Easy DIY Bird Feeder


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Have fun with the kids this summer creating this easy DIY bird feeder!

This is Week 11 of our 12-week Summer Fun with Kids series here at LWSL! Today we are welcoming Claire from A Little CLAIREification,  who is sharing her super cute and easy DIY Bird Feeder . For more summer fun, check out the overview page.


 How’s your Summer been going, my LWSL friends? It’s me, Claire from A Little CLAIREification, and I just cannot believe my boys start back to school next week!

We have tried to pack in as much fun as possible over the break and, earlier this Summer, my Littlest and I decided to make a little DIY Bird Feeder. We have a sweet  pair of cardinals that live in the bushes just outside of our screened in pool patio and it’s so much fun watching them flit around – we love how they talk back and forth to each other. You can also pop over to my blog for more fun crafts like these DIY Glittery Glow Jars and I hope you’ll say hello while you’re there!!

Here’s how we did it on the cheap mostly using items we already had on hand.

Items needed for the easy DIY Bird Feeder!

Here Is What You Need:

1.5 Liter Water Bottle (I like the square kind for this, such as Fiji) A round plant drip tray, at least 5″ across
Spray paint (color of your choice)
Painter’s tape
Two wooden spatulas (optional)
Stencil pattern of your choice (optional – we used a bird stencil from Amazon)
Acrylic paint (your choice of color)
Jute twine (or picture hanging wire)
Eye hook (not pictured but shown below)
Hot Glue (or heavy duty glue such as Gorilla Glue)
Bird Seed
Start with the plant tray first for the easy DIY Bird Feeder.

Step 1:  To start, we taped off the lip of the plant tray since we didn’t want little bird feet getting paint on them. Could be toxic! You’ll see that several steps here are optional like this one but I thought it would be fun to have the feeder be aqua so once the lip was taped off we spray painted it and let it dry for a couple of hours.

The next step of the easy DIY Bird Feeder is for the adults: Trimming the water bottle.

Step 2:  While that was drying, I used a craft knife to cut a couple of inches off the bottom of the water bottle – this is definitely a step that adults should do. I used scissors to even out any rough spots and make it sit level.

Step 3 of the easy DIY Bird Feeder is to make arches in the water bottle.

Step 3:  Next we used a Sharpie to make a half circles / arches on each side of the bottom of the bottle and then we used scissors to cut out. This is so the bird seed can flow out into the tray. If using a round water bottle, just evenly space out 2-3 little arches.

Paint a pretty picture on your easy DIY Bird Feeder!

Step 4:  We love our little bird stencils we found on Amazon but you could use whichever pattern you like. We cut out the one we wanted to use and taped it on the bottle to secure it, and then my Littlest painted it. Now, I added the spatulas and I am going to tell you this right now. I wouldn’t bother if we did it again. I thought it would give a a little landing spot for the birds and envisioned the bird seed flowing out onto them. This was not the reality.

Adding spatulas is an optional step in the easy DIY Bird Feeder project.

Step 5:  I basically cut a small hole and a larger hole on two opposite sides so the handle could go through and out the other side. They look kind of cute, I know, but it really was an unnecessary step. In the end, I had to use clear packing tape to cover the holes so I feel like you should learn from this trial and error. The cardinals told us they didn’t care, by the way.

Add an eye hook to the easy DIY Bird Feeder for hanging!

Step 6:  We screwed a little eye hook into the cap for hanging. I actually added a little hot glue inside the cap for extra support because… well, “it’s for the birds” right?

The next step of the easy DIY Bird Feeder project is to trace the water bottle for glue placement.

Step 7: Next we placed the water bottle inside the tray and traced around with a Sharpie so I could place the hot glue in the right spot. I actually used both hot glue AND a little Gorilla Glue because… I did not want this to fall apart once it was hung, especially if a random squirrel decided to jump on board for lunch!

We're getting there! Add birdseed to your easy DIY Bird Feeder.

Step 8:  Glue the water bottle into the planter and allow to dry for several hours. Next, funnel your bird seed into the finished Bird Feeder and hang using the twine. While it might take a few days, be prepared for your fabulous little feathered friends to notice. I sooo wish I could have gotten a closer pic but those smart cardinals were hip to my jive (not to mention my children are loud).

