extreme couponing

Why I Don’t Always Use Coupons


I love saving money with coupons.  I don’t always love using coupons.  Because, let’s face it, clipping coupons—enough to really save a LOT on groceries—is a lot of work. Yes, the payoff is often impressive—I mean, who wouldn’t want to bring home $127 worth of groceries for less than $0.25—but the truth is that using [...]

thursday shopping 10-6-11 {& weekly shopping linky}

Wow!  You guys REALLY had an an opinion yesterday about my dress options!  It was so great to see what everyone thought, and I really, really appreciate all the feedback!  I still haven't made a final decision--I may bring them all--but I am leaning towards 1 or 2.  Or 6.  Or maybe 5.  But I [...]

thursday shopping 9-29-11 {& weekly shopping linky}

This week has been a little crazy!   Several of you have asked to see the news clips (which is so very sweet of you.)  The Wednesday appearance is available to watch here or you can check out the Thursday spot here. I usually get up verrrrry early (as in, the middle of the night for [...]

Extreme Couponing {for Normal People}

The new season of TLC's Extreme Couponing premieres this evening at 10pm.  Will you be watching?   I will definitely be watching so that I can discuss it live tomorrow morning at 7:15am on WINK. Local readers--I really hope you'll tune in to watch. (Non-local readers can catch the clip on the WINK News website.) [...]

a BIG announcement: thursday shopping 9-22-11 {& weekly shopping linky}

I had a fun little shopping trip today.  There wasn't too much I needed to get but I was psyched to see those Orville Redenbacher pop-up bowls on sale.  I love those things!   I  also made a little video today, but it wasn't to show here.  It is for my NEW...(wait for it).... ONLINE [...]

thursday shopping 9-15-11 {& weekly shopping linky}

Is it just me or has this week flown by?  I can hardly believe the weekend is almost here! I had a fun little shopping trip this morning.  After Sunday's fiasco with the girls, it sure was nice to shop all by myself while they were at school.  I was so relaxed that I even [...]

thursday shopping 9-8-11 {& weekly shopping linky}

Wow, you guys had a LOT to say last week about the new season of Extreme Couponing and last week's video!  I loved reading all your comments and it makes me beyond happy to know that you all are committed to using coupons in a way that is ethical, respectful of others, and nice. And, [...]

extreme couponing 101 {free beginner’s guide to coupons eBook}


Coupons have been getting a lot of attention lately. A few months ago, TLC aired a special called Extreme Couponing and now has created a series of the same name.  I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not.  TLC's show purposely tries to make Extreme Couponers look just that--EXTREME.  The portrayal leans towards obssessive-compulsive hoarders, rather [...]

extreme couponing for normal {and nice} people: thursday shopping 9-1-11 {& weekly shopping linky}

It was just announced that TLC's Extreme Couponing Season 2 will begin September 28th.  I know a many of you probably found this site after watching the first season, and sometimes I feel a little torn about the show. On the one hand, TLC's Extreme Couponing has introduced a lot of people who were struggling [...]

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