July 2011

{drumroll please} announcing….PrintHotCoupons.com

I hinted yesterday that I've been busy working on a BIG new project.  (And yes, I do know that I'm always working on a project or ten.  But this one really is exciting!) It's a NEW website!  Because 2 just weren't enough, ya know? Call me crazy if you must, but I can't help be [...]

thursday shopping 7-28-11 {& weekly shopping linky}

Today's shopping trip was another chaotic & rushed affair.  This week has been a little crazy (more about that later!) and this morning I realized that I had completely forgotten a commitment that had to be completed asap.  Needless to say, making my shopping list and gathering my coupons got pushed to the bottom of [...]

The Beginner’s Guide to Savings {Week 3}: Save on the Big Things


Part 3: Save on the Big Things After spending the last week sorting out your budget and then recording all your purchases, you hopefully now have a fairly clear idea of where your money is going.  Over the next 6 weeks be sure to keep those worksheets handy--you will need to adjust your amounts as [...]

Party Inspiration: Princess Tea Party


***UPDATE:  See the actual Princess Tea Party photos here*** Princess is a girl who knows what she wants. She has been asking for a princess-themed birthday party pretty much since the moment her Crafty Pool Party ended last year. I have to admit, I have had a hard time mustering up a lot of enthusiasm [...]

sunday shopping 7-24-11 {video}

Thank you all for your sweet comments on my last post.  I could definitely feel the love!  I promise to try not to get all whiney on you again anytime soon. I had a lot of fun shopping yesterday.  Back-to-school deals rock!  I just love all the fun freebies & rock bottom prices that pop [...]

one of those days…

I don't have a stockpile recipe for you today, and I apologize in advance for this terribly whiny saga. But yesterday was just one of those days. It started with major website issues and a problem that no one knew how to resolve, least of all me.  I really hate problems I don't know how [...]

thursday shopping 7-21-11 {& weekly shopping linky}

I've gotta be honest with you, I'm having a heck of a time getting settled into this new school-centric-drop-of-pick-up schedule of mine.  On the one hand it has been great to have a few hours to myself each day, but between the morning rush of getting ready, then picking up one child at noon and [...]

The Beginner’s Guide to Savings {Week 2}: Create a Budget


Part Two: Create a Budget It's been a week.  How's that no-spending thing going? Well, here's the good news:  You can start spending money again.  Of course the bad news is that after today's assignment, you might not want to. Hopefully last week's exercise started you thinking about the reasons WHY you're spending and also [...]

first day of school 2011

We had a big week last week. On Wednesday, Trouble started preschool.  I've never seen a kid quite so excited to go to school.  When we took the tour a few weeks ago, she was furious that she couldn't stay, and when the big day finally came, she ran to the door to get her [...]

sunday shopping 7-17-11

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  I don't know about you, but ours seemed to go way too fast!  Although I did skip the drugstores this weekend, I did make a quick trip to Publix and Staples yesterday to pick up a few items that I would consider "needs" and not just "wants." [...]

Roasted Vegetable Pasta with Feta {Recipe}

Roasted Vegetable Pasta with Feta #recipe

After scoring lots of cheap broccoli & cauliflower this week I had a major craving for some roasted veggies.  I figured it would pair nicely with all that feta which was also on sale at Publix.  I briefly considered doing a roasted vegetable pizza on the grill, but I wasn't really in the mood to [...]

thursday shopping 7-14-11 {& weekly shopping linky}

I have been SO excited (and inspired) these past two days by your comments & emails! It was awesome to hear about your goals for your Savings Pledge, and I am beyond ecstatic that so many of you are committing to the 8 week Beginner's Guide to Savings Challenge. You guys are awesome, you really [...]

Part 1: Stop Spending


Welcome to The LWSL Beginner's Guide to Saving! My goal for this series is to guide you through a series of assignments intended to put you on sounder financial footing.  Basically it is eight weeks to a better budget. If you've already read and followed the other LWSL Beginner's Guides--either the Beginner's Guide to Coupons or the [...]

take the savings pledge!

I’m pretty enthusiastic about saving money.  My personal savings philosophy is: Save on the things you need so you have more to spend on the things you really want. So I gotta tell you, I am SO excited to be a part of something BIG & I sincerely hope you all will join me.  Today [...]

sunday shopping 7-10-11

I decided to skip the drugstores again this week in favor of something a little more fun: back-to-school shopping!  I know for many of you, the new school year still seems far away, but here in our district, (year-round) school actually starts this week, and Princess will be heading off to Kindergarten on Thursday. Her [...]

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