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Brunch is relaxing with so much delicious food and drink. Having it on Valentine’s Day is extra special!

A Sunday brunch just might be my very favorite type of party to throw.

The mood is relaxed, the food is divine, and it is a great time to just sit and catch up with friends over a cup of coffee, mimosa, or bloody mary.

Our little gathering was slightly impromptu–invitations were emailed only a few days ahead of time–but that didn’t mean it couldn’t be pretty (and budget-friendly, of course.)Guests can create their own perfect concoction at the Bloody Mary bar!Breakfast in a glass!The spread can be simple yet extensive. There's something for everyone!Mimosa or Bloody Mary should be the only tough decision of the day. What's a Valentine's Day brunch without frosted cut-outs? Yum!Cute DIY tags can be used as name charms!Muffins are always a great idea for brunch!Refreshing fruit is a brunch staple! Wrap utensils in festive colors!Casseroles are perfect to serve at brunch.

An omelette bar is a welcome addition to any brunch!Brunch is a perfect time to catch up with friends!

Make guests feel at home by providing DIY options for drinks and food!Brunch can easily be kid-friendly!

Brunch can be fun for kids and relaxing for adults!

The Menu:
Baked Pecan Streusel French Toast
Breakfast Potatoes with Onions
Blueberry Bran Refrigerator Muffins
Minted Fruit Salad
Omelets to Order
Fresh Fruit & Vegetables
Bloody Mary & Mimosa Bar

Between the 5 families, there were 13 kids ages 5 and under but surprisingly little chaos. The kids mostly played in the girls’ room (which was, of course, a disaster but then somehow ended up  completely tidy. Dawn, if you didn’t think I noticed, I did. Thank you so much!)  When they finally tired of throwing things at each other, they did some crafts (with fully washable ink and markers–I swear it all came right out in the wash.) and then finally settled down to watch a movie.

While I did need to purchase a few grocery items for the party, I used as much as I could from my stockpile, and the delicious fruit salad was contributed by one of the guests. The decorations were all made from items I already had on hand. (I have already gotten my money’s worth this year out of that $26 V-day stamp set I ordered from Craftin’ Crystal.)  The tissue “puffs” were leftover from Maggie’s Crafty Pool Party in August. For a tutorial on how to make them, click here.

Party Expenses:
2 loaves fresh sourdough bread-$6
2 jars fancy stuffed olives-$6
1 carton buttermilk-$2
1 carton orange juice-$2.50
2 bottles champagne-$12
2 cartons blueberries-$5
1 carton strawberries-$2.50
1 carton half & half-$2.50
2 green peppers-$2
1 bunch green onions-$0.50
Total spent: $41.00
 Valentine’s Day Brunch can be simple yet impressive!