August 2011

The Beginner’s Guide to Savings {Week 8}: Make More Money


Part 8: Make More Money Here's the good news:  you've made it to the end.  It's week eight and you have arrived, you've followed through, you've worked hard and made huge strides.  You truly deserve a pat on the back.  Way to go, you! (If you are new to my blog or missed out on [...]

A Little Hospitality {Live Love All The Time}


One of the things I love about my church is the genuine warmth and friendliness that emanates from the congregation. Despite all my reservations, that warmth is what kept me coming back.  From our very first visit, we were always made to feel like we belonged. Our church's theme for the month of August was [...]

sunday shopping 8-21-11

It's hard to believe it is Monday already--our weekend really flew by.  We hosted a very fancy Princess Tea Party on Saturday, which I promise to share with you very soon, and then on Sunday we headed to the Pirate Fest at Fisherman's Village, a local tourist spot.  Our girls weren't really into the pirates [...]

audry & ulric giveaway winner

The lucky winner of the $40 gift certificate (+ free shipping) to Audry & Ulric is.... Nora G. (#45), who said: "I would get the Sweet Pink Feather Headband for my old high school girlfriends daughter. Today was her first day of school and her mommy was so proud! She’s always talking about being a [...]

thursday shopping 8-25-11 {& weekly shopping linky}

One of the most common questions I hear from new couponers is "why aren't I saving more on food?"  The thrill of free toothpaste and deodorant--while still fun--loses a bit of luster the moment we realize we still have to eat. It is super important, especially at the beginning, not to fall into the trap [...]

The Beginner’s Guide to Savings {Week 7}: Save for the Future


Part 7:  Save for the Future The Future.  Big.  Undefined. Non-immediate.  Nebulous.  Scary.  If you're anything like me, saving for this vague entity known as "the future," is the hardest part of all.  After all food, clothing, vacations, housing, and yes, even shoes are all real.   They are tangible and immediate.  Saving on--or for--those [...]

006 Spy Party {A Boy Birthday Party Idea}


I am a mom of girls.  The older they get, the more I am beginning to realize that girly stuff is all I know. We live in a world of pink & purple, of princesses & tea parties, of Barbie & Dora & dress-up.  Every once in a while I will get an email from [...]

sunday shopping 8-21-11

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope you all had a great weekend.  On Saturday we attended a very cool "Spy 006" themed birthday party for the son of some friends (who turned 6--get it?)  Everyone had a blast.  You know the sign of a good party is when none of the guests will leave! Coming from [...]

happy birthday princess {& audry & ulric giveaway}

Princess turned 5 years old on Thursday. My kids' birthdays freak me out a little because as much as I love any excuse to throw a party, it is very bittersweet to see them growing up so fast. Her party won't be held for a few more weeks, but that didn't mean it wasn't a [...]

thursday shopping 8-18-11 {& weekly shopping linky}

I had no idea last week's shopping trip would be so controversial!  Okay, so maybe 2 slightly snarky comments does not a controversy make, but you guys are usually so overwhelmingly positive that it did throw me for a loop.  Mostly because last week's shopping trip was actually fairly "normal"--bread, eggs, yogurt, frozen pizza--at least [...]

The Beginner’s Guide to Savings {Week 6}: Save on the Special Things


Part 6: Save on the Special Things Vacations.  Birthdays.  Holidays.  We know they're coming and yet it is so easy to blow our budgets just because "it's a special occasion."  If you're still with me after all this time, you should be starting to feel pretty good about your budget.  After all, you've been able [...]

becoming….who I want to be

As much as I love writing my blogs, the most important thing I did yesterday had nothing to do with saving money.  It wasn't posting a matchup or hot coupon list or responding to emails.  It wasn't cleaning my house or balancing my checkbook or doing the laundry. The most important thing I did yesterday [...]

sunday swimming

I hope you don't mind, but I decided to skip shopping altogether yesterday.  Sundays are normally a pretty busy day for me between all the new coupons, store ads, & hitting the drugstores, but after 3 days away, my priority was family time, not bargains. Instead, we spent a very relaxing afternoon by the pool. [...]

Baked Tofu {Recipe}


Let's face it: Meat is expensive!  One of the easiest ways to lower your grocery bill is to cut out meat, at least some of the time.  It's not that there aren't ways to save on meat--there are--but ultimately even meat bought on sale or in bulk is still pretty darn expensive when you consider [...]

the DealPro CASH giveaway!

Just a little reminder that the DealPro Cash Giveaway ends TONIGHT!! 1st place winner: $500 CASH 2nd place winner: $150 CASH 3rd place winner: $100 CASH Simply “like” all of the pages listed and fill out the form below.   The Thrifty Couple Beauty and Bedlam Bargain Blessings Frugal Finders Cuckoo for Coupons Dealicious Finds [...]

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