a new season of worden farm {sign up by october 1st}

We finally sent in our payment a few weeks ago and I am literally counting down the days until the new season starts at Worden Farm!  Last year we really enjoyed getting our boxes of farm fresh veggies each week and though the girls were hesitant to try new vegetables at first, by the end of [...]

Homemade Dutch Babies


Oh, Dutch do I love thee?  All that buttery goodness, clumps of powdered sugar, crispy crust and light-but-dense center, drizzled with real maple syrup and oozing with down-home goodness.  Honestly, although my family likes a lot of different things, there is truly only one dish that can make all four of us downright giddy [...]

How to Make Homemade Pickles {Tutorial}


When I was pregnant with Trouble, my best friend Alysha gave me a basket of homemade goodies for Christmas, including a jar of pickles she had canned herself.  It was all good, but those pickles were the best thing I had ever tasted and I ate the entire jar in one sitting.  I couldn't stop. [...]

a season of veggies {worden farm}

Can I just tell you how thrilled am today to receive my first box of fresh vegetables from Worden Farm? The season actually started last week but since we were gone our first box had to go to good home. :-(  This week, however, I am all about the veggies and so, soooo excited!  And [...]

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