31 Days of Less

31 Days of Less & More.  Join this month long, life-changing challenge to fill your life with less heartache but more joy, less stress but more peace, and less stuff but more contentment.  Starts October 1st.....are you in?

Welcome to 31 Days of Less & More!   Edie and I are so excited to share this series with you, and we truly hope and pray this will be an amazing, life-changing month for you…and us!  We will be encouraging lots of support and discussion on our Facebook pages, so be sure to “like” both Living Well Spending Less and Life in Grace on Facebook if you don’t already!

This is the overview page where you will be able to find all the links to each day’s posts.  All of the “Less” posts are found here on Living Well Spending Less, while all of the “More” posts can be found over at Life in Grace.  Be sure to bookmark this page so that you can easily find a post or a challenge!

Day 1:  Why Less? {Why More?}

Part 1:  Less Heartache {More Joy}

Day 2: Less Fear {More Courage}

Day 3: Less Bitterness {More Forgiveness}

Day 4:  Less Comparison {More Self Confidence}

Day 5: Less Self-Centeredness {More Service}

Day 6: Less Discord {More Harmony}

Day 7: Less Anxiety {More Rest}

Day 8: Less Judgment {More Acceptance}

Day 9: Less Disappointment {More Wonder}

Day 10:  Less Greed {More Generosity}

Day 11: Less Discontentment {More Gratitude}

Part 2: Less Stress {More Peace}

Day 12: Less Social Media {More Friendship}

Day 13: Less Email {More Hand Written Notes}

Day 14: Less Smart Phone {More Communication}

Day 15: Less Television {More Reading}

Day 16: Less Running Around {More Nesting}

Day 17: Less Mindless Spending {More Passionate Living}

Day 18: Less Catch-Up {More Planning}

Day 19: Less Sugar {More Cooking}

Day 20: Less Caffeine {More Exercise}

Day 21: Less Tension {More Patience}

Part 3:  Less Stuff {More Contentment}

Day 22: Less Paper Clutter {More Filing}

Day 23: Less Closet Chaos {More Closet Order}

Day 24: Less Kitchen Disorder {More Pretty Pantries}

Day 25: Less Bathroom Junk {More Personal Care}

Day 26: Less Bedroom Clutter {More Intimacy}

Day 27: Less in the Garage {More Utility Space}

Day 28: Less Craft Mess {More Creativity}

Day 29: Less Surface Clutter {More Meaningful Art}

Day 30: Less Holiday Overkill {More Memories}

Day 31: Less Coming In {More Contentment}

31 Days of Less & More

*   *   *

Are you in?

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  • Melissa Webb September 30,

    I am shaing this challenge with my Ladies Group on Facebook! I can’t wait to begin!!!

  • Traci Michele September 30,

    very creative spin! looking forward to it!

    Here’s mine: Simple Living

  • Judy October 1,

    I am in

  • shelley @ the book diaries October 1,

    I really love the idea of this series. It works with my brain. =)

  • Sandy October 1,

    I’m in!!

  • Amy E Patton October 1,

    Wow! I am definitely in.

  • Brittany October 2,

    So excited! I’m in!

  • Melanie October 10,


  • carrie October 16,

    just now found your blog! i’m so looking forward to joining in this challenge!! just what i needed–thanks! 😉

  • Sheila October 18,

    Your posts are EXACTLY what I’ve been needing to see; I’ve been having a personal crisis of sorts…. Could I share your posts and borrow your ’31 days’ button please?

  • Amy Pires November 4,

    Hi Ruth,
    I love your site! How do I become a subscriber?

    • Ruth Soukup November 4,

      Amy, so glad you are enjoying LWSL! On the left hand side of the site there is a Stay Connected box where you can enter your email to receive updates.

  • Jean November 6,

    I’m catching up–trying to make for a relaxed, peaceful holiday season. I’ll be ready to start with Thanksgiving.

  • angela - mammaemamme November 6,

    I am in from Italy. I needed this “schedule”. thanks a lot.

  • NoN December 6,

    I’m in! Although I’m going to personalize it down to my 24 Days version to catch up with the new year. Thank you so much for this, Ruth! I’m so blessed that I found your blog yesterday. It really gave me a cute kick on the butt which made me decide to quit stalling on my life.

  • Anonymous October 3,

    Sound like a great challenge!

  • Kara October 13,

    I only recieved the first four days and them they stopped coming. I was disappointed with that. However, I am glad they are on the website. I will be behind, so will they be here past this month?

  • Gwen April 6,

    Hi Ruth,
    I have enjoyed your website. I do a lot of women’s ministries and am looking forward to sharing some of your ideas. I will encourage them to check it out.


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