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It’s no secret that I love a well-made bed. I even wrote a post dedicated to all the reasons I made my bed each day. But the truth is that I am really, really, really good at bed-making. I promise I am not bragging, it is just a fact. You see, when I was 11 years old I started working as an assistant housekeeper at my parent’s hotel. By law I wasn’t allowed to enter any hotel rooms by myself, so I would assist all the “real” housekeepers by going around and making all the beds. And let me tell you, making 50 beds a day will quickly develop some serious bed-making skills.

But luckily for you, making a perfect bed really isn’t all that hard. Once you’ve got the basics down, all it really takes is practice! So here is my step-by-step tutorial for how to make a perfect bed:

This step by step tutorial will teach you how to make the perfect bed.

1. Start by smoothing the mattress cover & pulling it tight over all four corners. Unfold fitted sheet  then spread out over bed. Fit corners over mattress and smooth with your hand.

2. Unfold flat sheet and spread over bed with finished edges facing down. The top of the sheet should be even with the top of the mattress, the sides should hang down equally, and there should be plenty of extra at the bottom to tuck into mattress. Spread blanket over flat sheet, checking to make sure it hangs equally on both sides.

3. Tuck blanket and flat sheet into bottom of mattress to hold sheet in place.

4. Fold and tuck bottom corners.

5. Fold top of blanket and flat sheet over about 12-15”. Tuck sides under mattress, if desired.

6. Fluff pillows and arrange at top of bed.

7. Spread bedspread or coverlet over blankets, then fold additional blanket or duvet to cover bottom half of bed.

And that’s it! Easy peasy, right?

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How often do you make your bed?