May 2011

Sweet Soda Shop Party {Trouble’s 2nd Birthday}


I think Trouble's Sweet Shop may have been my very favorite of all the parties I've ever thrown. It is hard not to feel happy when surrounded by candy. And surprisingly, 24 children ages 6 and under at a sweets-themed party wasn't as out-of-control as it might sound.  Of course it did help that the [...]

sunday shopping 5-29-11

Happy Memorial Day! I couldn't resist popping in to Walgreens yesterday to take advantage of their fabulous 2 day sale (mostly because I was almost out of Reynolds Wrap!)  There were a ton of freebies in this week's ad, and while I ended up skipping many of them, I was happy to see everything in [...]

{party recovery}

We are in party recovery mode today. Trouble's Sweet Shop party last night was a blast. I can't wait to tell you all about it.... ...on Tuesday. Until then, here's a tiny sneak peak: I hope you all have a fabulous Memorial Day weekend!

thursday shopping 5-26-11 {& weekly shopping linky}

Thank you for all the sweet birthday wishes yesterday.  Trouble had a very fun day and we are all excited for her party this weekend. We have some friends visiting from out-of-town for a few days so I got to enjoy the rare luxury of grocery shopping all by myself today.  I was even able [...]

trouble turns 2

________________ Two years ago today the most amazing little girl joined our family. She was born on her due date--Memorial Day--at home, surrounded by family and friends. And our life has never been the same. There is never a dull moment with Trouble around. She is in to everything. Constantly climbing and jumping and bonking [...]

Party DiY: Giant Glitter Lollipops & Decorative Pinwheels


I've always loved throwing parties but I have to admit that I haven't always been so budget conscious about them.  It wasn't that I would purposely go spend as much as possible, I just didn't give it much thought.  The cost was often the means to the end goal, which was throwing a fabulous bash. [...]

sunday shopping: 5-22-11

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  Mine was mostly spent preparing for Trouble's Sweet Shop party, which is happening next weekend.  As usual, I've gone a little crazy with DiY projects, but  I can't wait to show you all the fun things I have planned! I was so wrapped up in party plans [...]

Pineapple Upside-Down Cake {Recipe}


Princess has been begging to bake a cake, ever since I bought her a much-pleaded-for Cooking up Fun with Strawberry Shortcake DVD a few weeks ago (on sale at Target for $4.88). I have to admit, things have been a little crazy around her lately. Between caring for the girls, maintaining two blogs, preparing for [...]

thursday shopping 5-19-11 {& weekly shopping linky}

I need to start by thanking you all for the wonderful gardening advice you've been giving us these past few days!  There were some great ideas that we can't wait to try, & we really appreciate all your insight. Sadly, we had a bit of a garden tragedy last night.  Our little baby watermelon--one of [...]

extreme couponing 101: FAQs

I do my best to respond to as many questions, comments, and emails as I can, but unfortunately, there are many times that I just can't get to them all.  I promise it doesn't mean I don't like you!  I love reading all your questions and comments, and even if I can't always answer directly, [...]

garden snapshots {help, please!}

I am pretty good at using coupons. I'm not a bad cook. I'm a marginal seamstress and a wannabe crafter. But I am a terrible gardener. Our little garden that started out with so much promise is having a few, er, issues.  Granted, this is our learning year, but I don't feel like I'm learning [...]

sunday shopping 5-14-11

Any time I can score a good deal on sunscreen (a daily necessity in sunny Florida) or diapers (which I hopefully won't have to buy for too much longer), I am a happy girl.  Put them together in a single shopping trip, throw in some cheap baby wipes, and I am practically in heaven!  Sometimes [...]

Garden Cucumber Salad {Recipe}


A few months ago we planted our first-ever vegetable garden.  It has definitely been a learning experience!  A few of our plants are thriving, a few are struggling, and a few haven't made it.  One of the things we have learned is that cucumbers need a lot of space!  Our cucumbers are doing great but [...]

thursday shopping 5-12-11 (& weekly shopping linky)

After a few months of neglect, my "To-Sort" file of printable and leftover coupons was overflowing and my Qubie coupon binder was in need of some serious TLC.  I convinced Husband to help me get a handle on it while we watched American Idol last night, and it was SO nice to prepare my list [...]

frugal living : 5 ways to save when remodeling

Remodeling can be very draining, both financially and emotionally. We found that out the hard way last year when we began remodeling our home.  Even though we were careful and tried to be cost-effective, we ended up spending far more than we anticipated.  What we thought would be a fun process was in reality pretty [...]

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