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Eight Weeks to a Better Budget

My goal for this series is to guide you through a series of assignments intended to put you on sounder financial footing. Basically it is eight weeks to a better budget.

Each week we will tackle one specific area to work on and then complete assignments related to that segment of our financial life. Thus, following this series will take some effort & commitment on your part. Unfortunately I haven’t yet figured out the magic version of saving money, where all you have to do is read about it for it to happen. This is the blood, sweat, & tears edition. (Okay, well maybe no blood…)

And now for a few disclaimers: I am not a financial expert or certified financial planner. I don’t have a degree in business or accounting. I have no credentials whatsoever beyond my own experience to qualify me for teaching anyone about saving money. There are plenty of money experts out there who could probably explain this stuff far better than me, and some I will even refer you to. My only goal here is to try to break down the scary world of budgets and saving into manageable bites. Yes, this is the baby steps guide to saving.

Week 1: Stop Spending

Week 2: Create a Budget

Week 3: Save on the Big Things

Week 4: Save on the Necessary Things

Week 5: Save on the Fun Things

Week 6: Save on the Special Things

Week 7: Save for the Future

Week 8: Make More Money


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