July 2011

The Beginner’s Guide to Savings: Week Three


Part 3: Save on the Big Things After spending the last week sorting out your budget and then recording all your purchases, you hopefully now have a fairly clear idea of where your money is going.  Over the next 6 weeks be sure to keep those worksheets handy--you will need to adjust your amounts as [...]

One of Those Days….


I apologize in advance for this terribly whiny saga. But yesterday was just one of those days. It started with major website issues and a problem that no one knew how to resolve, least of all me.  I really hate problems I don't know how to fix.  It feels so helpless.  Most of you were [...]

The Beginner’s Guide to Savings: Week Two


Part Two: Create a Budget It's been a week.  How's that no-spending thing going? Well, here's the good news:  You can start spending money again.  Of course the bad news is that after today's assignment, you might not want to. Hopefully last week's exercise started you thinking about the reasons WHY you're spending and also [...]

Roasted Vegetable Pasta with Feta

Roasted Vegetable Pasta with Feta #recipe

After scoring lots of cheap broccoli & cauliflower this week I had a major craving for some roasted veggies.  I figured it would pair nicely with all that feta which was also on sale at Publix.  I briefly considered doing a roasted vegetable pizza on the grill, but I wasn't really in the mood to [...]

The Beginner’s Guide to Savings: Week One


Welcome to The LWSL Beginner's Guide to Savings! My goal for this series is to guide you through a series of assignments intended to put you on sounder financial footing.  Basically it is eight weeks to a better budget. If you've already read and followed the other LWSL Beginner's Guides--either the Beginner's Guide to Coupons or the [...]

How to Save BIG on School Supplies


I know what you're thinking: "Summer's barely started.  How can I possibly think about back-to-school shopping already?" Or maybe: "I don't even have kids in school.  Back-to-school shopping doesn't apply to me." Well guess what? Not only is it time for parents to start paying attention to the back-to-school sales that are just starting in [...]

Decorating with Color Inspiration


There is much I love about my home, and I hope this post won't make me seem like I'm complaining.  Every day I count my blessings, and this home is definitely a big one. That said, it's not perfect.  It's also not quite done yet. About a year and a half ago, my husband Chuck and [...]