The Beginner’s Guide to Coupons

The Beginner's Guide to Coupons--this is seriously the BEST online guide to learning how to extreme coupon!  Breaks the whole process down into easy-to-follow baby steps that anyone can learn!Couponing 101 – it’s simple math:  the less you spend on food and other things you need, the more you can spend on things you want.

Whether you are looking for a way to drastically cut your family’s budget or just add a few more dollars in your pocket each months for prettier things (like shoes), using coupons is a fun and strangely addictive way to save some major cash.

Ready to figure out how it’s done?

Start herewith my Beginner’s Guide to Coupons Series

Part One: How to Start

Part Two: The Shopping List

Part Three: Mastering the Grocery Store

Part Four: Creating a  Stockpile

Part Five: Walgreens

Part Six: CVS

Part Seven: Rite-Aid

Part Eight: Taking it to the Next Level

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  • Amy Linkletter January 15,

    I want to learn how to save money on groceries and drugstore purchases.

    • Chrissy November 21,

      You’re certainly in the right place, I’ve read threw the guide and tried a few coupons here and there, but I’m not fully prepared jut yet, to do a major couponing, and this site is all to thank !

      however; I don’t really feel sometimes liiiike I find very many coupons, yet I see people with virtually hundred’s of coupons. I would like an answer to that1
      hoooow do they get so many coupons,

  • Mike Meegan January 16,

    I want to learn how to do a little planning on Sundays so I can see the savings at the register.

  • Flour Sack Mama July 2,

    Do you have a section for health-conscious foods without questionable preservatives, artificial sweeteners, artificial colors, GMO ingredients, etc?

    • Ruth July 2,

      It doesn’t really work that way. On my sister site,, I list all the weekly sale items for each store, but you would have to decide for yourself what fits the your needs and those of your family. I’m not here to judge the food, just to help you get it cheaper, no matter what you buy.

    • Chrissy November 21,

      Are you looking for like Organic foods?
      If you are, I have come across a few coupons sites dedicated more towards ORGANIC foods, I’m not sure if that, is what you’re aiming for, plus there were some which had a organic health section, of coupons and had a equal amount, other than that, Like Ruth said it dont’ really work that way, though i can say, If you know the brands that are clear of the questionable preservatices, articicial sweetners, artificial colors, GMOindredients, (etc.) Then google coupons for (brand name) and I’m sure you would come up with something or or go directly to their website, because alot of the mfg websites, have coupons avalible as well.

      Oh and digital coupons their is organic digital coupons for most large national stores, like meijer, kroger, Those are the bigg names by me lol But I’m sure their are stores near you with websites offering coupons or digital coupons.

  • Jodene July 5,

    Thank you so much for the information! Your instructions are easy to follow – couponing seemed kind of confusing at first. I a m learning! Every little bit definitely helps. :)- I also find your website very easy to browse, it’s not busy or confusing. (i had looked at a couple others & i found one confusing, and one just wasn’t pleasing to look at!) I’m not trying to complain……just explain how much I enjoyed yours! keep up the awesome work!
    thanks again!


  • Teri September 6,

    I’m wondering if this could possibly work for me since I am on such a tiny limited income. Thousands of seniors would be unendingly grateful if they could be shown how to make it work on say..between $30 and $50 every two weeks.
    #2 Is there any coupon printing program on the entire internet for those of us who have the good sense to run a Linux OS,(Ubuntu), so we don’t have to waste money on things like Norton every year and don’t get hacked at all????
    If there is one, I cannot find it. All the best ones are Win-doze only as far as I can tell. If ANYONE has a REAL answer for this please post it here!!! Don’t bother with the “I think” and the “maybe”. I need something that ACTUALLY works!!

    • Chrissy November 21,

      I run ubuntu on a computer, and there simply is not a printing software for coupons for it, that is something you would have message cronical about to see, however, I also run windows, and I do not ever get hacked, nore do I ever get virus’s and I run no virus scan at all, I’m cautious of what I download and the sites I visit and nothing more, I am regular on facebook, and regular with other various sites where I do converse with people, as well as my kids are on the computer, and I’ve only ever had one problem, which is easy to fix if you monitor what is on your computer by going to add and remove programs, if you don’t know what it is google it, if you don’t remember downloading it delete it. unless it says from microsoft. OR you need a cheapy windows computer possibly purchased from craigslist that you use for couponing. Because I don’t fore see ubuntu sportting any printer programs any time soon.

      • Chrissy November 21,

        Also, for those with the “sense to run a linux os” also need the knowledge that we’re not going to be able to access everything ran on the internet because it is behind a much more popular and stable os such as WINDOWS or a MAC system. They do work on macs, my friend prints hundreds of coupons with her mac with ease. which, macs also, do not get hacked or virused up minus the iphone, we wont go there…

        I’m not trying to be a smart a$$ I’m not, because I initially ran in to this problem, but due to homework, and school’s demanding programs I had a windows pc around, so it wasn’t a big huge deal or anything,. however, I’ve looked up and down for a linux os that would decode the printer systems for couponing … But I have yet to look for a virtual windows, something of that sort COULD possibly work. But I’m not 100% on that.. This is a real answer though, sometimes, you just have to except that windows, is further advanced and adapted to by practically the whole internet… HOWEVER i do suggest mentioning something on the cronocal site, for ubuntu,kubuntu, and xbuntu, because sometimes just one mention of something like that to a company that believes in affordable products, ideally free, will put out some sort of patch or update for the linux systems (also I don’t think cronical does linux anymore, and I apologize if have the company name wrong, go to the ubuntu forums either way that would work. ! )

        • Jeff December 30,

          For an instance like this, you can load the exe through the Linux app “Play on Linux” or “Wine”. Wine is a Windows emulator and should run small exes like this, Play on Linux hooks into Wine, but makes it easier to install your programs.

