April 2012

Let Them Eat Cake! {Birthday Party Inspiration}


It's been a while since I've thrown a party and now suddenly I have TWO of them coming up next month!  Yay! This year Trouble picked her own theme for her 3rd birthday party: CAKE!  I found it only fitting since the girl is currently obsessed with all things baking-related & spends hours building cakes [...]

rainbow family room {a surprise room makeover project}

Husband was out of town this week for a business trip so I decided to surprise him by remodeling our former guest room while he was gone.  This was a project we have been planning for a while but are never able to get to.   In fact, we sold the bedroom set a few [...]

Edible Flowers, Milking a Goat, & Lots of Yummy Vegetables {Our Trip to Worden Farm}


With our Worden Farm season drawing to a close, I've been starting to feel a little guilty about  having never actually made it out to the farm.  Several of my friends also have farm memberships and are always telling me how fun it is to go out there each week.  Well let me tell you, [...]

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