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This is Week 7 of our 12-week Summer Fun with Kids series here at LWSL!  Today we are welcoming Gina from The Shabby Creek Cottage,  who are sharing an easy and super fun way to make a tree swing . For more summer fun, check out the overview page.

Hi! I’m Gina from The Shabby Creek Cottage. I’m so happy to share a super easy DIY idea that’s perfect for summer months! We live wayyyyy out in the country, right beside the creek, and spend tons of time outdoors, so it’s no surprise that we love swings at our house. Porch swings, anywhere, really, where we can kick back with a glass of sweet tea and enjoy an afternoon breeze. This project is one of the easiest DIY ideas I’ve had in a long time, and hopefully even if you’re not a major DIYer, you can make one, too. Even if you lack major DIY skills, this project can be done in a snap – it’s really just about a little painting and drilling – no major building action going on here.

DIY-disc-swing 4
Here is what you need:
 18 or 24 inch wooden round (found in the furniture making section at Lowes, etc.)
25ish feet of 1 inch rope (you’ll need enough to hang from a secure tree branch to the ground plus about 3 more feet)
some exterior paint in any color
a drill with a 1 inch spade bit
 a paint brush
DIY-disc-swing 5

Step 1: Paint the entire wooden round, both sides, with two or three coats of exterior paint. Any color will work, or if you want to get the kiddos in on the action then let them help you paint it. You could even get fancy and let them paint on their name or anything else they wish – it would look awesome to have a swing for multiple kids that they all designed themselves.

DIY-disc-swing 6

Step 2:Once completely dry, drill a hole right in the middle of the round with the one inch spade bit, going all the way through. You can either do it by eye or use a tape measure and get it precise (which I recommend.) Slow and steady is best when working with spade bits, let it drill in a bit and then pull it out so the chips get out of the way.

DIY-disc-swing 7

Step 3: You want to hang your rope from a good, solid tree limb (or get your husband to do it – that’s what I did.) You want to make sure that the rope goes almost all the way to the ground  and it nice and secure. We wrapped it around twice then tied it off with a really great knot to hold it all in place.

DIY-disc-swing 3

Step 4: Thread the end of the rope through the hole from top to bottom, and then tie a good secure knot in it from the bottom of the swing.

DIY Tree Swing Vertical 2

Step 5: And that’s it! It’s seriously easy to make this swing, and besides drying time it really takes less than half an hour of work. It’s just about painting, drilling, hanging – DONE. Besides just making a swing to have fun on, when you let your kids help with small projects like this it helps build memories as well as self-esteem  to let them learn they really can do things on their own. Happy Summer!


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Gina Luker is the founder of The Shabby Creek Cottage blog gina luker& the author of How to Start a Home-Based Etsy Business. She writes daily on her DIY blog, as well as for magazines and other publications. She has been featured by Etsy, Romantic Homes, Brides Magazine, and many others all over the world. She lives in rural Tennessee, with her husband and two girls, in their shabby little cottage by the creek.

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What outdoor activities do your kids enjoy during the summer?

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  • Dawn @ Reveal Natural Health July 14,

    Oh my gosh this looks like such an easy project! My 8 year old will love this. I remember my neighbors having a tire swing when I was growing up and I have so many fun memories of swinging at their house.

  • Natalie July 14,

    This looks like simple fun project! I’m sure my kids would enjoy having one of these swings. This summer we’ve been all about going to the beach. It’s a great way to cool off from the heat!

  • Melanie July 14,

    What a fun project! We’ve needed to replace our worn out tire swing for years. During the summer we enjoy swimming, gardening, and camping.

  • Kristin July 14,

    This looks like such an easy project even I could do it! Thanks for this post!

  • Laura Rogers July 14,

    Love taking walks with the family!

  • Sherri July 14,

    Looks simple! Now just to find a tree to hang it in…

  • Ashley July 14,

    I love gardening and watching the kids run crazy.

  • Miranda July 14,

    I love this swing! I will put it my husband’s to-do list ASAP.

  • Sarah F July 14,

    This is perfect. We just bought land and were talking about putting a swing under a big oak. Now we can do it for on the cheap…and maybe have more than one!

  • Melissa L July 14,

    We love playing bean bag toss, polish horse shoes, and trio toss!

  • Charlotte July 14,

    The kiddos absolutely love to garden. They have so much fun watching everything grow. And they especially enjoy the picking and eating!

  • Anonymous July 14,

    awesome simple idea for the less handy people!

    • Anonymous July 14,

      and we enjoy camping and fishing in the summer

  • Shannon July 14,

    I love swimming with my kids at the pool or the beach!

  • Angela July 15,

    Early walks, before it gets hot here in the Florida sun, and gardening are things I really enjoy

  • Kara July 15,

    Taking a walk and swimming!

  • Kristen July 15,

    Ooh, now I am very inspired to take a peek in our side yard to see if any of our branches are suitable for this. We have tons of oak trees, which are great, but the branches might be too high to reach with a ladder.

  • Stephanie @ Six Figures Under July 15,

    We’ve been talking about doing a tire swing, but this seems even simpler! Thanks!

  • Thea July 15,

    Is there any reliable way to measure whether or not the tree will be able to support the weight?

  • rondah July 15,

    we enjoy swimming

  • Tiffany H July 16,

    Floating down the river!

  • april July 16,

    We love going to the beach and to the park!

  • Rachel~ At the Butterfly Ball July 17,

    One of our favorite things to do as a family is make a fire in our fire pit after dinner and sit around it talking and playing, while watching the fireflies come out as it is getting dark. We also enjoy going on lots of hikes and taking impromptu picnics to the lake for an afternoon of swimming!

  • Michelle Cordova July 17,

    This swing looks fun! Our favorite summer activity is running through sprinklers!

  • Claire @ A Little Claireification July 17,

    Love this easy idea Gina! And of course you had to paint it aqua too! Pinned!!
    PS – tell Mitch I want to hire him to come hang mine, by the way!! 😉

  • Debbie McShannon July 18,

    We love being on the lake in the summer!

  • Amy Greene July 18,

    I love to go swimming!

  • Alison July 18,

    This summer we have been busy playing outside (I have a 4.5 year old, 2 year old and 8 month old) and we do a Field Trip Friday each week with different outings. We have had a beautiful, mild summer in the mid-west!

  • Vanessa Logue July 19,


  • Cindy Keener July 19,

    Great post – I want a swing for myself AND my kids! 😉 I think our favorite outside activity is biking.

  • Anonymous July 20,

    Swimming :)

  • Kara July 20,

    We love to go swimming. Thank you so much!!!

  • Betsy July 20,

    We love to playground hop! We visit familiar favorites, but also find new spots in neighboring communities.


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