 361 above – new use for old globes.

  123. This is such a wonderful giveaway! 🙂

    By far my biggest challenge is balancing my time! I’ve only been blogging for a short while, but I think that has been one of the biggest surprises to me. I never realized how much time goes into creating and maintaining a blog, especially one that you are trying to grow! I have two little ones, and managing the time I dedicate to my blog and to caring for them and the house is challenging! But blogging is the little thing I do for myself as a stay-at-home mom, so I try to make it a priority. 🙂

    I linked up #359, Easy Lemon Bars. 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week, Ruth!

  124. March 6 at 05:56PM

    The biggest challenge I face with blogging is worrying about my readers. I love sharing information, but I also want my readers to love the information I am sharing.

    My link is – 10 Ways to Save Money in the Garden

    Thanks for the link party!

    • March 6 at 05:58PM

      Oops! Forgot the link number – #360
      My site is

  125. March 6 at 06:13PM

    I love this…just found your site though Ashley Ann and linked up…Preserving Children’s Artwork!

    • March 6 at 06:15PM

      Ooops forgot #362

      and biggest blogging obstacle would be finding time to edit and include images for my posts.

  126. March 6 at 06:29PM

    Time, time and time is my biggest blogging challenge right now but I am loving every minute I spend blogging!

  127. Jana
    March 6 at 06:31PM

    Just getting started!

  128. Anonymous
    March 6 at 07:18PM

    Congratulations Ruth and thank you for graciously hosting Thrifty Thursday for us every week. What a great giveaway. My biggest blogging challenge is growing my blog. I feel I have hit a ceiling that I can not break through. My link-up this week…#376 DIY Headband (No-Slip)

  129. March 6 at 07:53PM

    Hi Ruth, I’ve been blogging for over 7 months and while my following is slowly growing I’m having difficulty identifying with my audience’s needs. I have a high bounce rate and a lot of visitors are first timers. I know there’s a way to truly connect with my audience but I’m unsure how to maintain a genuine dialogue. I have faith in the quality of my images, content, and design. My views can’t seem to reach above 100-200 per day. I’m at a standstill and I’m starting to get frustrated and discouraged. Thanks for hosting Thrifty Thursday. This was my first big link party I joined since your blog pushed me to get to work and follow through on starting my own. When I was featured in during one of my first weeks it was so encouraging.

  130. March 6 at 08:10PM

    Wow, thanks for the giveaway and link party! My biggest blog challenge is getting that breakthrough post or opportunity to take my blog to the next level. I linked up #380 DIY His & Hers Sharpie Mugs.

    Put A Bird On It

  131. March 6 at 08:13PM

    Congratulations on your one year anniversary for the linkup! I linked up about Indoor Gardening – Need help with the Celery!
    I’m lucky and I have a editor, my daughter Eva! I think my biggest challenge though is finding something to write about- I love to garden and that’s how my brain works so in the winter I’m very boring. We love to cook though so maybe I should expand on that more.

  132. March 6 at 08:20PM

    My link above is #381, One Thrifty Mama’s 14 Ways to save in 2014.

    I’d say my biggest blogging challenge so far is figuring out everything. Especially editing photos. I’m having a great time learning though!

  133. March 6 at 09:00PM

    Great giveaway and congratulations on your anniversary. I have two issues…generating traffic and taking nice photos.

  134. March 6 at 09:23PM

    The hardest thing for me is coming up with fresh content that is inline with my blog branding. Sweet giveaway!

  135. March 6 at 10:00PM

    What an amazing giveaway! I would have to say our biggest blogging challenge is getting our name out there and getting more followers. My link-ups were #399 and #400 – Shamrock Decoupage Luminary and Shamrock Faux Stained Glass.

  136. March 6 at 10:44PM

    Hi Ruth I hope you have a great rest of your week and thanks for the party!!!

    Raven J. True Blue Baking

  137. Just ONE challenge? : ) I would have to say social media. I barely have enough time to update my blog, let alone share it on every social media channel. Also, it seems like a carrot on a string you can never catch. As soon as I think I have one media figured out, there is another something “trending” that I need to get on the band wagon.

  138. March 7 at 12:25AM

    My biggest challenge is figuring out how to take myself out of the equation and put my readers into the equation. Yes, I want to write for myself, but let’s be honest… I’m not just writing for myself. I want to connect with more people on a “real” level.

    I linked up with:

  139. March 7 at 01:52AM

    One of my biggest challenges is limited technological savage (if there even is such a thing), and how to get the ideas out of my head and into print.
    My post is #411 (ONE mistake… FOUR weeks of fun!)

  140. Wow now this is a generous offer! Also I love some of the most popular links last week – just spent quite some time reading those gems!

