September 2011

thursday shopping 9-29-11 {& weekly shopping linky}

This week has been a little crazy!   Several of you have asked to see the news clips (which is so very sweet of you.)  The Wednesday appearance is available to watch here or you can check out the Thursday spot here. I usually get up verrrrry early (as in, the middle of the night for [...]

Extreme Couponing {for Normal People}

The new season of TLC's Extreme Couponing premieres this evening at 10pm.  Will you be watching?   I will definitely be watching so that I can discuss it live tomorrow morning at 7:15am on WINK. Local readers--I really hope you'll tune in to watch. (Non-local readers can catch the clip on the WINK News website.) [...]

Butterflies for Two {Annie & Violet’s 1st Birthday}


A few weeks ago my friend Rachel--an old pal from elementary school--posted a few pictures of her identical twin daughters' 1st birthday party on Facebook, and I almost died they were so gorgeous. Among her many amazing and creative gifts (which I'm still trying to convince her to let me share!), Rachel is an extremely [...]

the best laid plans {a soukup family fiasco adventure}

I did not go drugstore shopping yesterday.  I had every intention of going--even printed my list and gathered my coupons--but before I went, we decided to take the girls on a little boat ride to a nearby island for lunch.  We figured we'd grab some food, then hit the beach for an hour or so [...]

there is no shame in saving money

I wasn't planning on writing a post today (I've been trying to reserve my weekends for family time), but I couldn't resist sharing this with you guys.  I guess it just touched a nerve. Every once in a while someone will ask me if I am embarrassed to go to the store with a whole [...]

a BIG announcement: thursday shopping 9-22-11 {& weekly shopping linky}

I had a fun little shopping trip today.  There wasn't too much I needed to get but I was psyched to see those Orville Redenbacher pop-up bowls on sale.  I love those things!   I  also made a little video today, but it wasn't to show here.  It is for my NEW...(wait for it).... ONLINE [...]

A Little Organization {in an Otherwise Chaotic World}

how to organize your closet

Life has been a little hectic lately. I feel beyond blessed that this little blogging project of mine has taken off, and I honestly couldn't ask for a better job.  I LOVE waking up in the morning to a day full of writing & finding hot coupons & helping others save.   I look forward [...]

How to Survive a Rough Patch


There are those times in life when the stars seem to align in your favor, when everything is flowing smoothly and all the pieces fit together nicely without really much effort at all.  And then there are those other times, where every day feels like a struggle and you feel like you are barely holding [...]

sunday shopping 9-18-11

Do you ever feel like you are drowning in stuff? I spent most of the day yesterday cleaning out my bedroom closet, dressers, & desk.  I filled several bags with items for Goodwill and another bag with trash, and I came to the stark realization that I have far too many things. Life has been [...]

thursday shopping 9-15-11 {& weekly shopping linky}

Is it just me or has this week flown by?  I can hardly believe the weekend is almost here! I had a fun little shopping trip this morning.  After Sunday's fiasco with the girls, it sure was nice to shop all by myself while they were at school.  I was so relaxed that I even [...]

How To Make a Perfect Pie Crust {Tutorial}


Fall is practically upon us, which means pie season is also here (at least for me!) There nothing in the world that can compare to homemade pie crust.  Yes, it is a little bit more effort than say, buying a pre-formed pie crust or even one of those handy refrigerated roll-out crusts, but believe me [...]

Party DiY: Simple Chair Slipcover


I saw this chair cover  awhile back & absolutely loved the concept but didn't really have a specific occasion in mind. Then, as I was wandering around Walmart one Sunday evening I came across some cute fabric on sale for $2 a yard & immediately thought of the chair cover.  At that point, I was [...]

sunday shopping 9-11-11

First things first:  The winner of last week's E-Mealz giveaway is....  "I usually start by seeing what I already have on hand. I have a mass of recipes from various websites plus websites like will allow you search by ingredient so I use that to see what meals I could make from stuff I [...]

we will never forget

10 years ago today the world as we know it changed forever. I remember watching the Today show, my hand was on the button, about to turn off the TV.  Something caught my eye--they were showing the World Trade Center with smoke coming out of it, and thought maybe a small plane had hit the [...]

Qubie coupon organization system winners

The first winner of the Qubie giveway is.... Shelly Corson (#126) Since Shelly was not referred by anyone, I was able to pick one more winner!  The second winner is... Becky Cubbage Dukes (#93) Congratulations to both winners! For those of you who didn't win, take heart!  I will be hosting another giveaway starting Monday, [...]

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