January 2011

sunday-monday shopping 1-31-11

The day sort-of slipped away from me yesterday and by the time I sat down to start gathering my coupons, it was already after 6pm.  I decided my best bet was to get everything prepared and then hit the stores first thing in the morning, right after dropping off Princess at school. I first worked [...]

finding my bliss

I swore to myself I wouldn't write  about Blissdom. I realize that few of you are bloggers and probably care little about the ins and outs of the bloggy world.  You come here to read about how to use coupons and ways to live stylishly on a budget. (At least I think that's why you [...]

Vegetarian Meatloaf {Recipe}


Being vegetarian, I am constantly trying to find or create recipes that will satisfy my meat-eating family.  Husband flat-out refuses to eat tofu, and we won't even talk about the ill-fated polenta incident.  The food I make has to look "normal" and taste good.  Chili, tacos, spaghetti...unadventurous as they may be, the closer my meals come [...]

blissdom update, a free retro apron, & weekly shopping linky

Two days in and my head is already so full of new people and new information that it feels like it might explode.  My biggest revelation of the conference so far are the wonders of Twitter.   I have had a Twitter account for some time, but until now my Tweets have been limited to well, pretty [...]

warehouse vs. coupon shopping

  This morning I looked out my hotel window and was amazed to see SNOW on the ground!  I never thought of Nashville as being "north," but I guess when you live in Florida everywhere is north.  Besides a storm delay and getting lost trying to find the hotel, my trip so far has been relatively [...]

when life hands you lemons….(make lemonade)

In the fall of 2009 we moved back to Florida after living in Seattle for 3 years.  We were returning "home," but to 3 year old Princess, who didn't remember the house she left behind, the whole moving process was a little scary.  To ease her fears, we told her about all the wonderful things [...]

sunday shopping 1-23-11

Whew! This past weekend was one of those jam-packed-with-5,000-activities-can-hardly-catch-your-breath-running-from-place-to-place-now-need-a-weekend-from-my-weekend marathon weekends.  I had a ton of fun and spent some much-needed time catching up with my girlfriends, but frankly I'm exhausted! (But in a good way.) Tomorrow I am off to Nashville to attend Blissdom, my very first blogging conference.  I am very excited and [...]

stockpile meals: taco rice

To me the hardest part of all this coupon shopping by far is trying to figure out what the heck to make for dinner. I am a planner, and I like to cook, so back in my pre-coupon days, once a week I would sit down with my recipes, figure out what we were going [...]

thursday shopping 1-20-11 (and weekly shopping linky)

It was another great week for stockpiling at Publix!  Today may have been my least eventful shopping excursion ever, so I apologize for the boring post.  I had to gather a lot of coupons this morning, but amazingly enough, it  only took me about an hour & a half to get my list ready and [...]

Coupons 101: Finding Free Coupons

First of all, I just want to thank all of you for your super-kind comments yesterday.  It was actually a very hard day, and when I sat down at my computer I was overwhelmed by all the sweet things you had to say.  You may not know this, but your comments mean the world to [...]

The Snowball Effect


Remember this? It is the armoire I planned to organize as one of my monthly goals, way back in September. And then again in October.  And November.  And December.  Until finally  in January I just stopped making monthly goals. It used to be our "home office" and it looked like this inside: Then we started [...]

Sunday Shopping 1-16-11

I knew as soon as I saw the Walgreens ad it was going to be a good week.  Maybe it is only because a.) I have been meaning for quite some time to get Husband to start taking glucosomine supplements for his joints and b.) we have been dieting recently that I was super excited [...]

Pimiento Cheese {Recipe}


I am not a true Southern gal.  In fact, I was born about as far north as you can get within the continental United States, in the northwest corner of Washington State, only a few miles from the Canadian border.  But I've always dreamed of being a Southerner. As a little girl, I watched Gone [...]

Thursday Shopping 1-13-11 (and Weekly Shopping Linky)

Whew, what a day!  After posting a video just yesterday about how little time I spend organizing and sorting my coupons, I feel a little sheepish today telling you that today's shopping trip took a LOT more time than usual to prepare for. If you've been following my shopping results for a while you know [...]

Quick and Easy Coupon Organization

When people find out I am a couponer, the first thing I often hear is this: "Oh, I would LOVE to use coupons, but I just don't have time for all that clipping and sorting." Sound familiar? I'm going to let you in on a little secret.  Okay, well, maybe it's not a secret, per [...]

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