March 2011

thursday shopping 3-31-11 (& weekly shopping linky)

You know you are old when a.) on your birthday you can't actually remember how old you are, b.) no one else can either, and c.) your idea of a kickin' good time is scoring some great deals at the grocery store. I'm pretty sure both Winn-Dixie and Publix held their fabulous sales this week [...]

princess world (& disney’s tangled giveaway)

Okay, so I know technically I am still on my little LWSL vacation, but I'm starting to miss you all. So I thought today I would do something just for fun. I don't know how it is where you are, but here in the girly world, I have one very excited Princess. If you know [...]

thursday shopping 3-24-11 (& weekly shopping linky)

I want to thank you for your kind words and supportive comments on Monday's post.  More than one made me a little teary, and it was nice to feel "normal."  My little self-imposed LWSL vacation has been very productive so far--my bills are paid, laundry pile is way down, amends have been made (and flowers [...]

sunday shopping 3-20-11

I have a few confessions to make. The past month or so has been more than a little crazy for me.  I am still so very excited about my new sister coupon matchup site,, but setting up a new website is a lot of work.  Especially when my primary job is being a mom [...]

stockpile meals: easy sunday pot roast

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "you really expect me to try a pot roast recipe from a vegetarian?" Well rest assured that this recipe is largely Husband created and 100% Husband approved.  In fact, for this particular pot roast, he even did all the leg work. I don't cook a lot of meat, [...]

thursday shopping 3-17-11 (& weekly shopping linky)

I'm sure I've mentioned my love of coffee.  I don't know if I've emphasized just how much I love coffee.  I dream about it.  I crave it.  I drink it all day long.  I'm from the Pacific Northwest, where the coffee flows like water, and I have literally been drinking the stuff since I was [...]

our garden (& gardening linky)

2 weekends ago we planted our first-ever vegetable garden. It was a big moment for Husband and I.  We have literally been talking about it for years. Princess was pretty excited too.  The fact that she is sitting in dirt (in a dress, of course) is a sign of just how into it she was. [...]

Party DiY: How to Make a Fabric Table Runner


Maybe it's because my birthday is in March that I've got parties on the brain.  Last week I shared how to make paper garlands, a DiY project I did for my dear friend's daisy-themed 40th birthday party.  This week I am going to show you how to make the fabric table runners we used to [...]

sunday shopping 3-13-11

Another lovely but busy Sunday once again left me little time for shopping yesterday, but I didn't want to miss out on all the freebies & moneymakers at CVS by saving my trip for later in the week.   I decided to make a quick trip last night after the girls were in bed.  I [...]

Grilled Pizza with Feta & Caramelized Onion {Recipe}


I don't know how the weather is where you are, but here in Florida it has been just beautiful.  It makes me want to be outside as much as possible, which means for us, grilling season has begun. If you've never tried grilled pizza, you are really missing out.  It is delicious!  It is probably [...]

thursday shopping 3-10-11 (& weekly shopping linky)

My shopping trips were pretty much complete chaos this week.  After spending all of my spare time this week holed up in my computer corner working on my new coupon matchup website (which, I am excited to tell you, is almost ready to go!), I decided to make a quick run to Winn-Dixie yesterday afternoon [...]

Coupons 101: Binders vs. Filing for Coupon Organization

I really don't like spending a lot of time messing with my coupons.  There are too many other things to do! If you've read my Beginner's Guide to Coupons or watched this video on quick & easy coupon organization, you know that I have always been a proponent of using a filing method for organizing [...]

Party DiY: How to Make a Paper Garland

how to make a paper garland

Last week I shared this daisy-themed 40th birthday party. In order to keep the party budget in check, I did a lot of DiY projects.  The great thing about DiY party decor is that it often turns out looking so much better than something you just pick up at the party store.  To be fair, [...]

sunday shopping 3-6-11

We had another very busy weekend & once again I decided to skip Walgreens.  The only thing I really want there this week is some sale-priced Starbucks DoubleShots (mmmmmmmm.....), but I guess I should've tried a little harder because this morning I realized that my $2 Register Reward from 2 weeks ago expired yesterday.  Sigh. [...]

Vegetarian Moussaka {Recipe}


I adore Greek food and all things Mediterranean, but until I decided to make this recipe the other day, I had never eaten Moussaka. The traditional recipe for this eggplant dish is made with meat sauce, and it never occurred to me to try it without. But the trick to stockpile cooking is to make [...]

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