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Author: Ruth Soukup

How’d You Do This Year? 12 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Ring in the New Year

It’s almost the close of another year….and another decade! So what did you learn in the last year? Before you move on to bigger and better things, reflecting on and reviewing your year is a smart way to get closure and perspective. Here are 12 questions to ask yourself before December 31st.

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Yes, You CAN Get Rid of That! How to Declutter Without Feeling Guilty

Ever struggle with feeling guilty about getting rid of stuff, perhaps because an item was expensive, or because it was a gift? You are SO not alone! Stuff guilt is one of the biggest obstacles to living clutter free, and while it can be a challenge, it is a challenge that CAN be overcome! Don’t miss these guidelines for how to get rid of stuff guilt, and learn to clear the clutter for good!

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