August 2012

a little of this & a little of that {today you get random}

The type-A part of me has a really hard time posting random snippets here and there but at the moment I just have too many darn things floating around in my head to keep it all neat and tidy.  It seems like lately life has been moving far too fast for me to keep up, [...]

How to Make Homemade Pickles {Tutorial}


When I was pregnant with Trouble, my best friend Alysha gave me a basket of homemade goodies for Christmas, including a jar of pickles she had canned herself.  It was all good, but those pickles were the best thing I had ever tasted and I ate the entire jar in one sitting.  I couldn't stop. [...]

Tender Spirits: Why We Decided to Homeschool


It is often in our failures that we learn the biggest lessons; the same holds true for parenting. Several weeks ago, on the final leg of our summer road trip, I had an epic mom fail.  We still had 4 hours to go and  I was tired and crabby and ready to be out of [...]

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