September 2012

The Ground Rules {Day 1}


I’m not sure how many of you are on board for this month's challenge but the gauntlet has been tossed and I am calling on ALL of you to try, in your own way, with your own rules, to do this with me.  Right here, right now commit to a whole month of no spending: [...]

In Search of Financial Peace: 5 Things I’ve Learned So Far


When I started this blog, it was not because I was some slick money guru or finance major who wanted to pass on my certified wisdom to the world.  Far from it, actually.  I started this blog because my spending was out of control.  I was unhappy and bored, and my husband and I were [...]

so you had a few things to say…. {reader survey results}

Earlier this month I posted my third annual LWSL reader survey.  While this was my third go-round at posting this type of survey, I realized that I haven’t been all that good about sharing the results.  I guess I just assumed it wouldn’t be all that interesting to y’all. But, since I’ve had a few [...]

Pumpkin Sandwich Cookies with Maple Cream Cheese Icing {Recipe}


When it comes to autumn baking, it is hard to go wrong with pumpkin and cream cheese.  Add a little maple to the mix and you've got yourself a little piece of fall-licious yumminess right there in the palm of your hand. The girls have been begging for weeks to make cookies with frosting, while [...]

DIY Fabric Covered Candle


Can you tell I've been feeling a little crafty lately?  Between all the running around we did all summer and then Maggie not wanting a birthday party, I think I was feeling a little pent up on the creative front.  Whether it was change in season or that life has calmed down, or perhaps our [...]

I’m a Blogger, Not a Saint {Confessions of an Imperfect Life}


This was not the post I was supposed to write.  Today's post was supposed to be an inspiring collection of charming and poignant photographs telling the triumphant-yet-funny story of my harrowing Highlander 3 Mud Run saga over the weekend.  In my mind I had it all planned out; all I needed was the pictures.  Oh, [...]

pottery barn-inspired no-sew halloween bunting {DiY}

Two years ago I spotted a darling little bunting in the Pottery Barn Kids Halloween catalog.  Back then, I was just starting out on this little thrifty journey of mine, and as tempted as I was to order it, I decided it would be far more cost-effective to purchase the materials and make my own [...]

a new season of worden farm {sign up by october 1st}

We finally sent in our payment a few weeks ago and I am literally counting down the days until the new season starts at Worden Farm!  Last year we really enjoyed getting our boxes of farm fresh veggies each week and though the girls were hesitant to try new vegetables at first, by the end of [...]

Homemade Dutch Babies


Oh, Dutch do I love thee?  All that buttery goodness, clumps of powdered sugar, crispy crust and light-but-dense center, drizzled with real maple syrup and oozing with down-home goodness.  Honestly, although my family likes a lot of different things, there is truly only one dish that can make all four of us downright giddy [...]

DIY Fall Leaves Canvas

We had a one-day cold front pass through last week, (and by cold, I mean 85 degrees instead of 95), which I took as a clear sign from above that it was time to dig out the bins of fall decorations.  I also took it as a sign that it was time to rock the [...]

Get Ready for 31 Days {Living Well & Spending Zero}


First of all, I just have to say a huge thank you to all of you for your kind words, tweets, Facebook shares, comments & emails after Friday’s post.  Seriously, WOW!  Who knew there were so many people on board with the idea of completely ruining our children’s childhoods?  ;-) And now.....on to business!  If [...]

Why I took my kids’ toys away {& why they won’t get them back}


As some of you already know, I've been on a mission this year to simplify my family's life and rid ourselves of excess.  Over the course of the past nine months I have probably given away about 75 percent of my girls' toys, keeping only the items that I felt encouraged their imagination and that [...]

Quick & Easy Taco Casserole {Recipe}


We are a full two weeks into our one-month spending freeze and so far, so good.  I thought for sure we would run out of food in a week but at this point both our freezer and pantry are still brimming, which makes me think a.) we may have had too much stuff and b.) [...]

3 Easy Reptile Crafts for Kids

A few weeks ago (or was it months....) I mentioned that we were studying reptiles in our homeschool science class.  For reasons that I still don't understand, my normally all-things-pink-and-pretty girly girls are really, really, really fascinated by snakes, lizards, alligators, & turtles. I suggested a few times that we move on to something else but [...]

the school of edie {thoughts on redemption}


A couple weeks ago I had the great pleasure of spending 3 days visiting my dear friend Edie.  The girl is like a walking crash course in Southern Hospitality, and her gifts and talents seem to know no bounds.  Whether it be homeschooling, gourmet cooking, baking, decorating, or reading classic literature, her insight & creativity [...]

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