September 2011

The Best Laid Plans….


I did not go drugstore shopping yesterday.  I had every intention of going--even printed my list and gathered my coupons--but before I went, we decided to take the girls on a little boat ride to a nearby island for lunch.  We figured we'd grab some food, then hit the beach for an hour or so [...]

How to Survive a Rough Patch


There are those times in life when the stars seem to align in your favor, when everything is flowing smoothly and all the pieces fit together nicely without really much effort at all.  And then there are those other times, where every day feels like a struggle and you feel like you are barely holding [...]

How To Make a Perfect Pie Crust


Fall is practically upon us, which means pie season is also here (at least for me!) There nothing in the world that can compare to homemade pie crust.  Yes, it is a little bit more effort than say, buying a pre-formed pie crust or even one of those handy refrigerated roll-out crusts, but believe me [...]

DIY Simple Chair Slipcover


I saw this chair cover  awhile back & absolutely loved the concept but didn't really have a specific occasion in mind. Then, as I was wandering around Walmart one Sunday evening I came across some cute fabric on sale for $2 a yard & immediately thought of the chair cover.  At that point, I was [...]

Meal Planning 101


One of the most challenging aspects of saving on groceries is trying to figure out what to actually make for dinner, when you've been diligent about shopping the sales and building up your stockpile.  After all,  there is nothing worse than suddenly realizing it is quarter after five, the kids are starving, and you have a [...]

A Princess Tea Party


 Despite my initial reluctance, Maggie's birthday tea party was actually a lot of fun to put together.  And while it looked very luxe, the final cost came in well under $100 for everything, thanks to clearance deals, an abundant stockpile, & creative use of Groupons! The cupcakes, from So Sweet Cupcake Bakery, were a lucky last-minute [...]