May 2012

Cute as a Button Baby Shower


This past weekend I had the great privilege of hosting a baby shower for my precious new goddaughter Lydia, who was born on April 30th.  It was such a fun party to throw!  Party details: The adorable invitations were designed by the lovely Heather Moritz of Moritz Fine Designs, (who has also designed all 4 [...]

Sunday Brunch at my Dream House


I'm not ashamed to admit that I have a slight problem with baby stalking.  I just can't help myself.....I love babies SO much!  I have so far been unsuccessful in my attempts to convince my husband that we need another one, so I fill that need by obsessing, er, doting on other people's babies. But I digress. [...]

DIY Kids Artwork Display


A couple weeks ago I shared our new (surprise) Rainbow Family Room.  I was so nervous that Chuck wouldn't like it, but as it turned out he absolutely loved it.  So much so that my oh-so-unexpressive, non-writer, engineer husband actually wrote me a poem to thank me!  And it was pretty good!  He said I could share [...]