April 2011

30 Fabulous Gifts for Mom Under $30


You may recall that last month I totally blew it and forgot my mom's birthday. Oops. She has long since forgiven me,  but I still feel terrible.  Luckily Mother's Day is coming so I now have a chance to make it up for her.  I've been doing a little online "window" shopping, and I have [...]

How to Make a Paper Party Hat


I think I might be addicted to scrapbook paper. I've never made a single scrapbook but that pretty paper is just so darn useful.  I want to use it for everything.  I don't think I could throw a party without it. Last August I made these paper party hats for Maggie's Crafty Pool Party, (along with about [...]

Maggie & Annie’s Everything Cookies


Maggie has been begging to make cookies for weeks now. I love to bake, but I don't like having cookies around because then all I want to do is eat them. And yes, even though we baked them just a few days ago, they're already long gone.  But just the memory still makes me drool.  I [...]

7 Ways to Maximize Your Coupon Savings


It seems like saving money is on everyone's mind these days. And really, unless you are one of the very lucky few who don't have to worry about money, who doesn't want to save as much as possible, at least on all those boring necessities like food and diapers and toilet paper? A lot of [...]

Sweet Soda Shop Party Inspiration


Annie is almost 2. Can you believe it? No, I can't either.  My baby is not a baby anymore! But while I am feeling a little sad that she's growing up so fast, I can't help but get excited about the prospect of planning  a birthday party.  It is, after all, my very favorite thing [...]

5 Star Vegetarian Chili


I have spent the entire day in the kitchen cooking enough meals to last our family a whole month. I'll tell you all about it next week. But today I wanted to share one of my favorite vegetarian recipes. This is one that I have been tweaking for years.  It is pretty darn delicious, if I [...]

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