31 Days

What if, a month from now, your life could be different?

  • What if you could reset your finances & kick start your budget?
  • What if you could find less heartache & less stress, but more joy & peace in your life?
  • What if you could organize & declutter every room in your home?

Here at LWSL, we believe that while month isn’t a long time, it is long enough to make a big difference.  

As such, we have developed several different 31 Day challenges for you to choose from.

The first is called 31 Days of Living Well & Spending Zero, and focuses on an entire month of no spending (except on the barest essentials.)  Over the years, this challenge has become a monthly event here at LWSL, with thousands of readers participating at any given time.

Our second challenge is called 31 Days of Less & More, and was hosted together with Edie of Life in Grace.  I’ve provided the 31 Days of Less–less heartache, less stress, and less stuff–while she focuses on the 31 Days of More–more joy, more peace, and more contentment.  Our posts were written to be read together each day and included a common challenge for each day.    You can find this series here.

Our third challenge is called 31 Days to a Clutter Free Life, and offers a month of daily challenges for cleaning and decluttering every room in your home.  You can get all the details here.

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  • Shannon June 8,

    Interested in where to sell what & when :-)

  • Merle September 30,

    Found your website a while back but never really read and searched the whole thing…..Found Amazing Grace today and it has been such a blessing….Have a daughter that is in a program and is “now today” 6 months clean from any kind of drugs she could find……Lost her 3 beautiful children, family, friends, etc……Just thank God he has spared her life and I believe he is protecting her as she has a work to do as I can see you have been given a project here that is awesome……God be with you always and thanks for so much here that I need so bad……I lost the last of my family in 2004, my brother to cancer and wanted and did try to die…..went to counseling for 3 yrs but still not totally fixed…….God be with you and thanks, so much for sharing so much on here…….

  • Michelle December 28,

    I LOVE this idea of getting rid of all the thing that we DON’T really need. I am a Crafts Hoarder! I have way too many unfinished projects laying around.
    What I do want to get let people know is that GOODWILL’S founder is a BILLIONAIRE ! Because everything is GIVEN to his company for FREE !!! And a very LOW percentage goes to the needy (If any). I will NOT give to goodwill for that reason !
    Salvation Army or Am vets give 90% of the profits to the needy. Look up churches or Battered women’s shelters or something like that to give your clothes and toys too.
    I love your Ideas and so Happy I found this on Facebook.
    Thanks you

  • Anonymous February 15,


  • Allison October 10,

    I have been taking the 31 days to clutter free challenge. But I stoped receiving the emals on day seven.

  • Myra October 23,

    I just found your 31 Days to a Clutter Free Life. This is day 23. How can I get all 31 days?

    • Ruth Soukup October 24,

      I just sent you a link to your email inbox! :)

      • Dee Sollenberger November 4,

        Can you send me the link too?

      • Linda November 15,

        I just found your website, and it’s November 15th! Would you send the link to 31 Days to a Clutter Free Life? I’m a late starter…lol

  • Carol November 3,

    Just now found your site and am very excited. However I don’t find the 31 day decluttering. Can I still receive the challenge?

  • Marianne koning November 13,

    I am trying to get a print of your 2014 31 days for decluttering. I did its but need a copy to continue it, please help me get one. I am ..84 years old and this worked for me beautifully. Now I need to complete it more thoroughly . I didn’t work fast enough.

    Thank you. Marianne

  • خرید کریو December 12,

    very nice

  • Anonymous January 1,

    Ruth, do you still have the 31 days to clutter-free posts archived somewhere? Thanks!

  • Laura Owens August 18,

    I lost day 7 could you possibly resend it. I have been saving them to start after my trip. but i some how misplaced (lol) day 7… thank you


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