August 2010

New Beginnings

I have always loved the back-to-school season.  There is something about the hint of fall in the air, new school supplies and school clothes, the idea of a fresh start that just gets me every time.  It has been many years since I was a student, but now, finally, this year I have a child [...]

Brown Kraft Paper


My friend LeeAnn is a creative genius.  A few weeks ago we were at her house for dinner and she had set up a DIY craft table for the kids in her dining room.  (We were eating at her main table in the kitchen.)  She covered the table with heavy duty brown kraft paper then [...]

Refrigerator Raisin Bran Muffins


These refrigerator bran muffins--a family recipe shared by my amazing Auntie Lois--are an all-time favorite in my house.  They are SO yummy!  The recipe makes a huge batch, but the batter stores in the refrigerator for up to 3 weeks.  It is perfect for busy mornings because we can spoon out just what we need [...]

Sunday Shopping 8-29-10

Things have been a little slow at Walgreens for the past few weeks, but they made up for it today with some great free-after-Register-Rewards deals.  I finally found some of that elusive Listerine Zero (and better yet, got it for free!)  There was a pretty good deal on sugar ($1.99 Walgreens coupon in paper + [...]

Thursday Shopping 8-26-10

For maximum savings on any given day, a good plan is key.  I had a great plan today.  Or so I thought.  The bulk of the good deals were at Publix, but I needed bread and meat, and Winn-Dixie had BOGO deals on both.  I also needed milk and frozen vegetables, neither of which were [...]

CVS Primer


I’ve had few people ask me to explain the CVS process more in depth.  I am by no means an expert on “CVSing,” and there are some other really great websites with a LOT of information for saving money at CVS (Simply CVS and Southern Savers are two that I refer to frequently), but I [...]

A Crafty Pool Party


So today was the big day--Maggie's Crafty Pool Party.  Amazingly enough, it went off without a hitch, (which is no small feat when dealing with 4 and 5 year olds), and we had a really fun day.  All the planning definitely paid off, the decorations were a hit, and I even came in $50 under [...]

How to Make the Best Sugar Cookies


I love baking sugar cookies.  I make them for almost every holiday and birthday and I have had lots of people ask me how I make them.   I'm not going to lie, they are very time consuming and the ultimate labor of love.  But for those of you who are interested, here is my [...]

Thursday Groceries 8-19-10

I made a quick trip to Publix & CVS this evening after the girls went to bed.  It was so peaceful shopping without them, I might start shopping at night all the time! At Publix I really thought I was going to save more than I did.   There were a few things I needed/wanted [...]

Maggie’s Fourth Birthday

Today was my oldest daughter's fourth birthday.  Her carefully planned party is not until Saturday, but I wanted today to be a fun day for her, too.  In true mommy fashion, however, I think I may have tried to cram a few too many things in, and (to me) the day ended up feeling a [...]

DIY Tissue Party Puffs

I had a lot of fun tonight making the tissue "puffs" for Maggie's crafty pool party.  I thought these would look cute hanging from the ceiling as a more chic alternative to balloons.  Of course M.'s only response was  a very pathetic "I'm not going to have balloons for my birthday?"  So we'll see. Anyway, they [...]

Sunday Shopping 8-15-10

It is so much more relaxing to shop without my kids!  I had a great day at both Staples and CVS, especially since I was able to pick up a bunch more FREE bottles of SoBe Lifewater.  I got some of that stuff free at Target a few weeks ago.  I don't generally drink any [...]

Thursday Shopping 8-12-10

I have to give major points to the cashiers at both Publix and Winn-Dixie today for being so patient and so nice, despite my gazillion confusing coupons (many of which wouldn't scan) AND my restless children.  But all of the hassle definitely paid off when I ended up paying only $33.12 for $227.96 worth of [...]

DIY Homemade Pinata


Maggie's only real request for her birthday party this year was to have a pinata.  I swear I have not gotten so cheap that I wouldn't be willing to cough up $15 to make my 4-year old happy, but I honestly couldn't find any pre-made ones that matched my theme & decor.  So I decided to [...]

Crafty Pool Party Progress


Husband took the girls to Jungle Garden on Saturday so that I could have some time to work on the billion craft projects I have come up with for M's upcoming birthday party. (It is a "crafty" theme, after all!)  All I can say is it is a good thing they were gone for a [...]