I don’t know about you, but I am a total sucker for new beginnings.

Whether it is the start of a new year, spring cleaning time, or any change in seasons, I always get a little giddy at the thought of a fresh start!

And right now in the Soukup family, we are right in the midst of a whole list of changes and new beginnings. We just got back to Florida after a summer away, we’ve got new teachers, new routines, a new set of rules and chores, and bedtimes.

The first day of school is a big deal no matter what grade.

And all this change is pretty exciting. It’s also a little bit scary.

As moms it is always nerve-wracking to watch our kids venture into uncharted territory, not knowing whether they will soar or stumble.

But the truth is that back-to-school time is usually a time of fresh starts and new beginnings for us too! This is the time of year where we settle into a new groove, commit to new activities, and try to take back our lives from the chaos that inevitably happens over the summer, despite our best intentions to stay focused. Fall is our time to get reorganized, get our budgets back on track, and maybe even find a little time for ourselves again.

But just like for our kids, these new beginnings can be both exciting and scary at the same time.

It’s exciting to think about all the possibilities that this clean slate has to offer, but scary to think about what could go wrong. What if we put ourselves out there—volunteer for a new activity, try to start a new business, attempt to get back in shape, or perhaps even join a new book club—and something goes wrong? We screw up, or worse yet, we fail or are rejected?

Someone once wrote “Never use your failure yesterday as an excuse for not trying again today. We may not be able to undo damages, but we can always make a new start.”

The thing I always tell my girls—and the thing I reminded them last week, as they nervously set off for their first day of school, was, “courage doesn’t mean you’re never scared. Courage is feeling scared and doing it anyway.”

In other words, sometimes we have to do it scared.

And so, my challenge for you this fall, as we head into a whole new season, is to start fresh. Let this fall be a brand-new beginning for you! We’ve all had dark and frustrating or chaotic and overwhelming times at some point or another, but it sometimes it is that darkness that lets us appreciate the light.

And now at the beginning of a new month and a new season, we get a do-over. It’s a free pass. So dare to do that thing you’ve pondering. Dare to push yourself past your comfort zone, and have the courage to do it scared®.

You’ve got this—I promise.

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When You're Ready for a Fresh Start

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