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Author: Ruth Soukup

Want to Take Control of Your Home Routine? Don’t Miss This!

The world is a little crazy right now, and with all the stress and uncertainty going around, something to focus on to help you in all areas of life might be exactly what you need. Living Well Academy is a life management course created explicitly to help you feel productive and confident in four key areas: habits and routine, simplifying mealtime, keeping tidy, and mastering money. After this course, you will feel ready to tackle whatever craziness comes your way! Don’t miss this first launch that we’ll be hosting live!

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21 Best Educational Resources and Activities for Kids at Home

Finding yourself suddenly having to be at home for a few days (or weeks) with your whole family can be quite stressful. What are you supposed to do all day? How are you going to keep everyone entertained, fed, learning, and from going stir crazy (yourself included)? We’ve got you covered! We’ve gathered 21 of the Best Educational Resources and Activities to keep kids active, learning and engaged at home. Don’t miss it!

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How to Illness Proof Your Home: 9 Powerful Ways to Stay Healthy

There are additional precautions we can take to help keep our families healthy during flu seasons and even in the mids of a pandemic. These 9 Ways of Illness Proofing Your Home will assist in keeping the bad bugs at bay, help the family create healthy habits, and make you feel better knowing everything is extra clean.

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