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Author: Ruth Soukup

How to Become the Most Confident Person You Know

Have you ever wished you could be just a little more confident? When it comes to going after our big goals and dreams, and daring to create the life that we’ve always wanted—a life we love—so many of us let that lack of confidence in ourselves and our abilities stand in our way. We doubt our own greatness. We compare ourselves to other people. We let that voice of self-doubt in our head be the loudest thing that we hear. And it holds us back and keeps us stuck. But how would it feel to have the confidence to pursue your biggest goals and dreams without even thinking twice about whether or not you should?

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Make 2018 Your Best Year Ever (Free Mini Course)

Want 2018 to be your best year yet? Spend a little time right now setting yourself up for success and there is no limit to what you can accomplish! Don’t miss our Best Year Ever Mini Course for 5 easy-to-implement lessons that will help you set better goals, get your finances back on track, stop making meal time such a chore, and better organize your schedule so you can get more done. It’s completely free, but only for a limited time, so be sure to get started right away!

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Decode Your Medical Bills

Whether planned on unexpected, medical bills can complicate the already overwhelming process of household budgeting and bill pay. Stay on top of the process with these five simple strategies to remain organized and fight the urge to panic while negotiating your expenses and navigating what can be a confusing system.

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