February 2012

Amazing Grace: My Story {Part 1}


The story I am about to share with you does not come without a lot of thought and prayer.  For quite some time I have felt God pressing on my heart to share my story.  I have, for the most part, resisted.  Oh I've shared a snippet here and there, but never really just laid [...]

Dahlia Sugar Cookies {Tutorial}


Oh what a difference a year can make. Last year was my first Blissdom, and to be quite honest, I was terrified.  I am not a natural extrovert so walking into a conference full of 700 women I didn't know was about as appealing as pouring lemon juice into a paper cut.  In the past [...]

homemade zucchini bread {stockpile meals}


I am in Nashville this weekend having SO much fun meeting lots of fabulous bloggers at Blissdom, but I wanted to share this recipe that I made last week.  I was so excited when I opened my Worden Farm Box last week and discovered 4 delicious looking zucchini way down at the bottom of the [...]

Let’s Not Be Mean Girls {How Not to Be a Bully}


This past weekend my daughters were playing with a few of their friends.  All seemed fine until out of the blue, right in front of me, Princess and another girl banded together against a younger girl and sassily told her she acts like a baby and they weren't going to be friends with her anymore. [...]

10 fun & easy activities to do with kids {& kid activity link-up}

Happy Presidents Day! I've got both girls home for the 5th day in a row and I realized this morning that if I didn't come up a plan fast it was going to be a very rough day.  So I poked around on Pinterest as well as some of my favorite blogs and even on [...]

Easy Goulash


My wonderful sister gets all the credit for this major family-pleaser!  She has been making a meaty version of this recipe for years--it is her family's absolute favorite meal--and I finally got her to share it with me!  My whole family went crazy for it too, so of I'm doing the only logical thing and [...]

Why I Make My Bed {10 Reasons I Keep My House Clean}


A couple of months ago I shared this list of "simple rules" that I wanted my family to live by.  Funnily enough, the one thing people commented on more than any other was a line I honestly hadn't thought twice about including: Make your bed every day.  (Get the free download here) Is this a novel concept? I [...]

Valentine’s Day Cake Pops {DiY}


For the past few years I've made sugar cookies for Valentine's Day and this year I really wanted to do something new.  Then I stumbled across Bakerella's Cake Pop Book and discovered a whole new obsession.  I think if I could do nothing but make cake pops for the rest of my life, I would [...]

Cheesy Cream of Broccoli Soup {Recipe}


First of all, I just have to say a huge thank you to all of you for being so incredibly sweet and encouraging and well, just plain wonderful in response to Wedneday's post.  I was overwhelmed and deeply touched by all your kind comments.  You guys are the best and after a few days of [...]

Everyone Gets the Same 24 Hours


I've been feeling a little down on myself lately.   I'd like to think I'm a pretty positive person in general, but every once in a while I will be overcome by feelings of inadequacy.  I start comparing myself to others and nitpicking all of my own flaws and suddenly the list of all the [...]

paper cone wreath {valentine’s day DiY}

 I stumbled across this gorgeous paper cone wreath a few months ago and have been wanting to make one of my own ever since.  Then, last month, when I was cleaning out my craft closet, I discovered several sheets of dual sided Valentine's Day scrapbook paper (from last year's projects), as well as a 12" [...]

Roasted Eggplant & Chickpea Dip {Recipe}


 I love all things Mediterranean, especially hummus, but I have always been slightly nervous to make my own.  A few of my friends assured me that it was super easy but for some reason it always just seemed so complicated. Well, now that I have made it I can honestly tell you that it is [...]

Be My {frugal} Valentine: 15 Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts Under $15 {2012}


Valentine's Day is right around the corner, which means it is time for the Annual LWSL Valentine's Day Gift List!  I have found some awesome goodies for you this year--it is amazing what you can find for under $15 when you really start to look.  As with all gifts, of course, it is the thought [...]

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