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DiY Mason Jar Candy Pedestals--so cute & super easy (and CHEAP) to make using mason jars & dollar store candlesticks!  Swap out candy to use for different holidays

I love to do crafts, but to be honest I don’t always have a lot of patience–or extra time–to invest into lengthy, time-consuming projects. I am all about squeezing in a little craftiness when you can! Luckily, these little candy jar pedestals, (of which I’ve been seeing various versions all over Pinterest), were a perfect project for that! The total time invested, not including the drying time, was probably about 15 minutes, split into short increments over the course of 2 days. It seriously could not have been any easier.


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What I really love about this project, however, is that though I wanted to make them to display Easter candy, they are neutral enough to work for other holidays too–just swap out the candy! I later ended up adding chalkboard lids to the top, simply because I was working on a different chalkboard paint project a few days after I finished these jars and I thought it would be a cute addition. Thus, the chalkboard paint is totally optional!

DIY Mason Jar Candy Pedestals project supplies.Here is what you need:

3 mason jars, in varying heights (You could also use clean pickle or other jars if you’d prefer)
3 lids & lid rings
3 glass candlesticks (from the dollar store)
hot glue (optional)
e-6000 glue
spray paint
chalkboard paint (optional)

Spray paint the mason jar lids and candle sticks. You can use any color you'd like, but white, gold, or silver looks best.

Step One: Lightly spray paint your lids and candlesticks; allow to dry, then spray again. Repeat until covered. If you like, you can hot glue the lids to the mason jar rings before or after spraying. I did it before but I wasn’t very careful so if you look close it looks kinda crappy. I think next time I would spray first, then hot glue.

Use a strong, clear drying glue to glue the candle sticks to the bottom of the mason jars.

Step Two:  After your candlesticks have dried completely, squirt some of the e-6000 glue on the base of your mason jars, let sit for 30 seconds, then set candlestick in place. Be sure to get it centered or your jar will sit crooked. (Not that I did that or anything. Nope, not me.)

Let the candle sticks dry, sitting upside down, for at least a day.

Step Three:  Let dry for 24 hours!

Make these candy jar pedestals customizable by adding chalkboard paint to the mason jar lids.

Step Four: (optional) Paint the tops of your lids with chalkboard paint to give it a little something extra. 🙂

You can use any candies you like for these candy jar pedestals. Easter candy makes these a perfect decoration.

Step Five:  Fill your jar with lots of Easter candy! Try not to eat it all in 2 days. (A big thank you to Hershey’s for this yummy basket full of goodies!)

DiY Mason Jar Candy Pedestals--so cute & super easy (and CHEAP) to make using mason jars & dollar store candlesticks!  Swap out candy to use for different holidays