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Chalkboard Canvas Wall Art {DiY}


I loved having my niece visit a couple months ago, not only because she is a total sweetheart, but also because she loves a good DiY project almost as much as I do.  In the week she was here we made several cool projects, including these ombre vases, monogrammed felt baskets, and these cute mason [...]

Valentine’s Day Embroidery Hoop Art


We are in full Little House mode over here, and I gotta say, I am loving every minute.  As I told Husband last night, our girls may never score a 1600 on their SAT, but my oh my, will they be able to sew, bake, & pickle like nobody's business! Last week, inspired by one [...]

DiY American Girl Doll Bed {and Armoire}, Part 2


I've been avoiding this post for weeks now, partially because it was Christmas and things got crazy, but mostly because this "DiY tutorial" is going to be SO LAME that I'm afraid you'll all start throwing things at me through the computer screen. It's not that it turned out poorly; the end result turned was [...]

A Naturally Vintage Christmas at My Dream House


I'm still working on the final touches for my own virtual holiday home tour--and the Christmas cocktail party we are throwing tonight--but I thought today I'd share some really cool natural & vintage Christmas decorating ideas from my friend Stacy's beautiful home. Those of you who have been reading this blog for a while might her [...]

Vintage Freezer Paper Bleach T-Shirts


It is relatively easy to find handmade gift ideas for women and kids, but guys and teenagers are a different story altogether.  Every Christmas I send a small gift to each of my 13 nieces and nephews.  (I wrote about this tradition last year when my nephew sent me this touching thank you letter.) While [...]

DIY Felt Snowball Ornament


These little felt snowballs are super fun to make.  I used my sewing machine to do most of the sewing, but if you don't own one you could probably do the whole thing by hand with only slightly more effort.   These ornaments look beautiful hanging on the tree, but they make a great gift [...]

Homemade Rainbow Sparkle Playdoh


 I wanted to come up with a small gift for the kids in my Sunday School class as well as a few other kiddos on my list, and I thought little rainbow packs of homemade playdoh would be really fun.   The girls and I always enjoy making it but we usually just stick to [...]

DiY Chalkboard Coaster Set


Can you tell we have been feeling a little crafty around here lately?  The girls and I have been working on so many projects that I hardly know where to start, but I figured I better get going on sharing some of our gift ideas so that y'all can get started on them too! These [...]

DiY American Girl Doll Bed, Part 1


 Can you keep a secret?  I'm counting on the fact that my daughter Maggie doesn't read this blog, but I am so excited about her gift from Santa this year that I think I might explode if I try to keep it all bottled up.  So shhhhhhhhhhhh! Every family "does" Santa a little differently which [...]

Felt “Paper” Chain Garland {DiY}


I think I might have a slight felt problem.  I love it almost as much as I love ModPodge, and so far this year it has played a starring role in many a Christmas decoration.  But seriously folks, what's not to love?  It is super cheap (only $0.20 a sheet when it goes on sale), [...]

30 Minute Felt Appliquéd Burlap Pillow {DiY}


 Much to Husband's chagrin, I insist on filling our sofas with pretty throw pillows.  And despite how many times a day I am forced to rearrange, re-fluff, and pick them up off the floor, I refuse to give in.  I love them.  Without them, the room just doesn't feel finished. I wanted some pretty new [...]

DiY ornament wreath {handmade holidays}


My family is on a mission to worry less about stuff and instead craft our way to Christmas this year!  We are sharing some of our DiY projects & ideas throughout the next month in a casual series called "Handmade Holidays"  You can check out the rest of our projects here. I have been wanting to make an [...]

fall leaves canvas {easy kids DiY project}

We had a one-day cold front pass through last week, (and by cold, I mean 85 degrees instead of 95), which I took as a clear sign from above that it was time to dig out the bins of fall decorations.  I also took it as a sign that it was time to rock the [...]

5 tips for creating the perfect dorm room {on a budget}

My oldest niece Coryn started college last week.  She is attending University of South Carolina on a full soccer scholarship so she had to arrive early to begin training with her new team.  She is an amazing kid, er, young woman, and has worked so unbelievably hard to get where she is, and our whole [...]

Sunday Brunch at my Dream House


If you follow along on Project Simplify 365, you may have picked up on the fact that I have a slight problem with baby stalking.  I just can't help myself.....I love them SO much!  I have so far been unsuccessful in my attempts to convince husband that we need another one, so I fill that [...]

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