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When You’re Ready For a Fresh Start

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As moms it is always nerve-wracking to watch our kids venture into uncharted territory, not knowing whether they will soar or stumble. But the truth is that back-to-school time is usually a time of fresh starts and new beginnings for us too! Don't miss this post to motivate you to get reorganized, get your budgets back on track, and to maybe even find a little time for yourself again. Are you ready? #livingwellspendingless #ruthsoukup #motivation #backtoschool #inspiration

I don’t know about you, but I am a total sucker for new beginnings.

Whether it is the start of a new year, spring cleaning time, or any change in seasons, I always get a little giddy at the thought of a fresh start!


These simple habits will change and improve your life. Good or bad, habits require repetition. Once they become habitual, they become automatic: they no longer require extra thought—we simply do them. Embrace these 10 habits to really change your life!

And right now in the Soukup family, we are right in the midst of a whole list of changes and new beginnings. We just got back to Florida after a summer away, we’ve got new teachers, new routines, a new set of rules and chores and bedtimes.

The first day of school is a big deal no matter what grade.

And all this change is pretty exciting. It’s also a little bit scary.

As moms it is always nerve-wracking to watch our kids venture into uncharted territory, not knowing whether they will soar or stumble.

But the truth is that back-to-school time is usually a time of fresh starts and new beginnings for us too! This is the time of year where we settle into new groove, commit to new activities, and try to take back our lives from the chaos that inevitably happens over the summer, despite our best intentions to stay focused. Fall is our time to get reorganized, get our budgets back on track, and to maybe even find a little time for ourselves again.

But just like for our kids, these new beginnings can be both exciting and scary at the same time.

It’s exciting to think about all the possibilities that this clean slate has to offer, but scary to think about what could go wrong. What if we put ourselves out there—volunteer for a new activity, try to start a new business, attempt to get back in shape, or perhaps even join a new book club—and something goes wrong? We screw up, or worse yet, we fail or rejected?

Someone once wrote “Never use your failure yesterday as an excuse for not trying again today. We may not be able to undo damages, but we can always make a new start.”

The thing I always tell my girls—and the thing I reminded them last week, as they nervously set off for their first day of school, was, “courage doesn’t mean you’re never scared. Courage is feeling scared and doing it anyway.”

In other words, sometimes we have to do it scared.

And so, my challenge for you this fall, as we head into a whole new season, is to start fresh. Let this fall be a brand-new beginning for you! We’ve all had dark and frustrating or chaotic and overwhelming times at some point or another, but it sometimes it is that darkness that lets us appreciate the light.

And now at the beginning of a new month and a new season, we get a do-over. It’s a free pass. So dare to do that thing you’ve pondering. Dare to push yourself past your comfort zone, and have the courage to do it scared®.

You’ve got this—I promise.

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When You're Ready for a Fresh Start


  1. Kirsten Hertz
    August 30 at 10:22AM

    I’ve ordered my planner, started listening to the Do It Scared podcasts, am reviewing the Goal Setting workbook, have access to the Crushing it Mini Boot Camp. I’m excited.

    I am so ready to receive my planner and get started – I can’t stand the wait! I’m like a kid at Christmas!

  2. August 30 at 03:11PM

    Such a great reminder that we can always start fresh! I usually think of fresh starts for January, but it’s true that we get back into a new routine each school year, too. As a busy mom of 5 kids, I have a new start each time they have a new school year, too. I’m ready to get organized.

  3. Janice Davis
    August 30 at 04:00PM

    Hey ruth, I just wanted to let you know that your podcast do it scared gave me the kick up the arse i needed to start eba again. the tech stuff scared the hell out of me, I had personal stuff going on at home and i just froze. I only started working, got eba in March. completed Unit 1 in April. Left it until June when I found your podcast and now im back at again. I cant thank you enough for your inspiration. You reminded me that I really do not need to be living the life that I was living and that I have so much potential. I don’t have my planner yet, still waiting for it to arrive. But i have been implementing all of the startergies suggested on the crushing it page and my productivity has maximised x1billon! for the last 2 months I have been planning every single day and making sure that I include those important A tasks which help me closer to my goal. Can’t thank you enough for the inspo!!!

  4. August 31 at 09:16AM

    Love this. September has always been my New Year. I love a fresh start. Great blog.

  5. shana Klipfel
    September 1 at 08:12PM

    My life and family are a total wreck. I tend to over-commit because I want to help, but then I become so angry because I can’t seem to get it all done. I’m mad at my kids, husband, PTO members, church members, and co-workers. For some reason, this year before school started, I decided to research planners. I was hoping I would find some magical planner that would make me organized. Lol! Just dreaming, I knew there was no magical planner, but I was hoping I would find one that spoke to me. I came across multiple planners, but you spoke to me. Actually, God was speaking to me through you. I truly believe this! Thus, I ordered your planner! I haven’t received it yet, but I’m already looking up all your info. I’m in tears right now….I
    just finished your book “Living Well Spending Less.” Started and finished it today. I am deeply moved by your words. I’m so far off-track that I don’t even know where to start! So I’m just digging in, trying to find my way and asking God to lead me. I feel like I have a heart like David along with all the mistakes he made as King. However, I’m far from royalty! 🙂 I can’t thank you enough for writing this book, I believe everyone needs to read it! There are so many areas I need to work on and I’m feeling overwhelmed! Just a little of my background info. I’m married with two beautiful boys ages 10 and 13, I’m an Oncology Nurse, President of the PTO, and I just said yes to teaching 4th and 5th grade boys PSR class at church (otherwise known as religion class). I grew up Baptist and I have only been Catholic for a couple years. EEK! I live in a rural community made up of German Catholics. No Baptist around here! Lol. Oh, the struggle is real! I need just a little help,were is a good place to start? There is this website, then a Crushing it website (I think), and your Podcast. I’ve joined the FB community and have responded to a few posts.

    Help from the unorganized, over-committed, hopefully not helpless gal from Missouri! Thank you for all you

  6. Loretta Buza
    September 12 at 08:05PM

    Hi Ruth! I think you are awesome. I’ve been getting the planners for 3 years now, and it all started with your book “Unstuffed”. I just got my new floral planner and I have one concern….I thought the paper had been upgraded this year from 70# to 100#. A significant change….but I can’t tell the difference and I did a marker test and it actually bled through worse than last year. Are you sure the paper is heavier??? None of us can see the difference. Thank you!

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