May 2011

Sweet Soda Shop Party


I think Annie's Sweet Soda Shop Party may have been my very favorite of all the parties I've ever thrown.  Granted I always say that, but it is hard not to feel happy when surrounded by candy. And surprisingly, 24 children ages 6 and under at a sweets-themed party wasn't as out-of-control as it might [...]

Giant Glitter Lollipops


For my daughter Annie's Sweet Shop Party, I wanted something to line the sidewalk leading up to the house.  I found some foam discs and cellophane at the dollar store a few weeks ago, which gave me the idea of oversized lollipops. The process was pretty simple: Step 1: Spray 1 side of foam disc [...]

extreme couponing 101: FAQs

I do my best to respond to as many questions, comments, and emails as I can, but unfortunately, there are many times that I just can't get to them all.  I promise it doesn't mean I don't like you!  I love reading all your questions and comments, and even if I can't always answer directly, [...]

Gardening Woes


I am pretty good at using coupons. I'm not a bad cook. I'm a marginal seamstress and a wannabe crafter. But I am a terrible gardener. Our little garden that started out with so much promise is having a few, er, issues.  Granted, this is our learning year, but I don't feel like I'm learning [...]

5 Smart Ways to Save When Remodeling


Remodeling can be very draining, both financially and emotionally. We found that out the hard way last year when we began remodeling our home.  Even though we were careful and tried to be cost-effective, we ended up spending far more than we anticipated.  What we thought would be a fun process was in reality pretty [...]

How to Make Ruffled Crepe Paper


Last week my daughter Maggie wanted to create an under-the-sea-world, which in her 4-year-old mind involved making a bunch of jellyfish out of disposable bowls and crepe paper streamers. She is one of those kids that once an idea gets planted in her head, there is no letting it go.  I finally, after listening to days [...]

extreme couponing 101: rock bottom prices (& free download)

There is a lot of talk about "Rock Bottom Prices" in the coupon world.  In fact, when you break it down to the simplest level, Extreme Couponing really just means always buying things when they are at their lowest possible price (after sales and coupons), and buying enough of them to stockpile and last until [...]

How to Make Hand Stamped Invitations


I'm going to start this post with fair warning: stamping is strangely addictive. I first discovered the joy of stamping from my friend Crystal, and I have been eager for an excuse to order something adorable.  There were lots of cute ideas to choose from, but I settled on a set called Crazy for Cupcakes because [...]