January 2012

Daddy’s Girl


There is no getting around it:  My daughter is a Daddy's Girl. It  occurred to me this morning, as they skipped down the sidewalk together on their way to school, that I have lost her completely.  I think I probably knew it already.  It was crystal clear a few days ago during this conversation: "Mommy, I'm [...]

Easy Corn Flake Chicken {Recipe}


If you are looking for a quick and super easy chicken recipe that your family will LOVE, then look no further!  I whipped this up last night and even though I had planned to share a different recipe, it was such a hit I decided to share it with you today! As a vegetarian I [...]

kitchen towel pillows {easy DiY project}

A few weeks ago I popped into one of my favorite little local shops--Pomegranate & Fig--to get a gift for a friend and I stumbled across these cute little embroidered kitchen towels.  I loved the little quotes on them & decided to grab a couple for myself. I had every intention of using them as [...]

busch gardens tampa {family fun}

On Saturday we spent the day at Busch Gardens in Tampa.  It is only about 2 hours from our house and yet this is the first time we've ever gone as a family, and the first time Husband and I have been since 2004.  We had a GREAT day! When we went to SeaWorld last [...]

Winter Diet Soup {Recipe}


Am I the only one that ate a few too many goodies during the holidays?  This week I finally admitted to myself that the 7 or so pounds I put on during the month of December isn't going to just melt away on it's own like it did when I was in my 20's and [...]

Simple Joys {5 Ways to Simplify Your Life Right Now}


It has been several weeks since I started Project Simplify 365 and already I feel like my life has changed.  As I look around my house, I can see the tangible results of my effort, but the biggest change, I think, is the intangible one: the deep sense of inner peace that has settled over [...]

manatees, ice-cream, & some really hot wings {a mini road trip}

 We took a little family mini road trip yesterday.  It was a great way to spend a Sunday.  We first went to see the Manatees at the Tampa Electric viewing center.  It was pretty cool.  It was also free, which made it even cooler! Do you ever wish your kid could wear a sign that [...]

Grilled Salad with Homemade Honey-Dijon Dressing {Recipe}


 Mmmmm....doesn't this look good? My  fall-back method of cooking vegetables always seems to be roasting--I just love the depth of flavor it brings--but I don't usually think about grilling them.  However, my Facebook friend Valerie (of the fabulous fashion blog Charmed Valerie) posted something on her status last week about grilling radishes--something I have never [...]

Crafty Inspiration {Cleanliness is Next to Craftiness}


One of my goals for the year is to spend more time doing crafts and other creative things (like finding things to fill my very empty walls and adding a little color to my oh-so-vanilla home decor!)  I was hoping to do a project this week, but my plans were thwarted by annoyingly practical husband. [...]

the great vegetable battle {intentional parenting is hard}

I feel so utterly inept as a mother sometimes. I always swore I would raise my kids to be good eaters, to be willing to try new things and not be picky.  I wouldn't be *that* mom, the one who consistently gives in to an unimaginative kid-centered diet of chicken nuggets, tacos, mac & cheese, [...]

Roasted Tomato & Root Vegetable Cream Sauce over Farfalle {Recipe}


We are in Veggie Heaven! Granted some smaller members of my family aren't quite as thrilled with all the garden-fresh meals we've been enjoying lately, but as a vegetarian I don't think I've ever eaten so well.  Every week we pick up a new very full box of vegetables from Worden Farm & I spend [...]

project simplify 365 {free download}

On Monday I promised to tell you all about my new endeavor for the year, Project Simplify 365.  Even though I'm still working out the final details, I am so excited to share it with you that I just can't wait another day.  In a nutshell, Project Simplify 365 is based on the idea that [...]

A New Year, A Fresh Start {Welcome 2012}

Happy New Year! The past few weeks have been so fun and productive and relaxing and all-around wonderful that as I now finally sit down at my computer to get back to work, it is not without more than a little reluctance and some major feet-dragging. I needed some time to focus on my family [...]

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