take 5 in june

5 tips for flying with young children

It's finally here, the very last day of Take 5 in June!  I hope you have enjoyed this little break from my normal posting schedule (but hopefully not so much that you're not glad to have me back.)  Tomorrow I'll be back to my plain old boring self. Our vacation is officially over.  After a [...]

5 Practical Ways to Decorate on a Budget


If you have been following this blog for a while, you know what a huge fan I am of Ashley Ann Campbell and her awesome blog Under the Sycamore.   Ashley is one of those amazing people that can literally make everything--even junk--look good.  Her photos are stunning and her craft projects are so cute, original, [...]

5 Tips for Dressing Well and Spending Less {Valerie @ Charmed Valerie}


I first met Valerie Rowencamp, today's uber-chic guest blogger when we sat next to each other during a blogging seminar at Blissdom.  I remember taking in her absolutely adorable outfit--a striped shirtdress paired with Chuck Taylors--and feeling utterly frumpy and inadequate in comparison.  And then I found out she was a fashion blogger and I [...]

5 snapshots of our alaska cruise {& weekly shopping linky}

I'll spare you the details and just say that Husband and I are having an amazing time on our Alaska cruise.Of course we miss our girls--who are apparently having such a good time with their cousins, aunties, uncles, & grandparents that they haven't given us a second thought--but there is something to be said for [...]

5 Reasons to Budget that are Bigger than Money {Jesse @ YNAB}


I hope you all are enjoying this Take 5 in June series as much as I am.  The wisdom of people around me never ceases to amaze me. You'll probably remember Jesse from his awesome guest post a couple weeks ago on talking to your spouse about money.  It sparked a huge {positive} conversation for [...]

5 tips for a better work/life balance {hollee @ the new perfect}

Okay, can I just say that I love cruising?  The minute I stepped on the ship it was as though a huge load--one I didn't even know I was carrying--was lifted and suddenly I could breathe.  I love my kids, I love this blog, and in general I love my life, even when things get [...]

5 Fitness Tips on a Budget {Running Mama @ Running to Be Skinny}


If you have been following this blog for a while, you may have noticed the glaring lack of "healthy lifestyle" posts.  I don't write about losing weight or exercise, and my recipes usually feature inordinately high levels of butter, sour cream, cheese, sugar, and other similarly fattening ingredients.  Needless to say, I'm probably not the [...]

5 Things I Wish I Would’ve Known When I Was 18


My adorable--er, I mean super handsome and very manly--nephew Jacob graduated from high school last night.  It seems so crazy to me that the sweet little boy I used to babysit is now ready to head off to college. As he begins this new phase of his life--adulthood--I couldn't help but reflect on the time [...]

5 things a coupon newbie should know (& weekly shopping linky)

My time here in Washington is just flying by--I can't believe it has already been over a week since we got here!  My sister and I always have a blast when we get together and this trip has been no exception.  Despite the fact that my chaotic little family has completely turned her household upside [...]

5 easy steps for canned jam {brittany @ re-writing motherhood}

I have always wanted to learn how to can my own food.  Husband is adamantly opposed to the idea and thus far, I have been hopelessly unsuccessful in my attempts to convince him otherwise.  He thinks I will poison us.  Thanks for your vote of confidence, honey. I am hoping this post, brought to you [...]

5 tips for taking better photos with any camera {patty @ finding serendipity}

I love taking pictures.  Someday maybe I'll fulfill my dream of becoming a "real" photographer, or at the very least, mastering the oh-so-scary M mode of my camera dial.  For now, I'm still mostly stuck on Auto mode. My friend Patty is definitely a "real" photographer and I often visit her gorgeous blog, Finding Serendipity, [...]

5 qualities that make my dad an amazing guy

I hope you all have enjoyed the Take 5 in June guest posts as much as I have so far.  I am having a wonderful time visiting with friends and family here in Washington State, and the girls are in heaven being surrounded and doted on by all their cousins. One of the main reasons [...]

5 Tips for Talking to Your Spouse About Finances {Jesse @ YNAB}


I don't know how it is in your house, but in my house money can be a bit of a sore subject at times.  In fact, fighting with my husband over money is the main reason I started using coupons and started writing this blog.  And even though we (okay, me) have managed to get [...]

5 posts might’ve missed {& weekly shopping linky}

I don't mean to sound like a baby, but it is a little cold here in Seattle. I mean seriously, it's June! It was a looooooooong flight all by myself with two little ones but despite all my whining, I really am happy to be back in my home state. And since I didn't do [...]

5 Tips for Raising Kids You Actually Like


Today's guest poster, Edie, is truly one of the most awesome people I know.  I first discovered her blog last fall when she hosted a "12 days of Handmade Christmas" series.  I was immediately drawn in by this enchanting Southern former-physician-turned-supermom with the coolest funky turquoise cabinets you've ever seen.  Then in December, just a [...]

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