garden snapshots {help, please!}

I am pretty good at using coupons. I'm not a bad cook. I'm a marginal seamstress and a wannabe crafter. But I am a terrible gardener. Our little garden that started out with so much promise is having a few, er, issues.  Granted, this is our learning year, but I don't feel like I'm learning [...]


It has been a very good couple of weeks. We've spent a lot of time getting wet.... the splash park... ...and in the pool. Trouble has started sleeping in the big girl bed. At least some of the time. Princess had a "camp out" in the living room... ...while Trouble pretty much did her [...]

our garden (& gardening linky)

2 weekends ago we planted our first-ever vegetable garden. It was a big moment for Husband and I.  We have literally been talking about it for years. Princess was pretty excited too.  The fact that she is sitting in dirt (in a dress, of course) is a sign of just how into it she was. [...]

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