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I don’t normally shop on Tuesdays, but I wanted to quick run into Publix to grab some Bailey’s coffee creamer while it was still on BOGO sale. (There was a $1 off coupon in this past Sunday’s paper.)  When I got there, I remembered that sweet onions were on sale and I had forgotten to grab them last Thursday even though they are on my Thanksgiving list. The Bailey’s creamer was completely sold out, but since I was there I couldn’t resist grabbing a free avocado and a very cheap can of pinto beans.

Here is what I got:

I spent $1.41 for $7.58 worth of groceries, a savings of 81%. I also got a raincheck for the creamer, so I should be able to grab it next time.
Coupons Used:
(1) Free Hass Avocado (printable here)
(1) $0.90 off any Glory Foods product (printable here)
(2) $1 off any Produce (Target coupon, no more prints available)
Combined with my CVS trip on Sunday, this week I have spent a total of $11.55 for 108.72 worth of groceries and drugstore merchandise, an average savings of 89% for the week so far.