Always In Pursuit {7 Ways to Be More Content}


A few months ago I shared that our family's theme word for the year is contentment.  After an entire lifetime of wanting to trying to fill my life with beautiful things in the hope that it would bring fulfillment, learning to simply be content with what I have is a huge shift in paradigm. I [...]

The Process is The Point


It is always a little rough coming back down to reality after such a fun & motivating getaway.  It's not that I don't love my family or my life in general, but getting to connect with amazing women and be completely inspired while other people fed me delicious food, made my bed, and took care [...]



A couple of weeks ago Princess proudly announced that she already knew what she was going to ask Santa for Christmas next year. “I’m going to ask for a magic wand.”  Trying very hard not to spit out my coffee--an American Girl doll bed was one thing, after all, but this Santa momma was going [...]

the school of edie {thoughts on redemption}


A couple weeks ago I had the great pleasure of spending 3 days visiting my dear friend Edie.  The girl is like a walking crash course in Southern Hospitality, and her gifts and talents seem to know no bounds.  Whether it be homeschooling, gourmet cooking, baking, decorating, or reading classic literature, her insight & creativity [...]

A Little Hospitality {Live Love All The Time}


One of the things I love about my church is the genuine warmth and friendliness that emanates from the congregation. Despite all my reservations, that warmth is what kept me coming back.  From our very first visit, we were always made to feel like we belonged. Our church's theme for the month of August was [...]

Attitude Adjustment


I don’t write much about God.  I know I’ve mentioned my church in passing once or twice, but since this blog is about living well on less, about coupons and DiY projects and frugal recipes and throwing fabulous parties on a tiny budget, God  just doesn’t seem to come up very often.  And if we’re [...]

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