          • Anonymous April 8,

            I’ve tried the majority of couponing apps, they only work with Windsor’s and Mac. What’s worse, they’ll only print from windows, Mac or iOS.

    • James July 24,

      The reason that there are no coupon print sites for Linux is that couponing software is at its very essence a malware program. The way the coupon print programs work is by attaching themselves to your registry and sending out use information based on the coupons you select. Since Linux doesn’t have a program registry in the way that Windows does, the print program cannot attach itself to the operating system and function. The best way to run couponing stuff in linux is to download Virtual Box through the software center, and run a legal copy of Windows XP or above withing Virtual Box. This will prevent most of the issues that you have previously had with Windows, and you won’t need to run any kind of virus software. Hope that helps.

  • Laura October 29,

    Hi thanks so much for the advice.Im only 13 and i want to learn how to extreme coupon.One day i am going to be on extreme couponing,and with your help that might be possible.Thanks again you really make this easy for me!

  • Chrissy November 21,

    I’ve replied to a few people.
    I’m confident I can pull of couponing to a level, maybe not extreme, but I’m sure I will save money, I already have.

    I came upon your site, which I love!

    But my first question is this, how do these couponers, get hundreds and thousands of coupons.
    I’m serious this lady has 5 binders of coupons with her! lol I was like whaaaat.

    Okay and my second question, I’m still going to coupon, the amount don’t matter to me because really in my budget every penny counts, I can’t really stock pile item’s will the prevent me from saving deccent amounts of money? to some degree I can, because I don’t buy what my family don’t use or eat, unless I have to buy it, to get something I want, need, or use for free, I’ll find someone to pawn what I don’t want need or use off to. But Will not having a grocery store stock pile laying around prevent me from saving money, in your opinion?

  • Brandi Vranka February 19,

    Just starting out with the extreme couponing….I have a question about the criteria for savings. After using coupon the item should be 60% less than the reg. price. Is that the sale price or the reg. price before sale. My coupons don’t seem to be giving me a 60%. Thanks for all the great info, I am really getting into all the savings. Thank you Brandi Vranka

  • Ashlee Kipp March 26,

    I just have a couple of questions. I am VERY VERY new to this and I am a little confused on certain things.
    First off
    What exactly is double couponing?
    How do people get items for free when they get like 20 of that item?
    I decided my store was going to be winn dixie. I looked over there coupon policy and they do stacking of coupons but my question is how do people get multiple items so cheap or free if they only have one coupon or do you have to have multiple coupons for those items? I have alot more questions if you could please help.

  • Deirdre May 18,

    I am very new at this, in fact I have not gone on my first shopping trip yet! I am looking at some match ups for some local stores and they are mentioning some red plum and smart source inserts from a month or two ago. Am I able to get my hands on those or am I just out of luck?

    Thanks so much


  • Christin June 21,

    I can’t get my coupons to print on I have downloaded the software and everything…this is really irritating…any advice?

  • Carolyn July 2,

    ok I have a question ,I get saving on all the box , bag and bottle stuff but how do you save on meats or milk ,eggs,or fresh produce ? I have never seen coupons for these things

  • Jeff December 30,

    I have a question. All my coupons say “one coupon per purchase of products and quantities stated. Limit of 4 like coupons per household per day”
    One of the coupons I have is for body wash which is $.50 off 1 and the grocery store has a deal if you buy 4 you can get a $5 off coupon on your next visit. For me to take advantage of this deal using a coupon for each bottle, I would have to buy all 4 in different transactions?

    Actually now that I’m looking at it, the deal is not that good. Each bottle is $3.99 with the coupons and the $5 the total is $8.96, not even 50% off.

    Anywho, is my assumption correct on the use of the coupons?


  • Jennifer January 3,

    My question is , what is the differance between a MC in the paper insert and a printable
    MC. Also how dose stacking work on tems. My Paper insert coupons read 4per purchase and 4 per day. so how is stacking possible.

  • monica bandeau March 10,

    I need help badly where can i find a store with the most savings i need food i am not employed and my husband is needs a total hip replacement so he hasnt worked in 2 almost 3 years and i have 31 dollars a month to get house hold needs and 104 in foodstamps i didnt grow up with parents so i never was shown how to shop please help me

  • michelle July 18,

    My question is how do I get the most savings if I don’t have a printer to print on line coupons to go with my Sunday coupons

  • Tina Davis July 21,

    I am really wanting to see if I can do this coupon thing I am hoping it works for me thank you for step by step instructions.

  • Michelle December 8,

    Can you tell me where to find your posts on your shopping trips. The products, coupons used and so forth. I watched a video that said you post your trips and info about them on your site, but can’t find them. thank you, Michelle

  • zatanya lowe March 7,

    Hello my names Tanya n I’m on a fixed income. I get under 90 dollars for food help, can u help me work on couponing with such a small budget


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