Hang the easy DIY Bird Feeder and wait for the guests to arrive!

Her bright red Husband wasn’t willing to sign a photo release but he loves the bird feeder too. 😉

The easy DIY Bird Feeder is a fun summer project to create with the kids!


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Claire is a working Mama to three boys, a self-proclaimed cheese addict and a lover of all things crafty Guest post from Claire of A Little CLAIREification!and delicious. Her blog,  A Little CLAIREification, is a lifestyle blog committed to bringing readers “Bright Ideas On A Budget” – from cooking, baking, crafting and DIY projects to time management tips, meal planning and inspiration.

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What kind of wildlife visits your backyard?


  1. Susie E
    August 11 at 08:32AM

    We love watching birds! Could you create an easy DIY hummingbird feeder, too?

  2. August 11 at 08:33AM

    Thanks for the tip 🙂

  3. Stacy
    August 11 at 09:25AM

    I like the personal touch of using the sharpie to decorate the water bottle 🙂

  4. What a fun craft to do with the kids and how rewarding for them when they see the birds coming to feed.

  5. Sam T
    August 11 at 09:59AM

    We don’t really have a backyard to our town house. We get the occasional wood pecker in the tree behind our unit though! And a lizard got into my kitchen once.

  6. August 11 at 10:25AM

    I love love love your posts. Thank you so much for all the fun ideas that are cheap! My kids love them and I’m incorporating some of them to do at our Girl Scout meetings that I am a leader of.

    And as for wildlife that visits our backyard- stray cats. Can you figure out a device to keep those away? They are mean little suckers!

  7. August 11 at 10:42AM

    We have squirrels, birds and also cats and dogs lol. We live in town but have a woodsy area behind our apartment.

  8. Super cute Claire! I love feeding the cardinals too 🙂 We have all sorts of critters around here…deer, squirrels. rabbits, lots of birds, raccoons, opossums (yuck)… and the other night my husband was pretty sure he saw a coyote walking down the street! That’s one animal I will not be feeding though! 😉

  9. August 11 at 11:36AM

    These are so cute! It’s a great way to get kids attuned to nature!

  10. August 11 at 01:43PM

    We currently have two baby bunnies living in our backyard. Lots of birds, too!

  11. Jennie
    August 11 at 04:49PM

    Squirrels, frogs, horses, goats, dogs, cats.

  12. Stacey
    August 11 at 05:40PM

    We get a lot of cardinals in the winter. They are so pretty against the snow! I had to stop putting out feed because the squirrels were demolishing everything! My mom found a bird feeder that will slide shut if a squirrel is on it. She said it works well. I may try that…

  13. August 11 at 07:37PM

    We get some birds and a few squirrels in our yard, but we live near a very busy street so that doesn’t surprise me that we don’t see more.

  14. Maureen
    August 11 at 08:57PM

    Love love love this idea! Our breakfast table is the perfect spot for viewing birds!

  15. Anonymous
    August 11 at 10:32PM

    Great recycling project! We all of birds, rabbits, moles, voles, groundhogs, even the occasional fox in our yard.

  16. Karen
    August 11 at 10:35PM

    This is great. I am teaching about birds this fall with 10 home school students and plan to do this! Thanks for sharing!

  17. Linda
    August 11 at 10:50PM

    I love the idea with the spoons. there are usually just the post for the birds to sit on and eat however the birds also like to just hang out and they will really like this. Cant wait to try this for myself. I love doing projects like this with my grand children

  18. april
    August 11 at 10:59PM

    Birds, bunnies, deer, and a couple of red foxes!

  19. Michelle Tolman
    August 12 at 12:52AM

    We have had a lot of hummingbirds – last year they built a nest and we had 3 baby birds. It was great!! We also get annoying deer eating our garden!!

  20. Kara
    August 12 at 09:59AM

    Deer and rabbits!

  21. Wendy R
    August 12 at 09:59AM

    We live in the country and get lots of deer, rabbits, & squirrels. We also see our share of raccoons. It drives my little dog nuts when he’s inside watching them through the windows LOL.

