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While my kids still have a few days left of school, I think it is safe to say that the summer weather here in Florida has officially begun.  While we love the warm weather, we definitely don’t love the bugs!

My youngest daughter has extremely sensitive skin, so when it comes to using bug repellent we have to be pretty careful.  Luckily we have discovered a super easy alternative to the chemical stuff that not only works great at keeping the bugs away, but smells fantastic!

Homemade Bug Spray 1

Here is what you need:

witch hazel
baby oil (If you prefer not to use baby oil, keep in mind that olive oil or grape seed oil will work too, but the baby oil has a particular scent that bugs don’t like.)
vanilla extract 
assorted essential oils (for scent)
whole cloves (optional)
empty spray bottle

Step 1: Measure 2/3 cup witch hazel into measuring cup.

Step 2: Add baby oil to make approximately one cup of liquid.

Step 3: Add 1 teaspoon vanilla extract.  (Make sure vanilla extract does not contain any sugar)

Homemade Bug Spray 2

Step 4: Add 30-40 drops of assorted essential oils.  I use Young Living’s Purification & Thieves blends (10-15 drops each), as well as Peppermint & Lavender. (5 drops each.) For the lowdown on essential oils, and why it is important to use Therapeutic Grade oils, you can check out my Essential Oils 101 page!

Step 5: Add 4-5 whole cloves to the liquid.

Step 6: Carefully pour homemade bug repellent mixture into an empty spray bottle.  Be sure to label bottle!  Shake well before using.  Apply liberally to skin to keep bugs away.

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