    Now onto my competition entry…

    My biggest blogging problem? That would have to be finding cost-effective ways to get noticed by your audience in a crowded niche. FM isn’t the only blog I run – there are a number of others – and sometimes opportunities for promotion can be tough – especially if you want to do it ethically and avoid “spamming” anyone.

    As to the link I submitted- well I went for my latest blog post entitled 14 Proven Ways To Pay Less Rent (from

    Fingers crossed! 😉

  141. March 7 at 07:36AM

    Awesome give a way! My biggest challenge is photography….. and keeping up with everything that needs to be done to promote my blog! I linked up my February Recap – 2nd month of blogging

  142. March 7 at 08:08AM

    Hi Ruth!! Congratulations on a year of Thrifty Thursdays, that’s so exciting!! By far my biggest blogging challenge is finding the time to do everything. Between juggling my 3 boys’ activities, trying to keep the house in order and all of my own stuff, sometimes it’s hard to set aside blogging time!

    I linked up my Cake Batter Bark recipe. 🙂

  143. March 7 at 09:16AM

    My biggest concern for my blog is probably self doubt. I’m doing okay, but I wonder if a different format, a different theme, a different way of doing things would help both me and my readers. I do things the way my brain works best, but I don’t know if that works best for my readers. Its a constant doubt and worry.

  144. March 7 at 09:53AM

    My biggest blogging challenging is keeping up with all the new forms of social media! 🙂

  145. March 7 at 10:32AM

    My biggest blogging challenge is definitely time. Working a full time 9-5 can sometimes make blogging a challenge! My linkup is #427 – DIY Instagram Coasters!

  146. Hello, my name is Melissa French and I am The More With Less Mom. My blog focuses on helping the frugal family. I have shared a real food monthly meal plan for March Thank you for hosting this linky.

  147. My biggest blog difficulty is scheduling! Its hard to sometimes leave the current world, for the cyber world, when ten thousand things need to be done!

  148. March 7 at 07:37PM

    My biggest challenges as a blogger are balancing my blog, my job and my personal life, and coming up with creative new posts that set me apart from everywhere else. Thanks for hosting Thrifty Thursday (and for the awesome giveaway!) I look forward to Thrifty Thursday every week!

    • March 7 at 10:31PM

      Congrats on your one year anniversary of this party! My biggest challenge is finding the time to do all the blogging work and be a mom of five kids and I babysit. I know I waste time sometimes too! Thanks for being an inspiration and my link is #431.

  149. March 8 at 06:44AM

    Hi Ruth,
    My biggest blogging challenge is finding the time to consistently post on my blog. Some weeks are better than others. Thanks for hosting. I have linked up my ‘Onion and Rosemary Focaccia’ and also my ‘Ice Cream Cake’.
    Have a Great Weekend,
    Pieced Pastimes

  150. March 8 at 06:49PM

    Hi, I shared 10 tips for getting a better nights sleep. I am excited to join this weekly link up. Thank you!

  151. March 8 at 06:50PM

    Oops I forgot to mention my biggest blogging challenge. Right now it is time and prioritizing what is the most important piece of the puzzle to focus on.

  152. March 10 at 04:08AM

    What a great giveaway exciting! I would have to say my biggest struggle is finding my voice in the sea of bloggers, to stand apart when you write about alot of the same things

  153. gail
    March 12 at 04:42PM

    A great frugal living resource!! Check it out

  154. August 9 at 08:44PM

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    have put in penning this blog. I’m hoping to check out the
    same high-grade blog posts by you in the future as well. In fact, youyr creative writing abilities has inspired me too get my
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  155. August 13 at 05:17AM

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    violation? My blog has a lot of exclusive content I’ve either written myself or outsourced but it appears a lot of it is popping it up all over
    the web without my agreement. Do you know any techniques to help reduce content from being stolen? I’d really appreciate

  156. First off I want to say superb blog! I had a quick question that I’d like to ask if
    you don’t mind. I was curious to know how you center yourself and clear your mind before
    writing. I’ve had a tough time clearing my mind in getting my thoughts out there.

    I do take pleasure in writing however it just seems like the
    first 10 to 15 minutes are usually lost simply just trying to figure
    out how to begin. Any recommendations or hints? Thank you!

  157. Anonymous
    September 22 at 02:13PM

    At our house we use cloth napkins and cloth diapers. I also make my own laundry soap and dishwasher detergent. We use refillable water bottles instead of buying water bottles. Home prepared freezer meals at also a must for us.

  158. lisa
    April 18 at 04:59AM

    I absolutely love this and am planning on making these as welcome gift bags for my sister’s wedding. What kind of paint did you use? Are of my paint is water soluble, and I am worried that the paint will eventually run or fade if water gets on it. Did you seal the paint somehow afterwards? Thank you!!!

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