July 2012

Simple Kid-Friendly Olympics Party


I don't know about you but here in the Soukup household we have been SO excited for the Olympics to start!  We hadn't made any big plans, but on Friday the girls & I decided it would be fun to throw together a very impromptu party to celebrate watching the opening ceremonies.  We invited one [...]

reptile world {our first field trip}

I hate snakes. Actually the word 'hate' doesn't even seem strong enough to describe the way I feel about snakes.  Just the thought of them makes me shudder.  I don't like talking about them, reading about them, looking at pictures of them, or especially seeing them in person. Unfortunately for me, Princess has been totally [...]

our new adventure {welcome to homeschooling}

I've delayed putting off this post as long as I could, but the more I try to separate my blogging life and my home life, the more disconnected I feel.   The time has come to lay it all out on the table. This is a personal blog, a record of my own experience as [...]

5 tips for creating the perfect dorm room {on a budget}

My oldest niece Coryn started college last week.  She is attending University of South Carolina on a full soccer scholarship so she had to arrive early to begin training with her new team.  She is an amazing kid, er, young woman, and has worked so unbelievably hard to get where she is, and our whole [...]

summer road trip {quality time with the girls i love most}

The girls and I hit the road last week for our very first girls-only road trip.  I was a little nervous about tackling a 9 hour drive with a 5 and 3 year old all by myself, but the girls were absolutely amazing in the car.  They were such little troopers and we had SO [...]

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