November 2011

The Power of a Simple Gift


I woke up a few Saturdays ago, early like I always do, to a long email from my nephew.  It was totally out of the blue and threw me for a serious loop considering he had never once emailed me before. This is what he wrote:  I don’t know how to start this letter in [...]

5 Tips for Throwing a Fabulous Holiday Party {On a Tiny Budget}


First of all, if any of you are popping by for the first time after watching The Daily Buzz or reading The Charlotte Sun, I just want to say welcome to LWSL!  There is a lot to see so please take some time to explore some of my most popular posts!  If you like what [...]

Handmade Hair Clips


I took a tiny break from all the Thanksgiving-Black Friday craziness this week to do another fun & easy little craft project.  These  adorable hair clips look complicated, but I swear they're not!  I made 8 different clips in only about an hour. For the Roses: 1.   Cut a small circle out of felt (the [...]

coupons 101: how to make drugstore scenarios

It's the day before Thanksgiving which means the countdown is on to some of the biggest sales of the entire year.  And while most people don't automatically think about heading to Rite-Aid, CVS, or Walgreens when they think about shopping on Black Friday, the fact is that all three drugstores feature some pretty exciting sales, [...]

A New Holiday Tradition {The Elf on the Shelf}


As much as I love Thanksgiving, I gotta admit that I am counting the days until I can decorate our Christmas tree, start listening to carols, sip hot chocolate while watching It's a Wonderful Life, & just soak up the joys of the holiday season.  I'll admit it, I'm a total sap when it comes [...]

Faux Silk Pomander


I love DiY but the past month or two has been a little hectic.  There has been very little time for creativity and I hate that!  For me, the process of creating something beautiful has a life and energy all its own.  No matter how dark my day,  I can't help but feel like I've [...]

Money Management for Kids: The Gift of Financial Stability {#kidworth}

I love my mom and dad but they weren't always the best at teaching us kids about financial responsibility.  Growing up, money was simply something we didn't talk about.  I don't blame them--I honestly believe they did what they felt was right--but I do think that lack of a basic understanding about money unfortunately started [...]

operation christmas child 2011 {filling our boxes}

This week is National Collection Week for Operation Christmas Child which means you have until Friday to get your boxes filled and dropped off (if you haven't already!) Princess and I spent some time this past week getting our boxes ready to go.  We had such a fun time doing it--she was even more into [...]

Black Friday, Cyber Monday & Beyond: Tips for Getting the Best Deals this Holiday Season {Without Losing Your Christmas Spirit}

It's that time of year, and unless you're one of those crazy annoying, er, I mean proactive people who manage to shop a little throughout the year and have all your holiday shopping done, you are probably starting to gear up for gift-giving season (or you're trying to avoid it like the plague and procrastinating [...]

change is good {survey results}

Sometimes life throws you for a loop and your only option is to react and simply make the best of it.  As a general rule, I like to plan ahead.  I love checklists and schedules and all things organizational, and I've never met a planner I didn't like.  While I do have a tendency to [...]

new york, new york! {save up ’11}

It seems like a lifetime ago already, but last month I had the amazing opportunity to attend Save Up '11 in New York City with 40 of my fellow DealPros.  It was my first time ever visiting NYC, and I was more than a little excited about it, (which you all probably figured out [...]

LWSL Holiday Planning Guide {Free Printable}


The holidays are right around the corner!  I don't know about you , but my feelings are mixed.  On the one hand, I truly love this time of year, but at the same time, I can't help feel a little stressed.  There are so many expectations!  So many things to do!  So many things to [...]

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