Have fun while learning with this owl pellet science project!I am so thankful that when it comes to homeschool science, Husband is more than willing to step up and handle all the gross stuff. (Like the infamous chicken mummy!) He thinks it is cool. What a guy.

Everything you need to dissect an owl pellet is included in this kit!

There is a lot to learn from owl pellets!

Read up on owl pellets to be informed. This will help with identifying what you find!

There is so much to learn from owl pellets!

This past week we studied owls. Who knew those adorable little birds were so interesting? I took care of the books and cute owl craft portion of the lesson; husband handled the owl pellet. And I have to say, even though I was far too grossed out to touch it, the whole experience was pretty neat.

Owls are so interesting!

Princess was absolutely fascinated. It totally appealed to her meticulous personality, and since Husband has been teaching her all the bones in the body for the past couple of months, she loved picking out all the different types of animal bones in the pellet. Trouble was interested for a while, but eventually got bored–it took a couple hours to make it through the whole pellet–and wandered off to play Legos instead.

Dissecting owl pellets is an interesting family activity!

Who knew owl pellets contain so much information?!

Looking for an out-of-the-box family activity? Try dissecting owl pellets!

This is a great home-school activity!

The owl pellet dissecting kit is worth every penny!

For those of you wondering what an owl pellet actually is, it is a bundle of undigestible animal parts (mostly bones and feathers) that an owl regurgitates after eating a whole animal. Owls don’t have teeth to chew, so they simply swallow their prey whole, then get rid of the parts they can’t digest. Our pellet had FOUR separate animals in it! So gross, but pretty cool too! (You can buy a kit of your own here for around $6. Totally worth every penny!)

So many bones in an owl pellet. Who knew?!

Science is fun!

Dissecting owl pellets is a fun science experiment!

*   *   *

Have you ever dissected an owl pellet?


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