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Category: Better Productivity

Want to Take Control of Your Home Routine? Don’t Miss This!

The world is a little crazy right now, and with all the stress and uncertainty going around, something to focus on to help you in all areas of life might be exactly what you need. Living Well Academy is a life management course created explicitly to help you feel productive and confident in four key areas: habits and routine, simplifying mealtime, keeping tidy, and mastering money. After this course, you will feel ready to tackle whatever craziness comes your way! Don’t miss this first launch that we’ll be hosting live!

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The Benefits of a Weekend Routine and How to Make One

Ever feel like the weekends just fly by and nothing seems to have gotten done? The culprit? Not having a weekend routine. While it might seem silly, creating a very simple yet influential weekend routine will bring more peace to your home, ensure all the things get done, and sets everyone up for a more successful week ahead. Save your sanity by creating a simple yet powerful weekend routine in just four steps. You’ll be glad you did!

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5 Steps to Break Free from Social Media Addiction

Do you find yourself trolling social media for hours when you only meant to be on for a few minutes? It’s hard not to get sucked into the online world, but there are ways to manage your time without deleting it from your life completely! These 5 Ways to Break Free from Social Media Addiction will help you gain back time to get what you want done while still keeping in touch with the digital world.

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