  22. August 12 at 10:00AM

    I live in an apartment building, but we have bird feeders outside and we live on the back side of the building so it’s quiet. We get bunnies, chipmunks and squirrels visiting us 🙂 And even a big King Snake was visiting a few weeks ago. That was a site! But lots of birds, too. Hummingbirds and even wood peckers!

  23. August 12 at 01:17PM

    I get tons of birds…and stray cats in my yard! This feeder is adorable, and will be perfect this winter. 🙂

  24. Sents Saver
    August 12 at 01:50PM

    we have a lot of deer out where I live! I see them pretty much daily!

  25. August 12 at 01:59PM

    Here in Arizona it is mostly birds, little lizards and ugh scorpions ! We do occationally see a roadrunner though – they are super cute !

  26. jilli
    August 12 at 03:37PM

    We get a lot of wild turkeys. Once I had a duck hang out all day.

  27. Tracy
    August 12 at 08:31PM

    The wildlife in my yard consists mainly of 2 Westies! They chase most of the birds, bunnies, and squirrels away

  28. KV
    August 12 at 11:37PM

    Squirrels, rabbits, & various birds visit my backyard.

  29. Hannah
    August 12 at 11:54PM

    We had a box turtle come through a couple of weeks ago. My three-year-old son LOVED the turtle, and after some research, I found that it is our state reptile. Good Ole NC Box Turtle! 🙂

  30. August 13 at 12:49AM

    We have a rather large vegetable garden and we have seen many rabbits, deer, and squirrels in our backyard. It’s really funny to see half eaten ears of corn left around. Especially when I’m not growing any corn!

  31. Jo Anne
    August 13 at 10:38AM

    We have humming birds, doves, grackles, robins, and 2 hawks along with lizards that seem to enjoy my backyard each year. Once had a roadrunner!

  32. August 13 at 10:41AM

    This is a really great idea!! And so cool!!

  33. Jennifer
    August 13 at 10:53AM

    My dog!

  34. Lesley M
    August 13 at 01:33PM

    We get a lot of birds, squirrels and raccoons!!

  35. Sheila Hynes
    August 14 at 01:18AM

    We live in town so we get to see squirrels, rabbits, birds of all sorts as well as the occasional deer family.

  36. Amy Heffernan
    August 14 at 08:28AM

    We have alot of blue jays that visit!

  37. Jessica
    August 14 at 11:09AM

    We have a baby bunny, hummingbirds, lots of sparrows, tufted titmouse and a few other birds in our yard. I love to feed the animals. This project was adorable.

  38. Wilma
    August 14 at 11:11AM

    We live in a subdivision but we have the whole forrest behind us so we see a lot of widlife that visit our yard and even eat our bushes and dig in our ground like deers, armadillo, racoon, squirrels, fox, snakes, and different birds like cardinals, chickadee, woodpeckers, owls, hummingbirds and others that i haven’t identified. We have quite a collection since we have a creek down the hilly forest.

  39. Ashlee
    August 14 at 02:31PM

    We live in an apartment and we have a cardinal that visits us a lot. My kids love seeing him. They can even recognize his song and know to look for him when they hear him.

  40. August 15 at 04:15PM

    I think this is brilliant!! And I appreciate you sharing your experience, even the steps you wouldn’t do the second time :).

  41. August 15 at 05:04PM

    I love all the birds that come to my feeders.

  42. Crystal B
    August 15 at 09:19PM

    Here in Florida we enjoy the painted buntings & indigo buntings from October thru April. We have Cardinals year round.

  43. Teresa
    August 16 at 10:24AM

    Unfortunately we are in the city with a small yard. So far we have only seen butterflies, squirrels and a few birds. Hopefully this will bring some more birds to our yard.

  44. August 16 at 06:56PM

    So cute! We love all of the birds that come into our yard, especially in the spring. Cardinals have always been my favorite though!

  45. Dorothy
    August 16 at 10:51PM

    We all love to watch the birds. How much more fun if the kids have made the feeders themselves. Great idea. Thanks for the giveaway!

  46. Melanie
    August 17 at 11:17PM

    What a fun and easy idea!

  47. September 25 at 10:37PM

    Love the bird feeder, easy to make. Thank you.

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